Thursday, February 4, 2021

Great Winter Sunshine, PayDay

Paisley, On

On Wednesday, Feb. 3rd, there was nothing unusual about our startup. These are good mornings when Bill gets up on time and the weather is great so he is able to pull out by 6:30. I was up soon after, washed and finishing my morning tea by 7:30. 

No way, no how could I download pictures last night
hence the delay in posting

It was a cold morning but there was the promise of sunshine later so that made it bearable. Just a wee bit of scraping on the windshield and a wee bit of sitting to wait for the view to be clear.

A pretty day is a-comin'

I had a nice drive on Bruce County Rd 3 as well as Concession 8 and by the time I skimmed around Hanover, I had to put my sunglasses on. Bonus! I pulled in to the Pioneer gas station as soon as I arrived in Durham and topped Ptooties up. She was going to get a Royal treatment today. Wait and see. Across the street, the Mat was in need of a cleaning but mostly from customers not picking up after themselves. Stuff like socks, dryer sheets and papers on the floors that make it look messy.

It has been really nice having clear roads to drive on this week and a half

I went about the job and worked around a couple of people in doing laundry. With things mostly done and when I was sweeping the floor, I was pleasantly surprised to see Jamie come in the back door. Last time was Jan. 1st. We chatted for close to half hour and before he left, he paid me up to date. With cash in my pocket, I had an extra lilt in my step as I left and drove home. No more stops today. Well, I didn’t think.

The sun is rising but there are a lot of clouds to push through

Friday will be Walmart and another refill for water, provided the snow doesn’t over burden us. As I approached Hanover, ready to make the turn at Canadian Tire, I decided to nip into the Dollarama to look for some disposable gloves. Every pair I was using had deteriorated so badly that the tips of the fingers were tearing off. Picture the ‘hobo’ glove look. 😊

Followed this big boy on Conc. 8 on the way home. He turned left
here onto BCRd 3, I turned right 👍

As you can see here (sorry it's blurry)
the sunshine won the battle of the sky today

I walked up and down and found a couple of things for my hair but no gloves. I did fine a pair of work gloves that would work just fine for the time being. The second part of Ptooties special day happened at the Paisley car wash. It is a do-it-yourselfer and I'd never used one before. I usually sit in the vehicle while Bill does the job. 

Let's visit the car wash, Ptooties!
Actually, I took this as I was driving away
and we were replaced by a truck

I spent $6 and got all the snowy hard crap off from around the fenders, the bumpers, the doors and the tires. I didn't use the brush, it was a learning experience just using the spray, the soap and then the rinse. She looked great although it wasn't a perfect job.

I got all the crap off at least
There was a pile there when we drove in

I was home by 12 noon and blended up a smoothie with heavy cream, the last of the canned pineapple from the fridge and some frozen strawberries. The pineapple was starting to go bad and it is too good to waste! It tasted good but I just put it in the fridge for another day. Don’t scold me but I made up a bag of popcorn with melted butter for my lunch. Tsk tsk. It was the last bag, I think, so now it is gone and dog gone it, it tasted good. Maybe tomorrow, my day off, I’ll try a couple of those keto snack recipes that I received. 

Outside, I wiped the door edges down so they wouldn't freeze

Susan and Wes left the house around 12:30 for an appointment and some shopping so after doing my dishes, I got dressed for my walk. I mailed a card first, then walked across the street to Foodmart for lotto tickets. Rather than carry them around, I dropped them at the house and then headed down Queen St. S. to the trail along the Saugeen.

In case you can't recognize it, that is a big smile you see!

I wonder if this is the same little duck I saw yesterday?
He was motoring against the current

 When walking directly facing the wind, it was quite chilly but as I turned, I didn’t need to have my scarf over my face. I also didn’t wear my ‘mad bomber’ hat (thanks Jackie for the name) so had to have my hood up for a bit. With the steps from working and my walk, I managed 3 ½ miles (7200+ steps) and was ready to go home.

I wasn't walking alone today
That was really nice

Oooh, I love how this one turned out
see the sun's rays shining down?

I took my stuff upstairs and then came down to the garage and worked at putting the completed puzzle away and starting a new one. Donna gave me this one, or Cathy, since they’ve both finished it. The border went really well and soon I was working on the body. This is a cute picture too. I'll take a picture tomorrow, I forgot today. Our landlords returned around 3:30 and then around 4:30, Bill texted that he was on his way. We came upstairs together and I got my blog started.

I had to take this closeup so you could see that there are
only 2 dam sections completely open
The others have froze over

Sometime after 5:30, we went down to start supper. Tonight, was Chicken strips and French fries with coleslaw on the side. Something different. We really enjoyed it the change. The strips were much nicer than the chicken nuggets I’ve tried before. These are nice and meaty with less coating and the plum sauce was an added treat. We took care of dishes and it was just a few minutes after 7 when I came upstairs, leaving Bill to make his lunch.

before I left the garage for my walk,
I saw a shadow past the windows and heard a noise
The solar panels on the roof were releasing the last
dumping of snow

This is why Wes doesn't park any cars in front of the doors
I'd hate to be walking along here when the snow let loose!

This was a good day. I feel tired, my legs, my arms but I felt quite rejuvenated this afternoon during and after my walk in the sunshine. We have a couple of warm -1C/30F days coming but that also means more lake effect precipitation tomorrow night, Friday and on the weekend. Bummer, I was enjoying the clear roads and sidewalks. Julie, our weather gal on CTV London news calls it a deep freeze that we will be experiencing after this warm period, starting on the weekend.

A tasty supper tonight

I’ll be heading in soon to watch Jeopardy before settling in our room for the night. The book I’m reading has improved since Chapter 3. I didn’t think I’d enjoy the biography but although I can’t say it is a favourite book, it is enjoyable and worth the read.

Feb. 3, 2020
A visit to Los Algodones, Mexico

Bill was having dental work done so
Kim, Ken, Keith and I went SHOPPING!!

Good night!

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. What a beautiful sun filled day. Those chicken strips look good. Were they from the freezer section?

  2. That was a fun day shopping in Los Algodones... look at all my blankets! 😁 Would like to be there now!

    1. It really was a fun day! We just couldn't stop buying blankets!! :) Me too!!

  3. Nice to have the warm sunshine before the big artic chill this weekend. Glad you took on washing Ptooties by yourself. Looks nice.

  4. Blue skies and sunshine always make a winter day beautiful. Just reading some of your posts the pictures along the river with the reflections of the trees very pretty. January certainly flew by. Nice puzzle. If you have a minute check the blog I posted on the 4th. You might get a kick out of one of the pictures. Stay safe.

    1. Thanks Deb. I sure will check your blog post. i try not to miss them even if I am late reading.🥰

  5. We had that 'snow-falling-the-roof' problem at the last house. It was frightening at times! I also did a lot of car-washing like that!

    1. It took me a minute to figure out what the noise and the shadow was from! ha ha

  6. Glad you had clear roads heading to the Mat. Unfortunately it could be worse for Friday.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. You are absolutely right, sounds nasty for the weekend, doesn't it?

  7. We have entered another cold period here. The sun was shining though so I was able to get out for a very short walk. I will not be able to do so tomorrow as it will be colder yet and by Saturday night we will be looking at -40 C temperatures.

    Your supper looks great, must remember to add chicken burgers to the menu as I have a bag of them that need to be used.

    God bless.