Tuesday, October 26, 2021

A Fun-Filled Tuesday, An Errand, Memory Pictures

The Ridge

On Tuesday, Oct. 26th Bill was up at 6 and Gibbs and I got up at 6:30. I didn’t think Bill would be working because of the information I got last night but even though it was very wet, spitting and misty out there, Bill was told they were meeting at the red shed. I thought this was odd because it was an outdoor job. Anyway, he left at 7:30 and Gibbs and I stayed put.

we've gone from one lovebug to another
This was Oct. 26th, 2018
Clemson sleeping in the back seat on our trip south

My plan was to leave the Suite at 9:15 to meet Donna in Durham. By 8:30, Bill texted that he was on his way home. Too wet to work. 😊 That gave me some relief because it meant that Gibbs wouldn’t be alone for the 3+ hours I would be away. Donna and I were at Value Village by 10:10 and went our separate ways. Neither of us ‘needed’ anything nor were we looking for anything specific. We still spent 1 ½ hours in the store and had fun. I found a duvet cover to change up the look at home, a couple of tops and a gift for a friend.

We stopped at a Sam's Club, Lincoln, Nebraska
Oct. 26, 2018

After we were at the car, we saw my brother-in-law’s truck parked behind us so we went back in the store just to track them down. We made a point not to take our purses back in, and laughed about it because it meant we couldn’t be tempted to buy anything else. We saw John and then Gayle for a few minutes and headed out to the Heritage Mall. I’d never been in before. We had more laughs at the two of us getting ‘lost’, we must be sisters!

Our second year to the southwest took us on a 
different journey than our usual

Before heading home, we drove to our other sister, Wendy’s, and I left her with a small gift for her and Morgan. I also got a goodbye hug which is always special. The rain never let up all day, even if it wasn’t heavy. The winds made the day bitter cold, feeling like -1C/30F. Tomorrow sounds better, for a few days we’ll be around 12C/52F so that will be easier to take.

Bill and Gibbs had a good day at home. More reservations made on top of last night’s confirmed stops for the drive down so things are looking great. So far. 😊 I had to pick M up at his mechanic’s shop since he finished the Chev pick up and was taking it back this afternoon. It took half hour but he wouldn’t let me leave without giving me $ for my time and fuel. That was nice but not necessary.

Wind socks along the open plains were something
we hadn't yet seen

Back home, we watched Sully, a good Tom Hanks movie about Captain Chesley ‘landing’ his plane on the Hudson River to save his passengers and crew. True story and worth a watch if you haven’t seen it. For supper, I reheated the last of the ham, cooked a potato for Bill with some corn and some cauliflower rice and spinach for me. It was quite good and easy. The freezer is pretty bare so I have to be a bit creative.

A good supper tonight, here at home

The evening slipped by in the warmth of our home with the cold windy night whipping around outside. Brrr. I hope you have a great evening too. Needless to say, I didn't take any pictures other than my supper plate. LOL

This was taken in Oct. 2018 and I was obviously
playing with my settings
Good night!

Thank you for stopping in. We had a great day.


  1. Clemson sure was a sweetie too. It's nice that Gibbs can wear the same little coat. Nice memory pictures.

  2. Love the new header photo. Always nice to spend time with family.

    1. Thank you Deb. ♥
      One more family dinner and a wedding which will take care of most of the 'goodbyes'.

  3. Wonderful memories and photos! I'm so happy to hear that your plans are falling into place for you.

    Your VV must be quite a bit larger than ours or you're way better at browsing than I am. I'm usually in and out in a half hour. Sounds like you found some good items, and got a visit in with family too!

    1. Thank you Maebeme, it's rare when I don't take enough pictures during the day.
      Our VV is very big but we also dawdle a lot. :)

  4. Great memory pics throughout the blog! Nice, more reservations! Nice sister time and two more, even better!

    1. Thank you Shirley. Yes, winter plans are coming together. Always nice to see family.

  5. Isn't Sully a great movie. It is actually one of the few shows we have seen in the movie theater in the past 5 years.

    Great that you managed some more reservations. Getting very close now.

    God bless.

    1. Yes, a very good movie. :)
      Thank you, plans are coming together. Some people don't plan their winter but we are the type that like to have most things in place.