Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Finally, the Lane’s End, Afternoon Rumbles, 7 months!

The Ridge

On Tuesday, Oct. 12th I didn’t hear Bill get up but he said he was up and had a shower. I’m unaware if it was before he took Gibbs out or after. I did feel a lug of a puppy flop on my chest and lick my face just before 7. Well, good morning to you too! 😊 I didn’t have to get up to clean today but got up to say goodbye to Bill.

I loved the sky this morning

I felt sad that he had to return to work but he seemed content enough as he headed off at 7:30. I fed Gibbs. Oh! The little bum is 7 months old today so that means his food gets cut back by ¼ cup I think. Anyway, Bill told me the size to give him according to his food bag and that’s what he got. He is certainly getting enough to eat and after seeing the little porker, Pepper, on Sunday, we want to do the right thing to contain his weight. I know one thing for sure; our little cuddle bum is growing up and has made huge improvements.

It just kept getting better

It looked like a nice morning, although quite windy, so I harnessed the birthday boy up and we went for a walk. It has been a long time but he did really well. 😊 As we approached the ‘dogville’ house at the corner, we saw young Ivy outside waiting for the bus. Gibbs slowed down, very timid. She had her mask on and a hat so was unfamiliar to him. Also, he doesn’t forget the barkers. They were in the house but at the upper window with muffled barks.

I asked Ivy if she wanted to pet Gibbs because she had expressed interest another day from a distance. “I love your puppy!” Of course, she said yes. Besides the big dogs, she has 2 goats in a shed out the back of their property. I’d say she’s an animal lover. 😊 Gibbs only approached her once she slipped her mask down and then lay down for a tummy rub. As I left, wishing her a good day at school, she thanked me for letting her pet Gibbs.

Gibbs enjoyed the leaves

Not far down Baptist Church Road, Gibbs met more new people. Rob and Bethany met us in front of M’s house and crossed over to meet/greet him. He was pretty good, wanting attention but jumping which we’re trying to curtail. Rob helped as well by giving the command to stay down/sit before he pet him. We’re getting there but it is a slow process for that and the barking.

They were interested and concerned in whether we’d figured anything out for the winter so were relieved to hear our ‘tentative’ news. They are also experiencing some challenges and gouging as they are moving to New Brunswick on Nov. 1st. There will be a new pastor coming into their current house. Finding a reasonably priced shipper is not easy for them either. Over half of a year’s salary is what it will cost to have their belongings out there.  

The top picture had me curious so we walked up
to the fence to see what it was
I'm still not sure but it was interesting for sure

Even renting and driving a UHaul and pulling their small car is exorbitant in cost. Four years ago, when they moved here, it was ¼ of the quoted cost. In this life, we can never think that we are the only ones with difficulties, we all have our share and that evens things out. I wished them luck with their search and Gibbs and I carried on all the way to Turbine Lane. It was a really nice walk and he occasionally veered off into the leaves. I think he liked the sound.

When we got back, I had my tea and read more Willie letters. With the day being as warm as it was (18C/64F) and as warm as it was going to be (21C/70F) I thought I should get out to the front of the property and trim the lilies. We have forecasted rain on and off over the next week so today was the best day. Not wanting to leave Gibbs inside, I took his nylon tether with his leash and ‘we’ pulled my wagon down with the tools I’d need.

Gibbs supervised from a distance
where he couldn't eat the clippings

I never mind the job once I start and moved back and forth between the winter geraniums cutting the lilies off at the base. Grass was persistent in growing up in the geraniums so that was the hardest challenge. I had to keep Gibbs at a distance (learned after the first 10 minutes) as he just wanted to grab every handful of clippings. What a character! He then behaved from a distance, watching Mom. I worked on both sides of the fence and then across the lane trying to get that area trimmed up from the bullrushes/cattails.

It probably took me an hour and a half and I was dragging by the time ‘we’ pulled the overloaded wagon up the lane. I’ll dump it later but I could almost feel rain in the air. That means we finished in good time. I was dragging because I hadn’t eaten anything other than some yogourt so when I got back inside, I warmed up the last half of my breakfast quesadilla with some cheese on the side. Yum.

These dahlias are not done yet
and my Dragonwing begonias are still bright
I wish I'd had bigger pots, they would have been huge

Gibbs was tired out but kept running from one window to the next when the thunder started. He wasn’t afraid of it, he just thought there was something outside that he should be able to see – and control. 😊 The thunder started before the rain and also some very sharp jagged streaks of lightning off in the north sky. I wasn’t surprised when Bill pulled in the lane. They wouldn’t be able to continue laying the metal roof sheeting in the rain and at least they got half a day’s work in.

