Friday, February 12, 2021

End of the Week


Paisley, On

Friday, Feb. 12th (already!) we both were up and getting ready for work at our regular time. I washed and while drinking my tea, finished publishing my blog. I’m just not sure what’s got into me lately, after 9 I am too tired to sit at my laptop. Actually, I said to Bill last night “Thank goodness there are no auctions for a few days!” 😊 The next one starts Monday. Teehee.

Things never quite appear the same in pictures
so I don't know if you can see the sun dog here

It was another good drive to Durham so I took Concession 8 and nipped along pretty good. I couldn’t believe it when I looked up and saw what looked like the ‘end of a rainbow’. I believe they are called sun dogs and as I turned, I noticed there was one on each side of the sun as it glowed through the morning clouds. It can only mean one thing; cold cold weather, as if we didn't know. It was pretty and of course I was snapping pictures. 

Once I turned the corner onto Concession 8, they were visible
on each side of the sun

Once in Durham, I pulled into the Pioneer station for fuel and then across the road to work. There was no one in the Mat when I arrived but one lady came in soon after with her laundry. When I was sweeping the floor, an older gentleman came in with an empty grocery bag and sat in the chair to rest. 😊 We chatted while he caught his breath.

I uttered words under my breath when i entered the Mat today
Seriously? Even if you didn't drop it, can't you pick it up?

All dryer doors were left open, carts all over the place
blocking entrances and empty detergent boxes
and dryer sheets on the floor  😖
Thankfully, this is rare but also why I'm needed

He was on his way to the Hardware Store at the other end of town! I don’t know his age but he had to be in his 80’s. He told me that he retired from a newspaper at 59 after 2 heart attacks, a pacemaker and a tumor. Amazing guy! He didn’t poke when he left either, he really moved! Faster than I usually walk. I told him to be careful.

It was a beautiful sky when I drove home

I drove to Hanover, pulled in to Walmart and returned a pair of reader glasses I picked up on Wednesday. They weren’t working for me after all. I grabbed some bananas as well and then drove to Donna’s. She was out working too so I left the bag with the hat and a puzzle hanging on the door handle. When she got home, she texted, thrilled with the hat. It fit perfectly and she liked the puzzle.

Yay! A bag of puzzles from Harvey and Jennifer

Then one more stop at my cousin Harvey’s to pick up a bag of puzzles. They are doing fine, zipping through the challenges too, passing the time and then I was on my way home. 

Not sure who made him king of the road but I had
to stop as he meandered across the highway
He wasn't even a face i could love!

I’d had a snack bar on the drive home with my coffee so wasn’t too hungry at noon. A banana, mandarin and some cheese and a pepperoni stick did the trick. I worked on the puzzle and when it felt like a headache was coming on, I got dressed and went for my walk. It is really nice and warm out in the garage but certain days the noise of the fans running plays on you.

I headed north on Queen St. towards the house that
burned yesterday
This is Lily's Oasis' front window 💓

And if you didn't feel cold before, check these
feathered fowl out

This looks like vine-like euonymus bushes
but it is nice to see greenery still in the snow

It was cold, -10C, feeling colder outside with the wind chill, but it was really nice to get out. I needed my mad bomber hat, JudithK, 😊 and a scarf up around my chin. Brrr.

Unfortunately, the house is destroyed
The family has a 'go-fund' me page in place

Interesting how the trees only at the property
have 'hoar' frost because of the excessive heat and water, I assume
So sad for the family

 Susan and Wes had their Amish friend in to help with Wes’s solar furnace and when I returned, they were gone to take him home. I made a tea and sat at the puzzle. While I waited for Bill, I finished it. It’s Friday but he didn’t get home until 5 tonight. He likes to be early on the last day of the week. I had started to be concerned when he texted. 

I stopped to take a picture of the snow on this old tree
It reminded me of how we used to make snow pictures on the trunks
When I noticed something peculiar
Can you see it?

