Thursday, February 11, 2021

Hump Day

Paisley, On

On Wednesday, Feb. 10th Bill was up and out the door at his regular time. I was up within 30 minutes and got washed and dressed also for my day. It was a clear morning with no snow to worry about on the roads. Yahoo! It was around 8 that I brushed the bit of snow off my head and tail lights and pulled out of the laneway.

The cloud cover was heavy like a blanket but I saw Hope

Then it appeared in front of me as I twisted and turned
on the dry highway

I probably would have been okay turning onto Concession 8 but decided to stick to the main highway today, through Walkerton and Hanover. Arriving at the Mat before 9, the place was empty until two customers came in to do their laundry. They didn’t hang around inside to wait which made it easy for me to finish sweeping and damp mopping the floors.

The drive for me never gets boring
You know how much I love the sky pictures

My favourite picture this morning

I had a surprise visitor for about 10 minutes when a masked man came in the back door. When he called me ‘old lady’, I had no doubt who it was even though I already knew. 😉 Rob took the time to stop in on his way by the laundromat and I thought that was very sweet. We do miss getting together with these guys, they are like family to us and of course, all of that ‘connecting’ is taboo right now, until the 16th.

I took the Canadian Tire road out of Hanover
and turned onto Concession 8 which you can see is a good drive today

And my favourite view
You can see how far the concession goes 

When I left Durham, I drove to Walmart and went in for our groceries. We were getting low on a few things. The list was longer than usual. It still doesn’t take long to find what I want and get through the self-checkout. I like the 3 regular girls there and we always manage to get a laugh out of something. I make sure to speak to them all, even the 'cart lady'. When I returned home, backed in, I was concerned about the door but my key worked fine today.

Back on BCRd 3 almost to Paisley and you
can see light snow has started

Once everything was put away in the fridge and freezer, I came upstairs with my thermos of coffee for about an hour. By 12:45, it was time to get something to eat so I cut some cheese, had a couple of pepperettes, yogourt, chocolate covered nuts, deer sausage and a cinnamon twist. It was all good stuff and filled me up. I felt really achy and had a headache so stretched out on the bed with my book.

A strange but tasty and good for me lunch
Plain 11% Greek yogourt, deer sausage, chocolate pecans and almonds,
cheddar cheese, pepperoni sticks, keto cinnamon twists

After a chapter, I knew I needed to rest so curled up and closed my eyes. It was 1:45. When I woke up, it was 2:45! I couldn’t believe it. I still felt a little yeuchy but went down to wash the dishes and plan something for supper. I was a bit undecided still but had the meat that I bought today in the fridge (I’ll separate it into freezer meals tomorrow) and either the chops or the chicken thighs would be easy to cook up.

Tadah!! Beautiful, isn't it?

I thought about going out to the mail because the fresh air would be good but I just didn’t feel like it. The muscles in my arms and legs felt their age today! Instead, I went into the garage and sped right along with the puzzle. I didn’t think it would be finished today but an hour and it was done. Yay! What a lovely picture it is. I took a picture of it, made a cup of tea and came upstairs. I didn’t feel like sleeping anymore so took 3 Advil and opened my book.

This was interesting and fun

Within 10 minutes, I felt so much better and when Bill texted around 4: 30, I unlocked for him and returned to our room. My headache and achy legs had dissipated and that was a major relief. Bill and I did some dabbling on my laptop from the bed, keeping an eye on some items we’d bid on the Bizy Bee auction. It closes between 7 and 9 pm. This is our first-time bidding so it is a learning process.

We don't have them often but they are nice in a pinch
rather than rice or potatoes
This is the Knorr sidekick Butter & Herb
What it is supposed to look like

For supper, I fried up a pork chop, cooked a noodle dish and some vegetables. The noodle dish did not come out as it should, way too runny, and I followed the directions to a ‘t’. Something so simple! I might have to write to the company and complain. We ate it, after I had to drain sauce flavoured water from the pot, and they tasted okay but not like they should. Anyway, we cleaned up dishes, no dessert tonight.

Although it didn't turn out with plump noodles and
nice with saucy thickness, it tasted okay
The fried chops and my squash were yummy!

Wes and Susan were also involved in the auction so we watched Jeopardy downstairs in the kitchen so he was close to their office computer. None of us did well on the game tonight, I know I only got 2 correct answers. Duh! Upstairs, I worked on my blog but whether it gets posted tonight is yet to be seen. My book is so good and I’m anxious to get back to it. This was a pretty good work day and I’m certainly feeling spryer than I was earlier. 😊

Going back in time to Feb. 10, 2017
Silent Valley RV Park, Banning, CA
Looks like I was lost in a James Patterson book
with our sweet little Clemmy on my lap

Good night!

Thank you for taking the time to stop by. Your comments are always a bonus.


  1. Like I said before, you are a great puzzler and I can't believe how fast you turn them out. You never said how you made out with the auction and if you managed to snatch something for a good prize. As to the noodles, I made them while in the travel trailer and used my frying pan to cook them in. Perhaps the liquid evaporates faster in a pan, but of course the mixture could have had a problem as it is all mechanically filled, I'm sure.

  2. That puzzle is beautiful! Yes, I am curious about the auction also! Lunch looks yummy and so does dinner except the noodles haha. Nothing like the picture for sure. Love the memory picture! :)

  3. It's amazing how quickly you finish the jigsaw puzzles. I'm still working on mine.

    We have some form of Sidekick noodles about once a week - we've learned to cut back on the water. For the noodles that call for a cup of water and a cup of milk, we cut the water back by half. I also tend to cook them a little longer than the package calls for.

    Take care, stay well.

  4. Had a nice day I see. Wonder if I will ever do a puzzle. Don't think I have the patience 😀

  5. Another busy day. It could be Sinus Headaches which can be caused by lacy of Humidity inside.
    That's strange that the Sidekick did not turn out. We occasionally have them as well.
    Still enjoying the warm winter memories.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  6. Every once in awhile I make a package of Side Kicks as well.

    Wow you sure got that puzzle done lickety-split. Gorgeous picture.

    I am glad your headache disappeared as well as the aches.

    God bless.

  7. We have been plagued by occasional headaches too. I think I agree with Rick that it's probably from lack of humidity in the house. My Ear, NOse and Throat (ENT) specialist always nags me to keep a humidifier going.

  8. You must have gotten that puzzle from me. We enjoyed working on it as well. I am on my last one! Darn lockdown, no chance to get any new ones this week.

  9. Wow ... you are a whiz with those puzzles! Sorry your noodles didn't turn out. They don't even look close to the picture on the package. Last time I complained like that, they gave me coupons for free items. Not that I really wanted three more of the same thing!!!