Wednesday, February 17, 2021

The Downhill Slide of February

Paisley, On

On Wednesday, Feb. 17th, Bill was up and able to get off to work. I watched out the window at 6:30 to see if Black Beauty started. I can’t see her from our window but I can see when her lights shine down the lane. Soon enough, I saw them so crawled back into bed for 20 minutes before getting up. My day was about to start too.

Mostly driving pictures again
but this one of the holey barn is kind of neat
It stands through all types of weather

I was washed and had drank my tea soon after 7:30 and headed down to Ptooties at 10 to 8. She needed a bit of brushing off but not much. I was sad to see that her back wiper blade needs attention. The rubber had stuck to the windshield and part of it pulled off the blade. Darn! I’ll have to show Bill. It worked for the most part today and I only needed it to clean snow.

It was a pleasant drive with clear roads

The Mat was empty when I arrived and it looked pretty clean. I gathered that Jamie or his son had been in maybe yesterday since the machines were empty of coin and there was some shoveling done. Two ladies came in, a Mom and daughter, and we had a lovely chit chat while I cleaned and they did their laundry. They told me they were new to the area and didn’t have a washer/dryer yet in their home.

It was nice to see blue skies

And the sun made several appearances

I did a sweep through before I left and cleared the entrance ways of snow and spread some ice salt down. When I arrived at Hanover, I did my stop at Walmart for items on a list we’ve been compiling. I got everything that I was looking for and then nipped into Dollarama down the street for some greeting cards. By the time I returned home to Paisley, I’d driven through clouds, blue sky and sunshine many times. 😊

Here's that view that Bill and I love on 
Concession 8

The air was colder than the temperature gauge read because of the wind chill. We were sitting around the -6C/20F mark for most of the day. I had lunch after I unloaded the food. Today I had a quesadilla and ate the whole thing. It was loaded with cheese, pepperoni, red and yellow peppers and ham. Wow, it was so good! I drank my thermos of coffee with it and felt quite sated. Then I went out to work on the puzzle for a bit.

Bill had texted this morning that he had notice of a parcel being at the post office so I went to retrieve it and whatever else was in the box. For some reason, I didn’t feel like taking my walk so just came right back. I was expecting an Avon delivery this afternoon and I wanted to be here to receive it. I finished the puzzle today, the train one and I enjoyed working on that one too. I took my picture and came upstairs.

Isn't it a nice one?
thanks Harvey and Jennifer

 With the dishes done, I told Susan that I’d been online at the new auction. She was surprised that one was open and went in to tell Wes. Bill didn’t see anything he was interested in but I clicked on about 8 or 10 things that I just want to keep an eye on. If, at the end of the auction, bids are low, I might jump on the band wagon. Again, it’s fun to watch and I’m seeing so many vintage things from my childhood.

Black Beauty returns my sweetie
or the other way around 😀

Bill texted when I was upstairs reading so I went down and unlocked the door for him. Upstairs we caught up on our day and discussed supper. Last night, yesterday actually, was Shrove Tuesday/Pancake Tuesday. Today is Ash Wednesday. We didn’t realize that on time to have pancakes for supper last night so guess what we’re having tonight? I got some mini sausages out to go along with them and that’s a nice easy supper.

Happy Shrove Tuesday on Ash Wednesday 😏

After dishes, Bill made his lunch and I came upstairs. Routine, routine but the good news is that we are at the top of the hill of February and already slowly easing our way down the hill. It isn’t a smooth slope but at least much better going down than coming up. 😊 My Avon ordered arrived this afternoon, after a mix up with a delivery address. Duh but at least UPS called me yesterday with ‘where are you?’. Ha ha. I appreciated that.

After Slab City, we walked along the Salton Sea beach

I meant to drive to the Ridge today, just down North Line to check it out but my brain wave got distracted. Hopefully I will remember on Friday. I want to compare with yesterday’s photo of 2019. This was a good day and it will be a quiet evening. I’ll watch Jeopardy with Wes and Susan and then get back into my book.

Keith and Oreo at the Salton Sea
Feb. 17, 2020
Good night!

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  1. Like yourselves we are so looking forward to getting into Spring.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Good morning! Pancakes and sausage looks so good! YUM! I'll be curious to see how the Ridge looks also! Great puzzle, that would look so good framed for a train enthusiast! Love your memory pictures everyday!

    1. Hi Shirley! Thanks for the comment. I thought that about the puzzle too. :)

  3. With the limitation of shopping opportunities in town I see a lot of items for sale in our local market place/Facebook sites. Having auctions on the Internet just about guarantees a sale. Not a bad idea, really.

    1. That is so true, Marlene. The auctions give you enough time to think about a purchase and near the end you can bid higher or let it go. ;)

  4. I am so amazed at how quickly you finish your puzzles. It takes us almost the whole winter to finish one.

    Pancakes and sausages, yum.

    God bless.

    1. I suppose it is like an addiction? Puzzles are fun and something my whole family did together. They were much more fun than doing them by myself but still.......I enjoy them a lot.

  5. I was looking through photos yesterday and found one of Mom working on a 1000 piece puzzle in her apartment at the Village! It was dated 2015 so she would have been 88...incredible.