Monday, October 11, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Ridge

Happy Thanksgiving! 

On Sunday, Oct. 10th we were able once more to take our time getting up and moving. I love these mornings! Today is Thanksgiving Sunday for Canadians and we are invited to a family celebration at my sister’s home near Chatsworth. For the morning, we just stayed indoors with our tea and I had a bowl of cereal while Bill had some toast by 8 o’clock. The big meal was going to be around 2 pm. I believe this is the most popular day for Thanksgiving celebrations. 🍗🍁

Gibbs finds his niche on Daddy's shoulder

I had a blog post to finish from Saturday, no surprise lately, so I did that and then we printed off documents regarding cross border travel. Yes, we have found ourselves one (or two) steps closer to getting ourselves to Arizona. A shipping company, in Ingersoll, in conjunction with a air service, has our information and we are waiting to hear back from them with details.

I like this spot for him
It gives our shoulders a rest

It is looking positive that this is what we are going to be doing. Having our rig (Black Beauty & the Suite) driven across from Canada to the U.S. and flying across to meet it. More details will follow as they become clearer. 😊 We are happier about the whole scenario and feeling much relief. We do have some samples of the forms to be filled out so wanted to print them off as an example. (All private details on the documents will remain private).

3+ lbs. of carrots

Once that was done, I began peeling, cutting and cooking carrots in Madame IP. I offered to take them to the meal. Also, my contribution would be dressing/stuffing so I cheated and cooked 4 boxes of Stove Top Stuffing. We needed to feed as close to 21 mouths as possible. 

We took North Line west to catch Hwy 6
It was a nice change

We all had a rest and for me, that meant reading my letters from Willie book. I’m sure I dropped off for a few minutes too.

A pretty fall drive no matter which way
we go

Last night, or rather the wee hours around 4 am, Gibbs was awake and restless so I was awake with him, opening windows to cool him down. It felt stuffy up there and yet the rain was first blowing in my window so I couldn’t open it until it stopped. That should explain why I was so tired. Back to today! We were dressed in our ‘close to finest’ (figure of speech) and left Gibbs in charge.

This is a funny picture that I just had to include
A chickadee or wren got caught inside the gazebo
so John and Alaena had to rescue it so some of us
could eat in there 💗

He probably would have been fine and he as definitely welcome, but we would be able to relax and enjoy the day better with him at home. We knew he’d be fine here too. Rain was a possibility but after arriving, it was obvious that it would be an outside day for a lot of us. Perfect! 😊 I’m sure our hosts, Gayle and John, were relieved about the weather. There was a lot of food as is always the case. Way more mashed potatoes than necessary but you just never know, do you?

Their large kitchen was accomodating

My dressing turned out mushy for some reason (because I was making it for others!)  but Gayle and I blended mine with her homemade batch and it was perfect and delicious. 

Bill, my niece's hubby made this delicious squash soup

Unfortunately, she put my glazed carrots into the microwave just before eating time to warm them and they were forgotten – completely. LOL Too much on everyone’s minds, I guess, and it wasn’t until we were packing up dishes that I wondered what happened to the dish. Ha ha, it was a great laugh!

Bill (nephew) also made the cheesecake
(ps - he is a firefighter so cooks for the crew a lot)

The 'young'uns' enjoyed the raft in the pond

The adults just visited and enjoyed the lovely

Pepper is a 9 yr. old cockapoo
but he doesn't like other dogs so I'm glad
our rambunctious little Gibbs didn't come 😌

He is very stocky but loves to play
ball just like our little guy

We said our goodbyes around 4 and headed for home. Other than forgetting my water bottle, it was a great time with family. My children had other commitments so I was sad not to see them today. Back home, neither of us were hungry for a supper meal, for obvious reasons, so we just had a sliver of cherry pie, watched some tv and went to bed at 11. That was Sunday and no blog got even started until now.

we took the opportunity for a picture
Happy Thanksgiving fellow Canadians!
good day!

Thank you for your patience and for sticking with me!


  1. Glad you are moving toward your goal. Happy Thanksgiving to your and Bill, and Gibbs.

    1. Thank you Lorne, for your help and support.
      Happy Thanksgiving to you both as well!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you both. What a great get-together with your family and the weather was super nice today. Glad your plans are coming together to travel south should the border not open as promised.

  3. Glad to see u got together with family. Hope u come to Havasu this winter.

    1. Thank you Rose. We'll keep in touch and see where we end up! :)

  4. You dress up very nicely! Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving to you two. Great picture. What do you think of Gibbs leaving NCIS?