Thursday, February 4, 2021

Enjoying the Mild Day, More Puzzling and Hoar Frost Makes for Beautiful Pictures

Paisley, On

On Thursday, Feb. 4th, after Bill left, I stayed in bed until about 7:30. When I got up, I made my tea and brought it back upstairs. I completely forgot that last night I was having a hard time opening and posting pictures so my blog didn’t get published. After my tea was done, I was perusing an online auction site for a while and then got dressed for my walk. While walking, I remembered "My blog!!" 😂

A little bit of fog off in the distance

The sun had risen around 8 and then soon disappeared in a fog. It looked funny but I know it was from the warm air that was rushing in. It was 16C/3F when Bill left this morning but already it was up to -9C/15F within a couple of hours. I wore my Mad Bomber hat and was grateful for my scarf today. Walking towards the south, down main street, the wind was directly at my face and it was ‘sharp’. A biting cold like pin pricks.

I love the colour contrast in this picture
Totally by accident

I've never witnessed such a prominent frost before

It just got better and better

I turned to the west at the gas station onto Inkerman St., left onto Victoria, right onto Balaklava and then across Wellington to my favourite, Mill Dr. I took no trails today but had warmed up considerably by the time I was headed back down Rowe St. to home. 

The pictures can speak for themselves

My favourite, i think

There are two people in particular who I know
will love this picture as much as I do
Pat and Susan
Aren't they adorable?

Walking towards Mill Dr.

and towards home

If it wasn't for the frost and gingerbread men pictures, this might be a favourite

It was neat to see a horse and buggy waiting in a parking area behind the bank. The faithful horse appeared fidgety waiting but when I spoke, turned his head to look at me. That was my opportunity.

Back home, I went inside and made myself a cup of coffee and chatted with Wes and Susan for a while. Bill texted wondering what happened to my blog today. Woops! I finished it upstairs and it was around 11:30 when I went out to start working on the puzzle. It was coming along pretty quickly and it was enjoyable to sit and putter away at. 

For lunch, I was a good girl and fried up a couple of eggs with bacon. It was good but I know I can’t eat that every day. After doing the dishes, I went back to the garage.

I wanted to try one, at least one, of those keto snacks so got out pecans and almonds and heated unsweetened cocoa, Splenda, dark chocolate and vanilla on the stove. When the nuts were all coated, I very ‘unprofessionally’ spread them out on parchment paper on a baking tray and placed them in the freezer. The instructions were to ‘shake the chocolate mixture off each pecan (it was actually for walnuts which I didn’t have) and with a fork set them on the tray. Ha ha, are you kidding me?

after just a few hours (over 2 days) it is coming
along nicely

I have patience for a lot of things, a LOT, but not to spread out 50+ nuts on a sheet. I’m not trying to win any awards in my presentation so I did what I usually do to just get it done. Then, I went back to the garage. Susan and Wes went out for a short bit and when we all came inside, I brought them out of the freezer. Yum, they will make a nice snack.

I just crumpled the wax paper up to break them up and they work just fine! And guess what? They taste the same as if I’d taken an hour to spread them properly. They are now in 2 nice little containers in the fridge for easy snacking. Bill texted around 4 that he was on his way and I thought that was a nice time of day to be finished and went and unlocked the door. I had a little parcel to mail so had walked to the post office earlier. What a lovely day! We reached 2C/36F. Yay!

Not known for patience or neatness when I bake
They taste just as good

Paying attention to the weather forecast over the last few days and listening to what my brother is getting in Cold Lake, Alberta, I knew we needed to appreciate this ‘good’ weather now. Cold is a-comin’ and it ain’t going to be pretty. There will be snow starting tonight around midnight in our area and not stopping until around noon on Saturday. Bill, Wes and I don’t know yet what that means for tomorrow’s work plans.

Now this is pretty enough for a magazine!
Not healthy, persay, but nice colour!

For supper, it was a po-man’s meal. Macaroni and cheese, tube steaks and vegetables. Bill was quite pleased with that and as a bonus, we had lemon meringue pie for dessert. The meringue wasn’t visible after it being in the freezer but it was okay. Unfortunately, the crust was a tad soggy too. Next time, we’ll eat two pies in a row, I guess. We did the dishes and following this week’s protocol, Bill made his lunch before coming up and at 7:30, I went in to watch Jeopardy.

two memory photos tonight
Here's a picture of Doug with his 'new' to him motor home
The White Lion
Feb. 4, 2020

My laptop, pictures arena, and Bill’s phone have been doing some weird things lately. If I am able, this blog will be published tonight. If not, tomorrow sometime. This was a nice relaxing day and I can say that I DID enjoy the ‘spring-like’ day here in Paisley.

An earlier memory
Feb. 4, 2019
Bill incarcerated at the
Yuma Territorial Prison

Good night!

Thank you for your visit.


  1. Oh I was so jealous when I read you had 16C today! But I quickly realized you meant -16C, I'm glad it warmed up for you ... and the fresh snow does look pretty :-)

  2. So the mad bomber walker of Paisley returned once again with great photos, hoar frost enhanced. Thanks again!! Stay warm.

    1. I think i credited the wrong person, for the mad bomber sorry, should have went back and checked.
      It was a pretty walk.

  3. Beautiful pictures of the frost on the trees. Look like paintings. Glad you ventured out to take them. Had to look up hoar frost. Can't believe I've owned the White Lion for a year now. 😳

  4. You had our lovely day from about 4 days ago yesterday. Yes, cold will be headed your way.

    My goodness that puzzle you just started a day or so ago is almost completed.

    Do you have Amish near you? and I have always wondered Do they clean up after their horses?

    God bless.

    1. I pay attention to what you and my little brother get for weather as i know you like to share. 😁
      Yes, a lot of Amish around. Wes works for one.
      I don't know if they clean up but they should!

  5. Amazing frosty pictures. Mother Nature can sure put on a pretty dress!! Brrrrrrr
    I feel rather sorry for the poor horse!!!

    1. Mother Nature sure can dress up nice!
      I felt sorry for the horse too!

  6. The frost certainly does decorate everything so beautifully. Your favorite photo is mine too.

    Take care, stay well!

    1. I sent that picture in to our local news station as they post viewers pictures with the weather. Then we forgot to watch tonight! LOL

  7. You could just hand over some of those snacks you made. How can you restrain yourself for not eating the whole lot? That hoar frost doesn't happen very often in our area and I think I only have seen it once several years ago. Mind you we were mostly away during the winter. Very pretty photos!

    1. You're too funny! I'd be happy to share if we could get together!! :)

  8. A winter wonderland! The buggy looked small. Enjoy your new treat.

    1. Thanks Elva. Not sure how many but probably only Mom and Dad came into town to the bank. :)

  9. I learned a long time ago to verify our Blog published before calling it a night.
    Love looking at the Frosty pictures.
    Hopefully you didn't get too much Snow and It doesn't get too cold.
    Our's ended by 10:00 last night but the blowing cold continues.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Oh, our snow hasn't stopped yet and likely will bring us another 10 cm overnight.
      Boy do I wish we were somewhere warmer today!

  10. Your hoarfrost pictures are spectacular!

  11. Your hoar frost is what we call Pogonip here..I love it! Oh those chocolate covered nuts look awesome! That's something I could make and eat too! Those little gingerbread men are going to be under the snow soon, not to be seen until spring! Too cute!

    1. Pogonip! What a cool name! I loved the gingerbread men, laughed right out loud. Too cute! I'll keep an eye on them.