Thursday, October 21, 2021

It’s Been a Go-Go-Go Day

The Ridge

On Thursday, Oct. 21st I woke up when Bill brought Gibbs back to bed. I must have been deep in a sleep again, never heard him get up earlier. Having the cone on for sleeping doesn’t seem to be too much of a hardship for the little pup but he does get anxious when we start taking it off for him to eat. Some dogs can manage it around their dishes but it didn’t seem like Gibbs was getting the hang of it.

My first picture was of Bill
changing Jazz's oil

It was raining, not heavy but pretty steady so Bill returned to lay with us for a while. He wouldn’t be working this morning at least. I got up around 7 since it was a cleaning day for me. I was pleased that Bill was home so I didn’t have to take Gibbs in the car again. The Mat was in fair condition, just normal cleaning was necessary. It surprised me that nothing on the door lock had been touched since Tuesday. Wonders never cease! 

The cows were either laying down or thinking about it

After damp mopping the floor, I headed home. Bill and Gibbs were in his recliner and the little guy had been good without the cone. 😊 I sat and made my tea while conversing with my sisters on Messenger. Bill went out and began changing the oil on Jazz, getting her ready for winter storage. Thankfully, Murray has room for us to store her there with Ptooties. Like a family affair.

Gibbs' drink choice of the day
Chocolate milk πŸ˜‚

I took the opportunity while Bill was outside to vacuum the Suite. It has been a few days, tsk tsk. Gibbs thinks it is a game, where Clemson just knew to get up on the couch out of the way, Gibbs runs in front and at it with my back-and-forth motion. He makes me laugh and he seems relieved when I put the ‘floor monster’ back under the bed.

Look at that sky, all week we've heard 94% chance
of precipitation all day today
I'm glad they were wrong

Then at noon we went out to see what Daddy was up to. I had a brain wave, that since Bill wasn’t working, and it was our last mild day, we should be taking Jazz over today to Murray’s. Bill thought it was a great idea so Gibbs and I went for a walk while he cleaned up and leathered up. 😊 Picture that if you will! It was windy but the 17C/62F would make for a nice ride. And it did. I wish I’d been on the bike for a last one too.

Following Bill out the lane

Gibbs and I followed in Ptooties and after covering the bike we returned home. It was 2:15 and we realized we hadn’t eaten lunch. Woops! Bill had had cereal at 6:30 and I had some yogourt after returning from town but who wanted to eat at that time of day? Well, we needed something so we had some cheese to fill the small hole of hunger. This afternoon, we got a lot more stuff put away. Things removed from the front yard and Bill did the last lawn cutting in that area. It looks very bare out there now!

And down the highway through Durham

I do believe this is the first time I've noticed this sign
at Murrays

We have things yet to store away and others to cover. Once we’re done in the storage shed, we can put the riding mower away and take the shelter cover off. My wagon went inside the outhouse so I pulled the toilet paper off the roll and stored it in the cupboard since we can’t use that anymore. Our motorcycle gear all went into the Bunky as it is insulated and we have never had critters in there. Again, I hope I haven’t spoke out of turn and jinxed something! 😊

The barn where the vehicles are safely stored
I should have taken a picture of Jazz in there but will get one
later when we take Ptooties
Daisy is the security guard πŸ’˜

I made a tea inside and wrapped the ‘auction Angels’ I got way back last winter. I’ve chosen a few special people to receive them according to their birthdays, since they are labelled for every month of the year. Silly, maybe, but also something I want to do so it doesn’t matter. 

They sleep

Bill and Gibbs both snoozed, Gibbs in various places and Bill in his chair. The wind has calmed somewhat and we have not received any more rain since this morning.

This is the whipped cream maker
I made a real mess because I followed the instructions
on how much cream to put in - duh!
It turned out fine but what a waste of good whipped
Cleaning the 'plunger' was not easy

That all changed at suppertime. Just before I started reheating our leftover spaghetti, I noticed rain on the window. Here it comes. As things heated, it became heavy and the television went haywire off and on.

Gibbs in one of his favourite positions with his Daddy

Supper was very good and I was surprised that there was enough leftover for both of us. I’d mixed up some chocolate mousse for dessert and even test out the new Pampered Chef whipped cream maker I’d purchased.

Well, that was quite the experience! Ha ha. I’m sure the next time mixing up a batch of whipped cream with it will be an improvement. My main disappointment was not being able to lick beaters but my main joy from using it was that I didn’t have to get the mixer and beaters out! It worked well though and I’m happy with the purchase. πŸ˜‰ After dishes and Gibbs had eaten, he had to go out. Bill and he got quite wet, his timing is impeccable. (sarcasm)

A quick dessert to make and yet tasty
Good night!

This was a good day, I feel a lot got taken care of again. Pictures tomorrow, once it stops raining, of how our front lawn looks.

Thank you for the drop in!


  1. Love the new header shot, and glad you've got a secure place to store your vehicles. Bet you're getting excited.

    1. Thank you! Murray is a great guy with a decent rate for safe storage of our vehicles. ;)

  2. Love the new picture! Too cute, both of you! Yes that was a go go go day! Amazing how much you accumulate and then have to put away. You know it's getting close now YAY!

    1. Thanks Shirley!
      True about accumulating a lot of stuff!! We seem to find room for it all though. :)

  3. The new header is so cute! Great photo.

    I see your counter is up and running (I hadn't noticed it recently). It won't be long and all the tasks you have left to complete will keep you busy in the meantime.

    Take care, stay well.

    1. Thank you Maebeme!
      I just had to remember to work on my counter and it makes me smile to see just 14 days left now!

  4. I bet the next couple of weeks will be so slow progressing for you, but maybe you'll find some more things to do to keep you occupied. I agree with the previous comments about your cover photo. Very cute.

    1. I think you're right. Bill is afraid we'll be rushed but we're getting a lot done sooner than I expected at least. ;)

  5. You will certainly be busy packing up and putting away for the next while. Cute picture of you and Gibbs.

    God bless.

    1. It's amazing what one or two dry days does for packing up! Thank you Jackie!