Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Comfortable Summer Day, Sky Pictures

The Ridge

On Tuesday, Aug. 31st, last day of the month, Bill was up and gone early. Shortly after 6:30. Gibbs and I didn’t even get out of bed this time, we watched him leave in Black Beauty from our window. 😉 I relaxed with the little guy until 7 when we got up. We've learned that it's best to put him off the bed to make it. He is just TOO helpful if you get my drift.

A couple of Moonflowers were a surprise this morning

As soon as I get my runners out of the cupboard, Gibbs knows that we are going for a walk. I don’t even have to say the word. He waits for me to lift him onto my lap and sits quite good now while I situate his harness on his usual squirmy body. I must admit, it is also much easier without the long hair getting in the way of the clasps! So, we headed out at 7:15.

He leads the way

The misty pond in the morning

By 7:35, past the body shop, he was already showing signs of slowing down. Seriously? It was a beautiful morning, 15C/59F so he shouldn’t be too hot. I actually had to wear a light fleece top with my shorts or my arms would have been ‘shivering me timbers!’. It was wonderful though, that fresh, humidity-free air. I guess it is an indication of what September will bring. We slept well last night with our bedroom windows open with the temperature dropping to about 12C/54F (ish).

Back home, I had my tea and finished publishing my post from Monday. I just wasn’t up to it last night. I’ve started a new book by Mitch Albom. ‘The first phone call from heaven’ is the title and it catches you from the first sentence. It will be a quick read as all of his are. However, I didn’t touch it this morning or I’d never get outside to finish the vine pulling. Sounds like a carnaval event but trust me, it isn’t. It is addicting though and hard to give up on. There is a strange satisfaction when I free the trees and fences from its tangles.

Three huge hibiscus in bloom today

another surprise on my Rose of sharon bush

I left Gibbs inside with a treat and with gloves, a ball cap and clippers I walked to the end of the lane. I meant business! I started at the end of the lane and it wasn’t too bad there but on the east side, it was a disaster. I pulled and snipped, pulled and snipped and sadly some branches of the small trees along there snapped in my efforts. We don’t stress about losing these trees, there are too many saplings growing up along the ditches anyway. More will be cut out come fall.

This fence side of the lane, is a mess
Both of us need to work at it together

Today, I freed these two trees, at least 
for the time being

The clippers are the long ones and can be awkward, trying to get them in position for cutting as low to the base as possible, so I tossed them aside – a lot. One time in my haste, they flipped and the blade end hit the side of my knee. Ouch! I crouched and rubbed it to try and discourage bruising before getting back at it. Just a small cut, so it didn’t slow me down (yet). I didn’t worry about picking up the vines, just pushed them off to the side. That would mean a  few trips with my wagon so I’ll wait to use the truck.

Across the front field
sky to the west
Now, I see the sun dog

I came inside for something to eat at 10:30 before going back up the hill and finishing what I started the other day. Gibbs was outside by then, on his tether, watching me. We sat together for a while, outside, and when I came in, I did the dishes and went up for my shower. My guardian/protector slept right outside the shower doors on the mat. Unconditional love right there. My swells at how loveable he can be.

Sky to the southwest

The clouds were pretty dominant all day, keeping the day around the 21C mark. I wouldn’t have minded more sun on a day like this as it wouldn’t be too hot to sit in but surprisingly, under the clouds it felt cool. I’m just a sun person and enjoy all things about that natural Vitamin D. 😊 I made a coffee, since I’d missed one earlier, and started my post for the day.

From up at the Ridge
looking down over the Hangar to the west

Yesterday, Bill and I called our new London doctor’s office. Dr. Persaud, my doctor for the past 24 years and Bill’s for longer, has retired from Family Medicine to focus on Long Term Care instead. We’re happy for him but very sad not to have seen him once more. We needed to touch base with Dr. Obute (one of two taking his patients over) basically as an introduction more than anything. Because of our distance, her assistant/receptionist will email us the forms necessary to be filled out.

We debated looking for a dr. up here BUT we’ve heard the wait lists are long and why worry about that right now when we still have a doctor. Our health is good and we haven’t had the need for a visit for over 3 years. That says it all. At least we’ve made contact now, another thing off the list of things to do. There are a couple of family birthdays coming up next week so I dropped one card in the mailbox this morning. It will likely be early.

Over the berm and my garden
to the southeast

The rest of the afternoon was pretty lazy for me, and I spent it reading with Gibbs on my lap. Bill texted just before 5 telling me he would be late. I’m never sure what that means, by how much time, so I just plan supper in my head and wait until I know he’s on his way. 😉 Turns out they did portions of work at two job locations today so that explained when he said he was leaving Durham. The coin dropped, so to speak, for me.

He was home before 6 and a few minutes after he walked in, I lit the Weber. I was pleased that he noticed the vines along the laneway, it helps to explain why I’m moving more like an old lady tonight. Ha ha. I was thinking of picking the brush up in the truck tonight but when things were later than I thought, I’ll get them tomorrow with the wagon. Taking pictures of the piles showed me that it might only take a couple of trips.

a nice meal tonight
and we had room for dessert

Supper was bbq’d sausages with vegetables of our choice (different, of course) and we each had some Chapman’s ice cream for dessert with salted peanuts. 😊 After dishes and Gibbs was fed, we were both done for the evening. I was happy when Bill told me that he liked his banana bread, saying it with the last bite of a piece going into his mouth.

to the south over our turbines
All interesting views tonight
good night!

This was a productive day and when I took Gibbs out for his business, I snapped some pictures of the wonderful night sky. Gorgeous!

Thank you for your visit.


  1. I don't know what I find more gorgeous, the skies (and coming from the land of living skies that says something) or the huge hibiscus blooms. Both are lovely.

    God bless.

    1. Nature is indeed a beautiful sight and it gives me joy in many ways too. :)

  2. The photos of the clouds after the misty pond photo almost look like mountains in the distant. Very pretty.

    Sounds like a good day, and I'm glad you didn't hurt yourself too much. I'm suspecting the vine is bindweed - it's a nasty vine that will choke out plants and trees.

    1. Yes! Exactly what I thought too about those clouds. Mountain clouds :)
      Thank you, my knee is tender but that's it. Phew! No one likes to hobble.
      The vine is nasty and with all the little baby grapes, it can be messy.