Monday, October 18, 2021

Step by Step, Laundry, Giving Notice, Rainy Afternoon

The Ridge

On Sunday, Oct. 17th we were up by 7, laundry sorted and I was on my way into Durham with the dirty clothes and a hot cuppa tea shortly after 7:30. 

Another pretty pink morning sky
(this warning came true late in the day)

One regular friendly customer was just putting his clothes in the dryers and we chatted a bit about things. I only noticed Jamie’s small note on the board about prices when the customer commented on it. He understood for sure. I moved other notices out of the way so it would be more noticeable.

Jamie said he would appreciate a bigger sign
so I'll make one before work on Tuesday

The one set of dryers were fixed and another one had a new note on it so I could tell Jamie had looked at it and ordered necessary parts. Again. After hearing the story from a customer last week about the one homeless female (I can’t say lady) going on a rampage in there, trying to destroy things, I’m not surprised that the already old machines are breaking down. It’s pretty sad so that in itself is a good reason the prices need to be raised. Repairs are costly.

Pretty autumn drive home

Who remembers 'my' favourite Durham tree?
Holey or Holy? 😁

Baptist Church Road

The sky had cleared out completely of clouds but I had already decided that I wouldn’t be fooled again. It was a couple of small loads so I tossed them all in one big dryer together. It only took 30 minutes for everything to completely dry. That gave me enough time to do a thorough cleaning, floors, machines, carts and the front door window. It was a cool day, only about 9C/48F but the sun was nice enough to encourage Bill and I get outside.

With supervision, Bill put our storm windows on

While I was gone, he replaced the sensor ‘thingy’ on the fireplace with the new one that arrived a while ago. We had bacon and eggs with toast for brunch and since I knew he was busy building, I offered to do a job that I really don’t enjoy – until I get into it. Cleaning the Weber Q is usually a chore that Bill does but I know it has been neglected for a couple of summers for one reason or another.

a toasted bacon and egg on rye

Gibbs took a while to adjust to wearing a jacket
but soon he was running like a little an escaped prison mate

The hardest part of this cleaning is that we don’t have running HOT water outside for washing and rinsing. Anyway, the wind was cold so I bundled up good and even put Clemmy’s coat on Gibbs and took him out on his leash. He had fun, although the coat was very confusing for him for about 10 minutes. He got used to it and I’m sure was warmer because of it with his new haircut. 😊 

I used Bill's putty knife to scrape the basin

This is only a portion of what came off
Yeuch!! We need to do this more often.
(we say that all the time too!)

When I came in to wash the burner, a lot of scraping involved here!, I brought him in too. Bill wouldn’t be able to keep an eye on him easily. The bbq burner is only lighting about 1/3 of the way around so I did what I could, cleaning the basin and grill and Bill will work on poking the holes clear. Yeuch! If I do say so myself, I did an awesome job and used the cold-water spray from our outside nozzle to give the grill a good rinsing. It isn’t perfect but much improved.

No wonder we don't have good flame to
bbq with

I did my best and things are definitely better
Bill still has to clear the holes in the burner

The most of the afternoon that was left, we rested in our chairs. The rain came and went, some sunshine and blue patches then heavy black clouds and more rain. It seems this has been the norm for the last few days and we are in for a nice change for the next few. Yay! Sunny days will be a nice treat. Bill unclogged the bathroom sink, how does so much guck get in there anyway? It flows 100% now so I’m grateful. Another chore that I should be doing to help.

I was proud that I've learned some things about
this home of ours
I didn't have to bother Bill at all to find the right switch! 😂

Even with cold water, it cleaned it up pretty good

The good news of the day is that we have made our first reservation for an RV resort in Arizona. No disclosure at this time, but we are happy to have a booking made. It makes it all seem so much more real PLUS this 18-month hiatus kind of gives us the feeling of being a newbie/rookie again. Travelling on our own will leave it open to just pick and choose when and where we’ll stop for the journey down. 😊

Clouds were moving in with some dark ones off to the east

I also took a step myself. I let Jamie know that I would be finished cleaning the Mat at the end of October, on Hallowe’en actually. I’m sure he’ll manage fine, somehow and if he needs to hire someone else in my place, I gave him free reign to do that. Even if they want to stay after I return. I don’t want him to hold my spot if he needs the help and he or his son can’t keep up. We were also able to renew our Sam’s Club membership, a place we frequent more often than Costco.

Bill was trying to get rid of a stink bug caught between
our screen and the window
If you look closely, you can see he had a helper

Then, for supper, I had Madame IP cook our boneless stuffed turkey roast. We had some potatoes and mixed veggies leftover that I fried and gravy to be reheated. With some of Bridgette’s cranberry jelly (that I’ve had in the fridge for a decade??) everything was delicious! 

This was our miniature Thanksgiving dinner

We didn’t need dessert again and that’s a good thing since all we had was ice cream. On a cold day, it just doesn’t work for us. 😊

It was good good good!

when Bill turns away from the table to watch tv,
someone takes the opportunity to jump up and give
me this sweet little face

After dishes, Gibbs was fed his supper. Because tomorrow is a ‘special’ day for him, he can’t eat after 8. That meant we fed him just a tad extra to fill that tummy for a longer period of time. I’m feeling sad for the little guy but this little surgery is all for good reason. Bill had his shower and I worked on my blog. The rain returned a few times throughout the rest of the evening, heck, we even had small hail this afternoon! LOL

we've had a fair number of rainbows this year
Once I see the sky colours I go from window to window

This was a good day. We got a few more things taken care of and I’m getting more and more excited as the days go on.

Now that's a pretty evening sky
I can never get the turbines lit when I try
Here two of them are flashing Yay!

Good night everyone!
Sorry for the late post!

Thank you for your visit today. And on that note, the weekend comes to a close.


  1. I can imagine your excitement, every day you're getting closer to the your first travelling day.

    Pretty night sky!

  2. How wonderful that you got to make your first booking!!!!

    Oh that cute face, how can you resist when Gibbs looks at you like that.

    God bless.

  3. Sounds like you're making progress now.

  4. That turkey roast looked good and Gibbs will be calmer after the snip, which should make the "on the road" transition a bit smoother. I'm excited for you and looking forward to seeing what you see as you get going.

    1. The roast was good, we should do it more often, we do love turkey.
      We're hoping for a bit of calming but not counting on it. haha

  5. I can feel your excitement knowing you are soon headed south!!!! So happy for you two!!

    1. Thank you! It sounds like we can't wait to leave our homeland but it is the winter more than anything. Plus we do love the southwest.

  6. Hoping the weather hold out for you. So glad you are heading this way soon.

    1. Thank you Nancy. We are too and plan on seeing you at some point!