Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Another Snowy Forecast, Bouncing Back (I think) & More Road Pictures

Paisley, On

It’s Monday, Feb. 22nd and I know we were both awake a few times in the wee hours. I wondered if Bill’s restlessness was because he was feeling unwell but I had told him to wake me if he needed me, so it wasn’t that. I heard him get up before 6 and he seemed to be feeling okay as he washed and ate some hot cereal for breakfast.

Oh, Ptooties, it will be over 'soon'!!

When he kissed me goodbye, his forehead felt normal so I was very relieved. He bounced back, after an afternoon of being feverish, just like I’d hoped he would. I hate seeing him sick but I do like seeing him get better! 

The main highway was not pretty
but with cautious speed it was fine

He told me it was snowing in a way that made me curious enough to get up before he left and look out the window. Yeuch! Yah, it was. My first reaction after Billy texted about the 'sucky' roads, was “I’m not going”. I said goodbye to Bill and crawled back into bed. Billy was right, they were a bit 'sucky'.

Looking ahead to the mill where I turn

I got up about 15 minutes later and had another look. The weather forecast on my AccuWeather app read that most of the snowfall was between 4 am and 7 am where it would slow down considerably. It did, so I got washed, dressed and loaded up to go to Durham. “I can do this”, I told myself. I packed a lunch, made my coffee, grabbed the empty water bottle and tiny food list PLUS one of the two cheesecakes.

I made the right decision for me NOT to turn here today

The roads were iffy enough but I wasn’t the only one being cautious. No one was going over 80 or 82 kmph which was good for me. I stuck to the main highway through Walkerton and Hanover and had no problem. It was actually still snowing lightly the whole drive but not a big deal. It was the wind I was more concerned with and it wasn't bad either. I pulled into the Pioneer station for fuel and then zipped across to the Mat.

After seeing Concession 8, the highway looked better πŸ˜‚

One customer was on his way out when I was shoveling the entries and the walkway and then I was alone to do my thing. There was a nice blanket in the Lost and Found on Wednesday of last week that I noticed. It was still there today so no one was missing it, probably wanted to get rid of it. I threw it in for a wash and a dry and tossed it in the car. It’s a good emergency blanket or an extra for anywhere. 😊

The warm temperature today made everything OKAY

It was snowing pretty heavily by the time I left Durham headed out to Mitch’s and I had my doubts. The highway was snow covered and the visibility ahead pretty poor. I pulled over and called Mitch to see what Baptist Church Road was like and he answered that he was in town at Foodland and that I shouldn’t have a problem. So, I carried on without any issue and got into his drive and parked easily. I went inside and started to work.

However, when I left Durham, #4 hwy was really messy
and visibility wasn't great

When Mitch got back from town, I gave him his cheesecake. He wanted to pay me to make one for him but that is ridiculous. He was grateful and while in town, picked me up a pack of 2 lbs. of ground beef that was on sale. 😊 His way of thanking me, who doesn't eat hamburger? Today, I made great progress again, finishing the roof, the passenger door and the hood. Mitch was pleased as the owner of the truck is coming on Wednesday to see how things are going. He is very free with his compliments of my work and that is encouraging.

Then I turned onto Baptist Church Road
but it had been plowed and was pretty hard packed
I was careful, Mitch is on this road

Instead of working 4 hours for him, he suggested only 3 because they were calling for freezing rain this afternoon. I had also heard that on the radio going over. I was a dirty mess by the time I left, even though I wear a mask and gloves but had to go to the Water Store in Durham before heading home. Luckily it is an outside serve yourself station and I didn’t have to see anybody. Then I remembered I needed to stop at Walmart in Hanover for milk. LOL I did a quick wash of my face (which would be covered anyway) and hands before entering their store.

I was in and out very quickly and the roads heading home were wet but completely clear of snow. The rain/snow didn’t amount to anything since it was a mild 1C/34F. We feel like we’re on the home stretch so one can only hope it continues! I was home before 3 and after unloading my stuff, walked across to the bank to get some cash out for Bill. Upstairs, I washed my hair before I did some internet banking and then some online surfing. It felt really grimy from sanding the truck.