Look again

I went online and ordered supper from The Paisley Common and headed over for 6 o’clock. A stop at Food Mart as well, while I was out, to pick up some lotto tickets. One can dream. Our supper was fish and chips for me and a classic burger and fries for Bill. 

Two homes - a modern plain looking one
I'm sure it makes perfect sense
for many reasons

And this one - historical
Which looks more interesting to you?

They are keeping up to the standards we are used to and both of us enjoyed the meal to the max. Plus, I didn’t have to cook. We like to be able to treat ourselves at the end of our week and the owners already recognize me. 😀

The puzzle is done
A new record for me - two days

I can't remember the name of this creek but even it is closing up
with 'winter'

I didn't walk the trail but it looks like it wouldn't be too bad

I couldn't finish all the fries but they and the fish were delicious
I love the lemons too

We did up the few dishes and came upstairs. I worked on my post until 7:30 when I went in to watch Jeopardy. Bill went downstairs at 8 to watch a movie and I was going to watch a movie in our room. Not too much in the mood for one, I crawled up on the bed and started a new book. 

I thought you'd get a kick out of Susan's doggie
like I did

Tin Roof Blowdown by James Lee Burke. Seems good so far. I had a good day with work, some shopping, some puzzle work and a great 4.5 mile walk. My kind of Friday.

Look at these sunny, healthy faces
Enjoying a dessert with our buddies
Feb. 12, 2019
Sundance RV Park, Yuma, AZ

We obviously got into a game of Wizard later
but I think Bill is cheating here as Clemson whispers
tips to him

Good night!

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. I sure like the look of those fish and chips. I'm craving but none of the places in the town near us have decent fish. It seems they all offer the same crap I can pull out of the freezer in the grocery store.

    1. Lots of fish around here so maybe easier to come by. ??
      We've been lucky with good tasting fish.

  2. I like the old house with character. Too bad about the house that burned. Terrible to happen in winter especially. It sure looks cold there. Sorry. 😀

    1. Yup, me too. Rumour has it that it was recently purchased by new owners too.
      Thanks at least for your sympathy. :)

  3. Sure makes you wonder how people can be such pigs! I am always amazed walking into women's restrooms and finding disaster, it's like "Really?!!" I love the old house with character :) So sad about the burnt one :( Beautiful snow pictures but that would be way too much for me haha. Dinner looks yummy! A nice treat at the end of the workweek! Love Susan's dog!

    1. I know, I think the same thing. "Really?"
      Definitely too much snow for me too!! haha

  4. Just purchased? That's so sad. I love the historical house but not to live in. I don't like stairs. The laundromat....I've cleaned houses and offices. When we were going to the laundromat in the Foothills I would sweep the floors, clean machines, just spruce things up. When we left all the carts were put away. But I didn't clean the bathroom. I need "pay" to do that.

    1. Ha ha, I like your cleaning story. Yes, I agree about cleaning the toilet.Only with $$ do I do that. That's why I asked for the cleaning job, I did it when we went south anyway - provided there was a broom and dustbin. :)

  5. James Lee Burke has written a lot of books, and one of them at least was turned into a movie, "The Confederate Dead in the Electric Mist" or something like that with Tommy Lee Jones I think as Robicheux (sp?) He is a near perfect casting for the role and the movie is definitely worth watching if you ever get the chance.

    1. Good to know, thank you. I'm hoping I enjoy this book and will watch for the movie. :)

  6. There are always those who have no manners but if you did it at their homes it would be a different story.
    Having been displaced by a house fire we can only imagine how much worse it is at this time.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. You are right OR we'd hate to see their homes, eh?
      Yes, any time is a bad time but now with the pandemic, finding a place can't be easy.

  7. I am so sorry for that family. No time is good to lose your home, but a fire in winter!

    The pheasant does think he is king of the road.

    The puzzle is done already? Wow, you are fast.

    God bless.

    1. I believe it is a wild turkey but still, proudly in charge. :)
      That was an easy puzzle. But thanks.