Bill had received the email from the shipping company we have been conferring with so another step towards ‘revival’! 😊 Just kidding but we are indeed getting somewhere. I finished my book while Bill and Gibbs snoozed and then he got cleaned up to go into town. Time for a new piece of clothing. We had success and after stopping at the post office to re-send a birthday card that needed more postage because of the size (duh!), we arrived home before the heavy rain hit.

The rain continued off and on this afternoon

Today is our future son-in-law’s birthday so now I know his card didn’t arrive on time. I messaged him so he knows that we thought of him ahead of time. We each had a cup of tea and grumbled at the wet weather as it could put a damper (hahahaha) on tomorrow’s work for Bill. Not much we can do but grumble so we did. “Rain rain go away….”

For supper, I had pulled steak out of the freezer. We wouldn’t be barbecuing so I decided to focus on finding an Instant Pot recipe. With leftover mashed potatoes, dressing and the ‘dreaded’ carrots (figure of speech only) that I brought home from Sunday’s meal, it would be a good supper for a rainy day. And it was!! The steak looked small but once cut up on our plates, they were just the right amount. Everything tasted great, finished off with another piece of cherry pie.

The dish of carrots that got missed on Sunday
and tonight's meal
The steak in Madame IP 
 was perfect!

After dishes, Gibbs ate and he and I went out in the semi-dark. It was only 7 o’clock and with those heavy clouds, it would soon be pitch black outside. It felt mild and by the looks of a couple of the black clouds, we would be getting more rainfall overnight. One cloud in particular looked quite ominous. There were a few puddles up top where we park but that just indicates heavy rain.

Morning wasn't the only interesting sky

The rest of the evening was focused on my blog and watching some of our regular programs. This has been a great day and I’m so glad to finally have that clipping done down at the road. All I have left are digging up the bulbs once my dahlias have stopped flowering. I hope your long weekend was wonderful and that the new week is starting out to be a good one too.

Note: just when we thought we were on the right track, another worry popped up. Well, we have been concerned about our mixed Pfizer and Moderna vaccines for a while, about them being an issue at the border no matter how we go. The CTV news only added to our concern making us feel that we’ve taken 3 steps forward and 2 back. Our saga continues.

Remember last night's picture?
Sweet memory of Clemson
a long time ago
Good night!

Thank you for your visit. Comments are always welcome.


  1. Hopefully things work out for you. I think if you fly down before early November the mixed vaccines won't be an issue ... at least that is what I am hoping!

    1. Thank you. We can't go before Nov.6 and knowing the border is opening, we save tons of $ by waiting anyway. We'll just keep hoping for the mixed vaccines not to be an issue. 😊

  2. Hmmm We were never asked about vaccinations. Just had to show the Covid test before boarding the plane. The American customs didn't even want to see our Covid test information when we offered it to them. Check some more before panic sets in! You may be ok.

    1. Thank you, you got in before the deadline, we think. Not sure if that was Oct. 21 or 30th but we will definitely keep checking.

  3. Just read that US to open land borders to Canada and Mexico in early November to fully vaccinated people. Good luck!!

  4. Yay the borders are opening in November! Happy to hear you will be able to drive south!

  5. Poor Yuma is very afraid of rain and thunder. Shakes and hides for long after it's gone. I always leave at the end of November and never had a weather problem. Sure hope all of you make the trek. See you later.

    1. Poor Yuma. She is not alone, many dogs fear them.
      Fingers crossed the weather is in our side when we're ready.
      Looking forward to seeing you two again. πŸ˜€

  6. Hope this change of crossing into US in early November makes things much better for all that want to head south.

    1. Yes, it has already made some things better. My sister and her hubby are able to go. πŸ€—

  7. Hi Patsy. No we are staying put this year for many reasons! If you read Live. Work.& Dream those are a lot of the reasons why we are staying put. We are very nervous about more problems surfacing in the USA. Take care!

    1. We understood that you were staying put this winter again. But it's not our choice at all. Good luck with your stay too!
      Quartzsite here we come asap.

  8. I note that the land border will be opening to fully vaccinated Canadian travellers to the US in November sometime. Check with your health line (or local pharmacy) as most provinces are permitting a third dose for individuals who received a mixed dose. A friend of mine got two doses of AstraZeneca and was able to get two doses of Moderna - they're planning to go to Palm Springs in January and he wanted to be certain he'd be able to go there.

    Good luck!

    1. Unfortunately, Ontario is not offering a third dose at this time. That would be ideal and we are ketogenic our ears open.
      Thank you!

  9. Here in Saskatchewan they are allowing that third dose for those that travel. I hope they allow you the same. Our oldest son Kurt, got a third dose because of the mix in Alberta as well.

    I was excited for you when I read that the border would be opening in November. So I am keeping my fingers crossed for you.

    God bless.

    1. Oh, I hope our province gets with the program too. We'll gladly get a 3rd dose. :)
      Thank you for your encouragement and support.

  10. Hope it will help that the border is opening in November!