Wednesday, October 20, 2021

The Week Flies By

The Ridge

Wednesday, Oct. 20th already and for those who commented yesterday about sensing our excitement for the winter, I’m all for the days flying by. šŸ˜Š We do enjoy the present, each day being a gift and all that, BUT after hearing about the cold days on their way after tomorrow, time can fly all it wants right now. It was going to be a lazing day for me but Bill got up as always and was out the door by 7:30.

Such a beautiful morning sky

And as we were leaving for our walk
I captured the sunrise

Gibbs and I were up early too so I had my cup of tea. It was looking like a lovely day with a gorgeous sky so we went for a walk. I left his cone at home and we walked to the corner and turned right for a change. I wasn’t sure how far he’d go but we went over a mile one way and I decided to turn back. 

This might be my favourite pix of the day

These two properties are appealing and well looked after

It was a great walk! Back home, it was time to relax. For both of us. I really had hoped it would tire him out and it worked! He slept beside me in the chair.

Gibbs had to drink his coffee on the go
When I told him we can't recycle that cup,
he dropped it

At 10:30 M called and asked if I could work for a couple of hours after lunch. I hesitated because of leaving Gibbs at home but then decided to take him along. He could stay in the car with the windows down since it was such a lovely day. The temperature reached 19C/67F so he would be fine. M and I were in and out of the shop, near Ptooties, so I could hear if he was misbehaving. He wasn’t. šŸ˜Š

Yesterday, I finally cut the holes in my hats
hoping the birds might be attracted for nests in the spring
We'll see

When I left, I remembered that Bill had told me his purchase at Saunders Men’s Wear was ready for pickup. No secret, he needed a suit for the upcoming wedding. I turned the car around and drove into town to get it for him. I am happy that he is buying more clothing items for himself, and since he didn’t have a suit, it was a good thing to do. As he said, it'll be the last one he ever buys. And, he’s supporting the local community! Funny that when I returned home, he had another bundle of clothes from Atlas for Men waiting.

Are you mad at me, Gibbs?

Inside, I took Gibbs’ leash and cone off and made myself a tea. It was a good time to start my post for today. Gibbs slept ‘briefly’ in his bed but I laughed because it looks like he’s ticked with me, his back facing me. I’m happy to see him using his bed more often especially after my cousin, Rita, suggested that I not cuddle him more than necessary. šŸ˜Š She’s right, I don’t want him getting used to anything out of the ordinary. Our cuddles are pretty normal on a daily basis and who doesn't love puppy snuggles?

The geese drew his attention
I did wrap a few small gifts to send in the mail today

Bill pulled in shortly after 4 'sans' the work trailer and we relaxed together before supper. Billy took it home tonight for a different job tomorrow. The rain or the no rain will determine what Bill does tomorrow.  For supper, I reheated the last of the turkey breast, some glazed carrots, fried some cauliflower rice while Bill cooked himself some French fries. It was good, that turkey is definitely going on my list of ‘get it again’ food items.

We were surprised that even after Daddy was home,
he remained in his bed

After dishes, Gibbs had his supper and then took me on our walk around the corral. He thinks this is our habit now as he didn’t do anything. With darkness coming so quickly in the evening, and it not being my favourite thing, I don’t like to dawdle out there. Bill obliges when he wants to go out later. šŸ˜Š This was a pleasant day, a bit of resting, some work and some time with my family.

Good night!

Thank you for popping in! Comments are always welcome.


  1. So glad that Gibbs is coming along nicely after his surgery. He's so cute. šŸ’™ I'm going to try that Turkey as it really does look good.

  2. Looks like nice temps at your house still! Hopefully all the white stuff holds off until you are gone! Nice that Bill is buying himself more clothes..I know my man hardly buys anything other than what is needed..LOL. Dinner does look yummy! I love turkey breast.

    1. Except for more rain than we want, we are fortunate with our mild temperatures. Soon to change though. Tonight, I think.

  3. Gibbs is such a good dog and so cute to boot!

    We're having the cold weather now - though it looks like it will start warming up to more normal temps by next week.

    Take care, stay well.

    1. Gibbs does make us very happy, me especially so yes, he's a Momma's boy.
      We will be getting your weather too, tonight for a few days. It looks like it will warm up again to normal fall temps after that. :)

  4. How nice that you still have lovely temperatures.

    I know a few friends whose dogs take them for a walk in the evening.

    God bless.

  5. Have you got all of Gibbs paperwork ready? Does he need any?