Friday, February 12, 2021

Beauty of a Day Dampened Only by Someone's Misfortune

Paisley, On

On Thursday, Feb. 11th Bill was off to work on time. Before he left, he did tell me that it had snowed overnight. It was in the -11C range. I couldn’t go back to sleep so sat up and turned my lamp on. My book was just calling to me to finish it. I can’t say enough about The Chamber. Any book that grips me that much gets 5* in my review.

The drive to Elmwood and Chesley
with Wes and Susan

I finished the last 3 chapters with some tears but I won’t tell you whether they were from joy or sadness, in case you haven’t read it. It was 8 o’clock when I closed the last page and got my act in gear. Or a**, if you prefer. 😉 I went down for my tea and the house was quiet. Susan was in the front room with the door almost closed and I think I saw Wes as he was back and forth checking the wood stove in the garage.

This empty shell of a brick home caught my eye

I’d gotten dressed, planning on a walk when I finished my tea around 9 and Susan called up to me. They were going to Elmwood Bizy Bee auctions to pick up their ‘winnings’, did I want to go with them? Sure thing! I’d won 3 bids myself and although they weren’t a lot of money, less than $15, I was excited to get them. This whole experience has been a treat and Bill and I have enjoyed playing along.

Bizy Bee Auctions is a low end location
Everything is in the garage, all 700+ lots!
It was quite fine though, pleasant and easy

It was a beautiful sunny day for the most part and the sky was a crisp blue. I snapped pictures from the back seat this time and on the way home, we stopped in Chesley at their little independent grocery store. Ground beef was on sale fo $3.49/lb so I picked up a large pack of 3 lbs. Great price! The freezer was looking full but at least now we had meat choices.

A stop in Chesley at the grocery store
A Mennonite shopper passes
Across the street, I noticed this door, love the name!

Back home, I made a coffee and had a nibble for lunch. One of the auction lots that I won was a bag of lady’s hats, scarves, mitts and a pair of ski gloves. $3. I couldn’t go wrong but I was disappointed in the smoke smell lingering on them. It was an easy fix as I planned on throwing in the washer before wearing them.

Walking before lunch
Teeswater River on left, Saugeen bottom right

Downstairs I packaged up the chicken thighs, stir fry beef strips, ground beef and pork chops and got those in the freezer. It was after 11:30 when I got dressed for my walk. It had warmed up a few degrees making it quite bearable. I carried with me a grocery bag with the 3 books that Bill and I had finished over the last few weeks. I’d planned to put them in the Book Barn. My mind was changed as when I stepped out, the fire sirens were breaking the silence at the north end of Paisley.

This double tanker truck had one heck of a job getting
backed up into a side street to get headed in the other direction
When he finished, I gave him a thumbs up and applauded
He appreciated that, I'm sure it was frustrating for him

I felt a bit like a 'gawker'/'paparazzi' but after picking up information 
from other bystanders, I realized even I was able to pass along
information to other concerned residents

Eddie was up on the garage roof and called down that the fire was that way, he could see it from his vantage point. So, I walked that way instead. Of course, I’m curious! It was quite the hubbub surrounding the home that seems to have a chimney fire and worsening by the moment. I heard pretty quickly that the occupants made it out safely with the family dog so it wasn’t a concern over lives at least.

These pictures were from Ross St. behind the house

Lots of townspeople were hovering, some upset and others curious like me. I was out for quite a while and it was after 1 when I returned to downtown. Instead of going to the Book Barn, I decided to take my books to the laundromat. There was a nice book cabinet in there with exchange books that I’d forgotten about. I left mine and picked up two new ones, Michael Connelly and James Patterson. 😉

When I left, I helped direct another trucker out of this street
Out of towners were confused how to get around
because of the lack of detour signs

Across the main street to the post office where I got a parcel for Wes and a huge Dewalt box for Bill. With my arms full, wrestling with my mask in the p.o., wrestling with the doors and a bag of books and mail, I walked home. Thank goodness it wasn’t far. The garage door was unlocked, bless you, Susan, and I dropped everything inside and went back out to clean Ptooties off for Friday.

Continuing on my walk
At the muralled LCBO, this is the biggest 'icicle' I've seen yet!
The Teeswater on Mill Drive is covered over now

With a cup of tea, I started a new puzzle. This one is 500 pieces of an art gallery or something. It will be a fast one, I can tell from how far I got in one day. Wes and Susan went back out around 4 and Bill got home before 5. For supper, we had baked chicken thighs with a potato cut up small and veggies cooked in the microwave. It was delicious!! After dishes, it was another night of watching an auction close. All of us were in there bidding on different things.

Eddie was up on the roofs again
Bill's new DeWalt tool

The new puzzle won't take too long

After Bill got home, it was too dark in the garage to see
so I came upstairs 
I wish I had this light down there! It's beautiful up here.

I watched Wheel of Fortune with Susan in the kitchen and the 3 of us watched Jeopardy before I came upstairs to our room. Before 10, we’d each won something and we were tickled pink. You need to have your head about you and know what you would pay for the item if you bought it new or what is it worth to you. We’ve all been outbid on things we ‘wanted’ but not things we ‘needed’. It made for an entertaining evening.

Supper was delicious!

Another late post, I can feel it. By the time I get my pictures downloaded, I will be too tired to finish. I hope you’ve found it exciting enough to make the wait worthwhile! 😊

Enjoying beer margaritas with Tome and Deb
at Fortuna del Oro, Yuma, AZ
Feb. 11, 2018

good night!

Thank you for stopping in.


  1. Congrats on bidding well! Too bad about the smoke smell but washing should do the trick! Beautiful pictures of the drive with Wes and Susan. Fire is just too scary and devastating. Nice that you were able to help people out with info. Ken loves new power tools! LOL. I'm curious, what other goodies did you win?

    1. Thank you. A musical carousel for Hadley's room, a bidlot of ladies hats, scarves and mitts and a bidlot of baby girl headbands. So cute! I'll show pictures of the latter in another post.

  2. That was a bargain for the hats, scarfs etc. I would have loved to look through the auction myself, but the distance of picking up the goods does not make it worthwhile for me. I don't think there are auctions like that here. Have to investigate. A router always comes in handy and Benno uses his two different size ones on many occasions. He purchases the bits for it at Lee Valley Tools in London, which is located slightly west of the airport.

    1. It was a bargain for all 3 bidlots. :) We are lucky that Wes and Susan put us on to these sites. you can check them out anyway, They have auctions all over the place. Bill had tools that we sold when we sold the house and is slowly realizing what he needs again. We had no idea at the time what we'd have room for.

  3. My cousin told me that Scentsy sells a scent disc from their laundry collection that is very effective for those smells. We have some old coats in the basement that smell like ciggies from a long passed bad habit. I'm going to deodorize them for future use in the shop for M.

    1. Great idea! I did hand wash the items and added some Fleecy. Seemed to work! Yay!

  4. Good for you all for bidding on the auction items and even winning a few.

    I do hope there wasn't much fire damage to the house with the chimney fire.

    God bless.

    1. Unfortunately, I found out today, the house inside is destroyed. ;(

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you, F.G. You never know what can happen in small town living, eh?

  6. Well done on the auction, I suspect the smell will disappear with the washing.

    I hope there wasn't too much damage at the house. As for your puzzles is there any way you could bring a small table upstairs - I'm thinking by the stairs (or is it not wide enough?)

    Take care, stay well!

    1. I thought of that too but it would be in the way. Wes vacuums out there regularly and I feel it would be a nuisance. Nice thought though! :)