Sunday, February 21, 2021

A Day of Rest, Kinda

Paisley, On

On Sunday, Feb. 21st we were awake and up at 7. After discussing our night’s sleep, apparently, we each had a good sleep. 😊 Bonus! We got our drinks first and brought them up to our room. I had a blog to finish, AGAIN, getting to be a habit. With my tea finished, I sorted laundry and Bill carried it down for me to load the machine.

Let's start the blog off with a sunny picture 
of Susan's second batch of Christmas cactus flowers

On today’s agenda, other than laundry, a shower first, a walk is definitely in order and I’ve ensured someone I would make a cheesecake. A special request. After my shower, we did some more online stuff and I printed off my filed recipe to take downstairs. I don’t usually print them off but it is easier, while we are here, than carting my laptop down when I want to bake. At home, it sits easily on our island.

I shouldn't have eaten both but I did
loaded with butter
Hence the much needed walk!

The sun is out this morning again and that just perks me up to no end. It’ll be a good day! We hadn’t eaten much last night and certainly not the good fat food that fills us so we were hungry earlier than usual. At 10:30, I went down to make breakfast. It wasn’t any better but I had cinnamon rolls to bake so that’s what we had. I’m our worst enemy sometimes and Bill is a too ready and willing accomplice!

Bill took these pictures for me the other day
Aren't they beautiful?

After we ate, we decided to leave dishes until I was done baking. It was a good time to go for a walk so I headed around the noon hour. I knew I made a booboo as soon as I got out from the shelter of the house. I didn’t wear a hat nor did I put my scarf on. I’d already locked the door so didn’t want to go back and get it. I zipped my coat up all the way and put my hood up and that made a big difference.

It was worsened by the fact that I was walking directly into the cold wind. I stuck it out all the way south to the edge of town and at the crosswalk, I turned towards the west in the direction of the car wash. Bill had mentioned that he wanted to take both vehicles up for a wash so I texted him and asked my sweetie to bring my scarf and I’d meet him there. 😊 That worked!

Look at that gorgeous sky

I had to kill some time so walked around the school area and down a couple of dead-end streets in the area but then I saw him inside with Ptooties. He got in at a good time, there were 2 other dirty vehicles waiting when he pulled out. With a scarf snug around my neck to cover my chin when needed, I strutted off after saying goodbye to Bill.

Paisley Central School
is just across the street from the car wash

Now, isn't this interesting?
I love it and might have to steal it for the Ridge
(not physically, calm down, just the idea.)

It was a really nice walk and I ended up on the west end of Balaklava St. turning onto Mill Drive. It is so interesting to see what water is frozen and what the sun has opened up in the river. I did a bit of a detour as I got back to Queen St. just to take a couple of pictures at the ‘bridge over the two rivers’. Back home, I was nice and warm but not overly.

She's all clean again, 2X this winter already!

Then I made the almond crust for the cheesecake and eventually blended up the filling. While it was baking in Madame IP (she was happy to be of use again!), I went out and began a new puzzle. It will be a challenge mostly because it is 1000 pieces and the pieces take up a lot of room. I’ve had to layer them a bit while I work on the border but it looks like a really neat one to do. Sorry, I didn’t get a picture.

Dead ending at Mill Drive
see the bridge?

While I was working on it, Bill texted that he needed me to help him. ?? I didn’t know what he was doing but came upstairs right away. He wasn’t feeling good and needed something for an upset stomach. Plus, he was hot to the touch but said he couldn’t get warm. We got him into bed and I layered the blankets on before taking his temperature. It was up a bit but since he’d previously taken some Advil, I just got him a cool cloth for his forehead.

Were you missing the mill?
There it is off in the distance

Towards town, the trestle bridge

a small portion of water showing of the Teeswater River

Instead of the Tigger bounce, a display of happiness

I didn’t want to leave him alone so went down to make a cup of tea and returned to sit on the bed while he slept. It was a good opportunity to read some of my book while I was wide awake! He slept a lot and eventually woke feeling a bit better. Not too hungry and I know not to ‘stuff a fever’, I made him some vegetable soup with a piece of buttered toast. I warmed up my stir fry and sat upstairs to eat it. He felt better and his temperature had dropped a few points. 😊

I wonder why people don't clear their back steps off
in case of emergency
This place DOES have another door at the back by the garage
but some don't

The Saugeen with a bit of water flowing to the southeast

I wasn't out after Black Beauty got back but 
Ptooties is ready for another week of driving

When I went down to do dishes, I made his lunch and tried to get everything prepped the way he likes it for morning. We don’t know if he’ll be feeling well enough to go but knowing my trooper, he will bounce right back. We’ll see. I worked on my blog and then sat with him and my book until it was time for me to crawl into bed too. I have a full day of work ahead of me too. By the way, the cheesecake looked good so I sampled ours.

I enjoyed my stir fry tonight again

This was a pretty quiet day and I accomplished all that I wanted to. So did Bill. I think he got a chill when he was out in that cold DIY car wash and perhaps got his feet wet. They are the coldest part on his body.

While I worked on a puzzle at the Sundance RV Park
my buddy, Pat, worked on their computers
Feb. 21, 2019

good night!

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  1. Hopefully Bill wakes up feeling much better!

    1. Thank you! His temperature was still warm last night but this morning, back to normal. Tough cookie. :)

  2. Oh geez yes. Hope Bill is OK! At the beginning of your post I was alarmed to see that the Paisley Bomber had gone out hatless, but it appears that you have survived. I do hope Bill feels better and better.

    1. Thank you JudithK. He is off to work this morning, normal again. :)
      Ha ha you are too funny. My bomber hat would have been good in the wind but too hot in the long run. I hope those cold days are behind me but probably not!

  3. Glad Bill is feeling better. Nothing is going to keep him down I see. Even in sunny Arizona I'm tired of the cold. I can't believe it's almost the end of February and spring hasn't SPRUNG!! Hoping your weather continues to warm and you remember your scarf!!!

    1. Thank you Nancy. February sure has zipped by, but from our point of view that is a great thing. ;)

  4. Oh Patsy, your comment "I’m our worst enemy sometimes and Bill is a too ready and willing accomplice!" is the same with Dean and I. I try so hard to keep us from eating sweets but we both love them so much. I'm glad to hear Bill is feeling better today. I hope spring comes soon for you.

    1. Ha ha funny about that comment. it is very true for us. I try but can be talked out of the right foods too easily.
      Thank you for your wishes for Bill and spring! :)

  5. Glad to hear it was a short stint of feeling ill for Bill. It's above freezing here today but with the wind it feels a little colder than that. I've been out to shovel this morning and didn't wear my toque. First time in a long time!

    Take care, stay well.

    1. Thank you re Bill. :)
      Sometimes above freezing is just a number, I agree. The wind has its own mind, doesn't it?

  6. Good to hear Bill is feeling better.

  7. Oh those cinnamon rolls! Glad Bill is feeling better and was able to go to work. :) Beautiful pictures of your area and your walk.

    1. Deadly, that's what they are. Probably literally!! :)
      Thank you Shirley for the comment.

  8. Hope Bill is feeling better soon. It makes you think twice with everything that's going around.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the coming week.

    It's about time.

    1. Thank you, Rick. your mind does go to funny places when we feel ill during this crazy time.

  9. Hope Bill is okay. Hope he doesn't stick his cold feet on you at night 😀 Spring will soon be here and lots more sunny days with it.

    1. Thank you for the wishes for Bill AND for me with the cold feet!! I've yelped a few times but then I've also paid him back too!