Saturday, October 2, 2021

Full Day, Family Dinner

The Ridge

On Friday, Oct. 1st we were up and at ‘em. Bill at 6:30 and Gibbs and I at 7. I wanted to get to the laundromat asap since I had my other job to go to afterwards. So, Bill was gone at 7:30 and I left at 7:35 for Durham. As soon as I arrived, I groaned ‘oh no, now what?’ When I walked in, a regular greeted me with a smirk. “I know, I was afraid to move anything….”.

Is this not the most adorable picture?
Gibbs cuddling with his Daddy
last night on his birthday
Ps - Bill was asleep

I’ll send the picture to Jamie but the heavy wooden Lost and Found was outside in the back parking lot. ??? Bill wonders if they were propping the back door open with it for some reason? LOL Inside wasn’t too bad but there were quite a few clothes and ‘things’ in dryers (from the L & F, I assume) and a garbage bag full of clothes. That one went in our lockup, not caring where it came from, and I emptied the dryer into the box again minus the huge Afghan. It is in the back of my car since it has been there for 2 weeks, unclaimed. Mine now. 😊

Lost and Found box outside in the parking lot

I cleaned things up and after stopping for a few sale items at Foodland headed home by 9:15. Gibbs was fine and we went for a walk around to stretch his little legs. At 9:30, I drove around the corner to M’s for work. This time, I was helping him spruce up his small apartment/home. I sanded and painted a nice wooden chair that was doomed for the firepit and an inside metal door. His place is like a maze, doors leading here and there but it is his abode and he is trying his best.

I forgot to get a picture of the chair,
it looked great
but this door is a huge brighter improvement
It was a dull green before

It was 4 hours later when I left for home with a promise to pick up a banana cream pie from the Shell station down the highway for him. The owner’s wife bakes them every Friday for anyone who places an order. Last week it was apple and a very sweet pie so M decided on a less sugary treat this week. Of course, after I picked it up for him and dropped it off, I had to cut 2 pieces for us. 😉 Bill had been home when I got home at 1:30 so I knew Gibbs had been out.

I forgot to show you my birthday gift
from Bill
He knows how much I love Willie, so had ordered
this book a long time ago 💖💖

We needed a propane tank filled so I knew that’s where Bill was. Unfortunately, the FS Co-op was closed for inventory so no propane today. Geesh, why on a Friday? Anyway, we discussed the rest of the weekend and made definitive plans for tomorrow. Tonight, we are invited to Gayle and John’s for a bbq supper so I picked up a shrimp ring and mixed some coleslaw to add to the meal.

Gibbs sits on Donna's lap on the drive
to Chatsworth

Bill had his shower and I did a good wash, mostly to get any spatters of paint off my hands and arms. I wasn’t too messy today for a change. We fed Gibbs at 4:30, took him out for a walk. I gathered and bagged my last 5 or 6 good books for Gayle, so we’ll see if she is interested in reading them next. At least she has room to store them if she is keen. We left for the Acreage to pick Donna & Gerry up at 5ish.

Yummy supper!

Supper was simple and great. Donna had made a Caesar salad so along with John’s burgers, my contributions and Gayle’s pumpkin pie with ice cream, we were all top filled. 😉 The conversation carried on through the evening while Gibbs continued to explore. It is a big house with lots of floor space, more than what he knew what to do with. He did have a couple of piddle accidents, but we take blame for not paying enough attention. We all loaded into Ptooties and headed home around 9. Dropping my sister and hubby off at the Acreage, it was a dark drive home. Bill had left our scare lights on so the Ridge was lit up perfectly.

Bill was helping Gibbs by holding
his rawhide stick

There was a big accident on #6 so we were forced to turn down a concession to the west for the detour before getting bac on the highway. Don’t know what it was and haven’t heard. I couldn’t keep my eyes open sitting in my chair with a car show on tv so went up to bed before 10:30. It was a good day, busy in all the right spots. I hope you can say the same for your Friday.

For the amount of space in their house
this little guy was quite good
Good night!

Thank you for stopping in.


  1. I'd say that's a full day! Love the book and Willie!! Dinner looks awesome, I don't think there's anything better than burgers on the barbecue!

  2. Sweet picture of Gibbs on his daddy. He's like your best ever birthday gift for you both.

    1. I know! I love that picture. Thank you, you are absolutely right about him being a gift. :)

  3. What a lovely and full day you had. Yum, your supper looks wonderful. Now I just may have to change my menu around and get hamburgers somewhere on there.

    God bless.

  4. You're a busy lady! Good day here too, beautiful and warm out.

  5. Sounds like a fun day, other than at the Mat. I love Willie too. I love his music. We were listening to Willie's Roadhouse on XM radio this year on Father's Day. Most, if not all of his kids had a fun story to tell about him. It was great.

    1. Willie is quite the character and reading his book is showing me yet another side of him. 😍

  6. I think Gibbs is the most adorable dog and he knows how to get his extra pets and love. He looks like a soft toy with Bill in the first pix. I like your supper menu, hamburgers (oh how I love them, in fact I am having one for lunch in about 30 mins) and Caesar's salad. I can't take green salad as I feel like a cow then munching all that greens. Isn't Willi Nelson the musician that sang "On the Road again and Always on my mind?"

    1. Aah, thank you. We've been lucky with our two dogs, both loveable. yes, Gibbs does look like a toy, i call him little cuddle bum a lot!
      Willie sang those songs, yup, Always on my Mind is my forever favourite of his.