Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Traumatic for Gibbs or Mom? It's All About Him Today.

The Ridge

On Monday, Oct. 18th I was stressed right from the start. Silly, really, but ah, there you have it. Bill left early this morning for work. I think it was 6 o’clock as they had to be on the job site by 7:30 and it was that far away. He didn’t have to pull the work trailer at least so that was a good thing. After he left, Gibbs and I stayed in bed until closer to 7 when I got up and hopped in the shower.

Gibbs sits so well while we put the cone on
but doesn't move much afterwards

The tough part this morning was NOT feeding the little bum. He had to be at the vet’s between 8 and 9 for his surgery. Neutering is second nature to vets and really not terrible for the pet BUT worrisome for this mom. Gibbs is such an active little guy that I was thinking the worst, that he would be unbearably upset. Hence, me being stressed.

I sat with him on the floor so he could snooze
Bill was kind enough to do dishes

I blew dry my hair, which I never do, so I could entertain him outside instead of feeding him. So, we walked down the lane in the brisk 4C/39F morning and along the road half way to the corner. Enough time had passed that we came back and I got ready to leave. We were in the car by 8:15 and headed for town. He has no hesitation going in with…hmm, I don’t know her name. Anyway, he trotted along beside her with no clue what he was in for.

I drove from there to Hanover with some errands and groceries on a list. First stop,  Giant Tiger, found a few things there that would be cheaper than Walmart and then nipped next door into Dollarama. A few more things there and then, lastly, to Walmart. It feels odd shopping with the feeling of having no time restraints. With Bill working and Gibbs not home waiting for me, I just poked around and took my time.

It is clear so he can see out of it but he
still isn't crazy about it - yet

I was told that it would be 5 or 5:30 before he’d be ready to come home so I relaxed at home and wrote my blog from Sunday. I had just heated up some soup when the vet called to inform me that the surgery went well, he was a good little guy and was still sleeping. Once he was fully awake, I could come and get him around 2:30. When I arrived at the door and after paying the bill, here he comes, trotting as if nothing happened.

Supper was yummy again tonight

It’s the cone thing that is the challenge, keeping him from licking or chewing at the area. We tried it at home and he refused to move. He just stood there for about 10 minutes until I took it off. She said if I was with him, he didn’t need it. That just meant keeping an eye on him. Eventually, we got it worked out that he only needed it if I couldn’t sit with him or if I needed a break. He wasn’t supposed to jump on or off things for a few days – LOL, that’s hard. I closed the door to the bedroom.

Later, my two sweeties fell asleep

When Bill came home, he was surprised to see Gibbs on my lap. The evening went well, but we took the cone off to take him out because he just stood there like a little zombie. He wasn’t allowed to eat supper tonight, just a few pieces. Well, the poor guy was probably starving! I fed him about 10 morsels of his food but he didn’t drink enough to warrant a piddle at any time since I brought him home.

I hope I'm not jinxing anything
This was Oct. 18, 2018

Supper for us was leftover turkey, dressing and a salad. It was just as tasty as last night. A bit later, we had some ice cream while watching our Monday night programs. We all went to bed at 10, none of us could keep our eyes open. I put his cone on and lifted him up on the bed. Surprisingly, it was probably one of the best nights sleep he/we have had. He didn’t move around much at all and just flopped down with his head resting on the plastic cone. 😊 What a good little boy!

This was an unusual day and I’m sure there will be a few more of those while ‘we’ get used to things he can and can’t do.

Same day, end of day
The joys of living in Ontario's mid-west
Good night!

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  1. It's pretty easy peasy for male pups. He will be healed up and romping around in no time. My bestie just had her female cat spayed. She had to get this red jumpsuit thing to wear and had a belly full of stitches. I don't remember any of my female cats have that much riggamarole.

    1. It helped me to watch my vet programs, lots of
      snipping going on there. :) I know how easy it is but Gibbs isn't agreeing with us. haha
      I told Bill it would easy if we had a diaper pant for him, just to cover the area.

  2. I would agree with Karen. It's much easier with males than females. I do know my vet used to tell me not to let my cats run and jump....I told her to tell them that 'cuz they didn't listen to me. Gibbs doesn't appear to showing any signs of being in pain, and if he's not licking the area when the cones off, he's probably fine. I honestly can't remember any of my cats (male or female) wearing a cone for more than a couple of days. They heal up much quicker than we humans do.

    1. I was shocked when she said 2 weeks. Maybe because puppies chew more than an adult dog? He doesn't wear it all the time, hardly had it on yesterday but it is harder on me, keeping an eye on him. It must be itchy although doesn't appear to be sore.

  3. Glad he's ok, and sorry you're not! And what are you doing posting that picture from 2018?

    1. thank you!
      I posted that picture so you and I can be even more grateful for the weather we're having! :) You're welcome!

  4. Glad to read that Gibbs is doing okay. I know how stressful it is for fur mommies as I have had to have our cats spayed and neutered. Not fun.

    God bless.

  5. I feel your pain. It always stresses me out taking them to the vet. I slept on the floor for a week with Coopers back. Lol

  6. Thank God Gibbs(and you) are feeling ok!hugs to you all,-Mary

  7. It is far harder on the owner than it is on the dog!!! Cuddle him lots. He will be fine.