And after leaving Durham, on the way home
You can see the huge difference

Bill was home within minutes of me making a cup of tea and coming upstairs. It was around 5, I think. He had a good day but the last half hour got him chilled again. Black Beauty got stuck in Billy's drive. Oh-oh, that’s not good. I’m keeping an eye on him but at least he has no fever. I spoke to my sister about our plans for the morning; three of us are meeting to go to Owen Sound for some shopping and lunch. Looking forward to that. πŸ’›

This was a tasty supper

For supper, I cooked some fingerling (had never heard of these before) potatoes, chicken strips, mixed vegs and spaghetti squash. Yum, it was a good meal and the chicken strips are so meaty, I will buy them again. The coating on them is not thick at all and that is a good thing. We each had a piece of my cheesecake with almond crust. Double yum.  I hope Mitch enjoys his.😊 

I cooked the cheesecake in these disposable tin foil pans
They were the perfect size, one for us and one for Mitch
The lines are from my silicone sling that sat on top with the 2nd cake

I just made it upstairs on time to watch Jeopardy with W & S after dishes. I didn’t want to miss it since it was a new temporary host tonight. Turns out it was the Executive Producer of the show filling in until the next guest host is comfortable enough to step in. Covid fear, good grief, enough already! They have precautions in place as far as I can see. Anyway, he was good and fit right in. I wasn’t very smart tonight but a couple of answers were better than none!

I came across this today
It's a picture from a picture but
I love love love this one of
Daddy in 1961 at 37
Look at the pant cuffs and socks
Typical of him, warms my πŸ’“πŸ’“

Bill and I went downstairs to watch 9-1-1 and 9-1-1 Lone Star, both good programs tonight and then I crawled into bed with my book. (Hence the late posting) I was tired out and turned my light off around 10:30. Bill was doing banking and followed a few minutes later. It feels good to get another day’s work in and more cash in my pocket although I feel the loss of my time off too. This week is not a week to judge by since I have things going off every day. 😊 That's not a bad thing since I enjoy the variety.

Today's memory
Feb. 22, 2020
Who else misses Ice Cream Sunday at Pilot Knob RV Park??
Barb, Mary and Gordon
This was our last one where they provided it
out of their own pocket - good people

Good night!

Thank you for popping over to see how we’re doing!


  1. I miss everything about Pilot Knob... including karaoke 😁

  2. You're becoming a pro at winter driving. Though I suspect you'll still want to go south in the winter when you can.

    If you hadn't told us, I would have thought the design on the top of the cheesecake was deliberate. :)

    Take care, stay well.

    1. Thank you Maebeme. I do feel much more confident. :) However, your part 2 of that sentence is absolutely correct! get me outta here next winter, please!

  3. Hey Patsy... Debra Ward here. We are living with my mother in law Joan. She had a stroke last October and has rediscovered reading again. She was always an avid reader (enjoying light reads like Danielle Steele (but not her! L0L). She has been reading lots of Nora Roberts lately, but I'm trying to get her "out of that groove". I was going to go back to check your past blogs as you seem to have a few "go to's" - authors that you find are easily engaging. Can you suggest some potentials for her? I really enjoy your blog... don't usually comment... just read and enjoy! Debra

    1. Hi Debra. Nice to hear from you!! Sorry to hear about Joan, so sad what a stroke can do. Yes, of course, I'll jot a few authors here for you.
      Michael Connelly (stories of Harry Bosch) Lee Child (stories of Jack Reacher - a fav) J.A. Jance (stories of Sheriff Joanna Brady). These are a few to get her hooked. :)
      Thank you for reading even when you don't comment.πŸ’“

  4. Glad you're getting used to driving in the winter. And yes, I too hope we're getting close to the end.

    1. thank you FG. I am glad too and then I'd like a break again for a few years. :)

  5. Glad Bill is doing okay. Hope those chills go. You were brave to drive in that snow but you're probably used to it. White socks and cuffs. The good old days.

    1. Thank you Doug. I'm getting better at the snowy drives. :)
      Yup, hard to remember Daddy at that age. I guess I would have been 7.

  6. Good to hear Bill is doing well and not feeling chills. Many times I wake up at night from eating something I shouldn't have. First thing I think is ... wonder if I have a fever!! LOL.
    That was some pretty bad driving conditions. You're a pro now!!!