Thursday, February 25, 2021

Getting Rested Up for Friday, Gorgeous Day! For My Curious Lady Friends

Paisley, On

On Thursday, Feb. 25th I got up right after Bill left. I was wide awake and there was no reason to stay in bed. At 7 o’clock, I was dressed and heading out the door for my walk. I knew the sun would be coming up at some point while I was out there and I wanted to experience some part of a sunrise, even though I wasn’t sure how far or in which direction I’d be walking.

So, let's go for a walk
The snow that fell off the roof of the building
is as hard as an ice block

The Saugeen river is gently flowing
and the sky is shaping up nicely

With the cold, then mild, snow, thawing and freezing again, there was a lot of ice out and about. My phone app told me it was -5C/22F, which isn’t too bad, and the wind was low. I donned my scarf, mad bomber hat, heavy mitt/gloves, had my grippers on my boots and grabbed my walking ski poles. I was prepared. I’m glad I had taken the time as that air was chilly.

A candy floss sky

I was well equipped today

The coldest part on my whole self was about 12” between the bottom of my coat to the top of my tall boots. I didn’t think long enough to wear my long johns. It was a wonderful walk, along the river. It has been a while since I’ve been out there and I missed many things about it. The Saugeen was so pretty with the tinge of pink sun reflecting in it and the white clouds had a beautiful blush. (I'm sure my cheeks will be a similar colour when I return home).

I don't know if you can differentiate the piles of snow 
from the trail but I had to follow the new path to the left
or climb over

I left my mark along the path

I walked the trail which, because of the plow pushing the town’s snow in there, is shorter each time. I took the new path made by other walkers, because I can be a bit of a follower 😊 and it brought me out to the gate on the other side of the snow pile. We’ve had a lot of snow! I signed my name in the crusty snow with my ski pole and that gave my upper arms a workout! Fresh snow is easier, obviously.

Then, on the opposite side of the gate, looking back,
you can see the wide trail start up again

It's so pretty when that first sun touches trees, hills and homes


I guess I'm a wimp
this guy was jogging in runners with grippers
and the lady come towards us was
just in running shoes, no grips, speed walking

I love these trees by the park
even more when the sun shines through

By the time, I walked around the park and the furthest street, east of town, I’d seen the sun come up over the tree tops. I didn’t extend my walk any more than 30 minutes as my legs were feeling the cold and I was ready for a nice hot cup of tea. A mile and a half was the maximum this morning. When Wes asked me what I was up to today, my answer was along the line of ‘nothing, a day of rest’.

A few of my favourite pics of the day

It seems every day (other than Sunday) since last Wednesday, I’ve been going strong. I knew that it was a 'relax' day and I would be ready for another long day of work tomorrow. The auction items I’d won last night were not ready for pick up until Friday or Sunday which was fine by me. I would go tomorrow on the way home from work.

I think you'll see why I like this puzzle in a minute

Nancy Drew book covers

Lots of titles assembled but not positioned

Wes and Susan were in and out for the most part of the day and I quietly worked away on the big puzzle. I hadn’t gotten very far at all on the day I opened the box. I made good progress today and I’m enjoying it a lot. Bill texted while I was down there and I was happy to see that it wasn’t 3 pm yet when I unlocked the door. He got off early but along with that, he was informed that they won’t be working tomorrow. A bit of a delay on things in the house.

This is for the ladies
I got these items on Tuesday
A small powerful vacuum for here and mostly for the new floor 
in the Suite
Books and 2 dvd movies

More books, a small purse
A pair of Ricker shoes, never worn
plus white runners (not shown)

A lightweight hoody sweater, easily modelled
A summer dress ($3.50), knee length, better on the hanger!

I made us each a cup of tea and we came upstairs to enjoy it. For supper, we had baked chicken thighs. I cut up a medium potato and I baked it with the thighs. Pillsbury tea biscuits went in the oven too and we have a couple leftover for another night. Everything tasted so good! After dishes, normal stuff. Upstairs for blog writing and Jeopardy.

Supper was delicious!

This was a really nice slow day for me. Bill will get his slow day tomorrow, to do whatever his little (big) ðŸ’–  desires. 😊 I hope you’ve enjoyed your day. It was a tad cooler today than yesterday but as long as we keep hanging around or above the freezing mark, we’re happy campers. The sun was gorgeous ALL day long.

Feb. 25th, 2019
Sundance RV Resort, Yuma, Az
Their pool in the wee hours of a morning

I know he was in the picture yesterday
but here he is all decked out in his sweater and blankey
Be still my 💗
Sometimes, we miss him so much

                                                             Good night!

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  1. Great to see the Paisely Bomber out and about. And beautiful photos are the result. Glad you survived with no bad after-effects. (I'll bet that lady in running shoes only was 20 years old. No fear.) Thanks for your work here.

    1. Thank you JudithK. The Bomber may not get many more outings if it keeps warming up the way I hope! :)

  2. We had heavy snow all day and night so we've been hard at it most of today clearing up. Sore muscles and tired bodies tonight.

    1. Isn't it interesting how the heavy snow patterns move across Ontario? Means you need a rest day!

  3. How nice to get a chance to get together with your sisters and enjoy some shopping. Sounds like you are really enjoying the auction fun and getting some nice stuff at the same time. Today's sunrise pictures with the fluffy pink sky were so pretty. What a great puzzle, Nancy Drew Mystery Book Covers, I think I read everyone of her books or at least everyone they had at our Great memory pictures. Stay safe.

    1. It is nice to get together as a group for shopping, just gals. ;)
      I can't claim to have read all the N.D. books but a lot of them. I did read the Trixie Beldon and Ginny Gordon books and now I'm dating myself!

  4. My favorite photo is of the river with the trees framing the scenery. Beautiful shot.

    Have a great day, take care and stay well.

  5. Another day full of small adventures to help the time pass by.
    Memories fill all our hearts.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  6. It sure was a nice morning with that sun!