Sunday, February 7, 2021

Breaking Out! New Puzzle in the Works

Paisley, On

It was after a night, or early morning filled with dreams, that I woke up on Sunday, Feb. 7th. We heard the ‘ghost’ smoke detector go off, a beep here, a beep there and then another. I’ve heard one periodically, maybe once a week, for the last couple of weeks and then yesterday, Wes, Susan, Bill and I all heard one. Wes has been going crazy trying to figure out which one it is. 😊

When chatting with Jess,
Easton was reading us a story about apples
that's the only word we caught πŸ˜‚

And a sweet picture of Momma and Hadley Rose

A large house means there are many and with an open stairwell like this one, it could be downstairs with the sound carrying up here. So, problem solved. It was the one in the upstairs hall, about 5' from our room. We figured it was a faulty battery since Wes changes them as he should and had just done that at the beginning of the year. Bill and I went down for our morning drink around 8:30. Yes, we slept in a bit.

My coat liner is like new again

We stripped the bed of sheets and I took the liner out of my winter coat so they could all go in the wash. Everything came out smelling lovely and fresh and my white liner is really clean again! Susan and Wes had company for a while this morning, their son from next door and his girlfriend. All socially distanced and masked as necessary. It was nice to see them relax. I chatted with Michelle for a bit about puzzles in her store and look forward to seeing what she has to offer.

Cherry Grove, Alberta
Please keep your cold weather!

I’ve lost track of time but after we called Marilynne, I bundled and went for my walk. Aah, it felt good to get outside. The wind wasn’t as strong as yesterday which overall made for a warmer day even though the temperature still said -9C/15F. My brother sent me a screenshot of their Alberta weather so that made me feel much better about what we were experiencing. 😊  I dropped my library book off in the door slot and then walked a few back streets.

Looking ahead to where I'm headed today
Past the Legion, over the bridge, library and grocery store

The Christmas decorations are finally off the tree
Feb. 1st must be the day

On the way back home, I stopped at Fresh Mart for 4 food items. With the exception of the bread, the other 3 items were on sale for a price better than Walmart so no complaints there! In a small town too! I see that The Paisley Common is open today. They were closed yesterday because of the road closure. They live in Sauble Beach and just couldn’t get here. I hope that doesn’t hurt their business, hopefully just a fluke.

In my two days of 'incarceration', the Saugeen has begun
freezing over in a hurry

Looking down to the northeast

They are renovating the apartment space above the restaurant and will soon live here full time, solving that problem. Anyway, they seem like a nice couple and we wish them well, not only for our sake. (although, maybe a wee bit!) Bill had a headache going on today and I thought a good lunch would help but he didn’t feel like anything other than some hot cereal, which he had around 11:30.

Looking back towards home and downtown

The Teeswater is also clogging up with ice floes

Just some general outdoor pictures

A nicely plowed street

I was out in the garage around 12:30 with my leftover quesadilla and Bill joined me to call Jess and her family. They are doing well, and Easton is jabbering away with a lot of words in a whole new language. One day they will all make sense and she won’t be able to keep him quiet! Too funny. My grandson, Nathan, was like that, very quiet through his first 2 or 3 years. Listening and learning, I think. Hadley is growing like a little weed, running that household already with her sleep hours.

I could see this was a dead end street, where I'd not
walked before so thought I'd see how far I could go

Without traipsing through deep snow, this was my limit
The little red and white sign ahead says
Trails Closed so not ski doos allowed

The boys moved the vehicles out on the street so Jim could come and clear the driveway. Within the hour, they were moving them back to a new position. We may get more snow overnight so Bill parked Black Beauty a little closer to the road and Ptooties closer as well. We’re hoping to get out for work in the morning. I got a fair bit done on the next puzzle. Another one from Donna, a really pretty one. 😊

Leftover quesadilla, almost as good fried up as the
first serving

I’d called my son, Patrick, around 2 but he was helping a friend so he called back an hour later for a catchup call. It’s been a while since we’ve chatted. At 4, I was finding it hard to see so made a cup of tea, checked on Bill in the basement and we both came upstairs. I’m glad that I got out for a walk, I feel refreshed as if I was let loose! I started my blog post and then crawled up on the bed to read The Chamber by John Grisham. Oh my, it is so good!

Black Beauty and Wes's van out front waiting for
the lane to clear

At a few minutes before 6, we went down and warmed up the leftover roast, potatoes, carrots and gravy. I cooked some corn for Bill and it was a good Sunday night meal, again. πŸ˜‰ After dishes, we returned to our room. Bill had his shower and after my blog, at 9, we went down to watch the premiere of a new program with Queen Latifa. It's called Equalizer. Not sure if we’ll like it enough to keep it on our agenda but we’ll find out.

I'm already hooked on this one

This was a pleasant day. Laundry done, both our clothes and bedding, plus my coat liner is clean for another few months (and then I won’t need it!). 

A good supper to finish the day

A bonus was that I got out for a walk today and the cars got cleaned off the driveway cleared of the snow. Should be an easy ‘out’ in the morning for all of us that have to go. The snow has stopped and I hope it stays that way.

Clemson waiting for his haircut appointment
Feb. 7, 2019

And a sunset picture from the same night
Sundance RV Resort, Yuma, AZ
Good night

Thank you for popping by!


  1. Oh gosh, we are chasing one of those darn beeping things here too. We went out and bought a new alarm thinking it was faulty...but which one is it?
    It's very snowy on your patch.

    1. Ha ha. They never go off when you're standing there waiting! All I hope is that after all these 'calling wolf' trials, that it works if they ever need it!

  2. It definitely looks like winter wonderland there with the snow. Some very cute grandchildren pictures in this and the last post. I thought when my daughter said they had a wind chill of -20 that was cold enough -52 where your brother is, is just way to cold. Stay safe.

    1. I still like to think that Winter Wonderland could apply to the Arizona desert too! :) I think you'll agree.
      Yes, Michael is living in the bitter cold stuff. Brrr. He can have it!

  3. Yup .. beep beep. I stand under each one until they go off. Sometimes it takes hours. My puppies hate them and run away. That's usually a good indication of the location. Yessirree .. looks cold! I admire your determination to keep walking.

  4. Easton and Hadley are just too precious! I can't believe she's a month old already, how time flies! The quesadilla and dinner look awesome! That will be a beautiful puzzle when you're finished, would look adorable framed in a little girls room. Love how you get out and go walking in that cold and weather! Good for you!

    1. Jess and Matt do have a sweet little family. Jess has come a long way in the last 10 years.
      Some days are easier than others to get out.

  5. Just changed the batteries in our carbon monoxide monitor. It was doing a few strange things.

    Yep the polar vortex has arrived here on the prairies with a vengeance. It just might head your way slowly.

    God bless.

  6. It's definitely frigid out here on the Prairies. It's supposed to ease up by the weekend and I sure hope it does.

    Cute kids! Take care, stay well.

  7. Being on the hunt for the beeping source must have been a fun activity for a Sunday morning ;-) I agree the little babes are so cute and adorable. You have a good eye and are quite the puzzler to finish those puzzles in record time. Clemson's pictures must tug on your heartstrings, he was such a nice and cute little guy. Hope he'll have a brother some day.