Wednesday, October 27, 2021

What a Change!

The Ridge

On Wednesday, Oct. 27th Bill came in from outside at one point and commented on how mild it seemed. Anything would feel mild after our bitter day yesterday so that was good news. I hear that some sunshine is expected this afternoon so that forecast has definitely improved since I heard it last night. Yay! 😊

Within 2 hours of going to work,
the sky changed
Sorry about the reflection

Bill left, pulling the work trailer, hoping it wouldn’t be too muddy up there on the hill. They should be able to get a full day in today. I left Gibbs with a treat to look after the house and drove to the Mat for cleaning. It was in decent condition so with one customer only, I completed the regular routine easily leaving a damp floor when I walked out. It seems weird (but good) that I only have 2 more cleaning days.

And by the time I got home,
this is the view

Back home Gibbs met me at the door and nothing seemed the worse for wear. Ha ha, he was a little imp this morning when he came back up to bed. I was sleeping and when I woke he was chewing on our fleece blanket. Yup, enough to make a quarter size hole. He got a swat on the bum with Daddy’s fly swatter. 😕 Will this chewing ever stop? He has so many toys and things to chew on all over the Suite. I don’t blame him, he’s a puppy still, it has to be me not being persistent enough.

This is only half of his toys

It was lovely to see the sun making periodic appearances throughout the rest of the morning and it had warmed up nicely to 11C/52F by noon hour so I turned heaters down. I mentioned earlier that there wasn’t anything for me to do outside. If I was into raking and burning leaves, I could do that but out in the country, it isn’t anything that is necessary. The wind has blown most of them off over the edge anyway.

While I searched recipes,
Gibbs slept

So, inside, after my coffee at 10:30, I got things out to make some cookies. Keto, of course. Bill didn’t mind the peanut butter ones although they never stay together which is frustrating. He liked the taste but still prefers his Nutter Butters the best when it comes to p.b. cookies. I like them too but would rather eat something that is better for me so I can munch on these. I also found a recipe for Low Carb almond cookies so made a batch of those.

    Keto peanut butter cookies
3 ingredient

Gibbs pretty much stayed out of my way, up on the bed, well, up and down. He didn’t settle anywhere for long periods of time but that’s okay. He is too nosy to just leave me on my own, even for a bathroom visit, he has to come with and make sure I know what I’m doing. 😉 We don’t mind, as long as he lays on the mat or just outside the door. No such thing as private in this household! It’s love, unconditional love.

Maybe a cigarette, Mom?

When the cookies were done cooking and cooling, I debated whether to make cheesecake and won the debate with my inner self. I like the ease of making it in Madame IP but a batch is almost too much and it rises over the pan. Today, I’ll split it in two and bake one in the convection oven and the other in the IP. I guess it is time to spoil M with a few pieces too. There is someone else who deserves a piece or two as well.

time for our selfie
He's not letting go of his 'fags' 😂

I began making the crust for the cheesecake but my little coffee/nut grinder began overheating with the last cup. Darn! I was patient but it took way longer than I’d hoped. It was then I realized that I hadn’t used almonds – I used them all last time – and had grabbed the bag of pecans. LOL This will be interesting! Good interesting, I hope. With both pans ready to be baked, I decided Gibbs had been a good boy on his own long enough so we went out to enjoy the fresh air.

I like his shadow

We walked a way down B.C. Rd before turning back. I am not embarrassed to say that we were both overheated, just like my grinder. I shouldn’t have worn the jacket, that’s for sure, but it was a lovely day and a lovely walk all the same. Of course, we stopped for a selfie, using my Funky tripod. Gibbs found an empty cigarette box so it seems to be a new habit. He carried it most of the way home which made the walk smoother. He wasn’t distracted by every stick, stone or flower. 😊

The neighbours front yard, I mean - pool?
We're grateful not to have this to deal with

We stayed outside for about an hour and boy did he have fun! He just ran and ran and then ran some more. That will be a regret when on our travels this winter – you all know what I mean. He will be tethered the whole time. It just means lots of walks and maybe longer leashes sometimes. My jacket came off and then my tee shirt, a tank top being plenty while sitting in the sun. I read my book on my phone while he spent his excessive energy. It would be a great day for a bike ride! If only.

Our pond is really high this season

It was 3 when we came inside and I began baking both cakes and finished cleaning up the baking dishes. The fridge was empty of Zero Coke so I brought a case in for Bill and then Gibbs and I got comfy in my chair, waiting for Daddy. It was just before 4 that he came up the lane, unhooked, offloaded a propane tank and went into town to get it filled as well as Black Beauty. She was mighty thirsty!!

He was worn out from the walk so found
shade immediately

A dish full of keto snacks

Of the few things left in the freezer, I pulled out 2 Angus beef patties for supper. I haven’t decided if I’ll have mine in a bun, likely, since the buns have been in the fridge for a while. It was a bit messier because the burgers had to be fried on the stove. Spatter, spatter, you get it. The bbq isn’t packed away yet but it is cleaned, the table is away and we don’t plan on using it here again.

The burgers were good with a salad. Not a very embodied salad but I was just using what we had in the fridge. Spinach, lettuce, onions and peppers. For dessert, we had a small piece of cheesecake. It wasn’t the best I’ve made but it still tasted pretty good. After dishes, I worked on my blog and then went upstairs to watch something on tv – that wasn’t focused on Christmas. Ha ha, it’s way too soon for me!

                                    Hope you don't get dizzy watching this     

                                     but thought you'd enjoy someone's energy

                                                     Good night!

This was a really nice day, weather-wise and in the whole scheme of things too. Thank you for coming by for a visit.


  1. We have piles of dog and cat toys everywhere you look in this house. For some reason they often end up under the wood stove. I think they get batted under there and the pets just know enough not to go near.

    1. Often Gibbs loses his under the couch or coffee table - so mom and Daddy are down on hands and knees reaching these things. ;)

  2. That made me laugh. He's such a race horse!! I think they chew for at least the first year. Does he like treats? You might try letting him go far, then calling him back for a treat. Done enough, they will come every time so you can let him off leash in some of the places you visit. Also almost every town now has a doggie park he can run loose in.

    1. He is a race horse!! haha that's funny.
      I've got a week to try that with the treats, yes he loves them. Funny thing is that he doesn't go far without us on the Ridge so I don't know quite how it would work here. :)
      Doggie parks are great ideas! Thanks!

  3. Look at Gibbs go! That made me chuckle. Don't you wish you could bottle up some of that energy for yourself? I know I would, for those days when getting moving isn't high on my list.

    I don't rake either, I let the leaves blow over to the neighbours. Actually I can't rake my front yard because it's rocks and gravel and the leaf blower sends the rocks flying too. The back yard I leave alone - they mulch down well by spring.

    Take care, stay well.

    1. I sure do wish I had some of that energy!
      I laughed at your comment on the leaves, ha ha that's cute.

  4. We're certainly having a couple of nice days at the moment!

  5. Gibbs certainly has energy to burn.

    Your day looks as if it was very full. Not much longer and you will be pulling out to warmer climes.

    God bless.

    1. He has tons of energy so I love having him out on the nice days. It just needs to be dry so he can get his exercise. :)
      the days are zipping by.

  6. All your baking looks so yummy! Gibbs definitely has the energy I'd love to have! He looks like he's eyeing your peanut butter cookies :) Dinner looks yummy, but then again your hamburgers always do! Not too much longer now and you'll be on the road!

    1. Thank you, yummy cookies to me but not so much for Bill. He does like the p.b. cookies but they don't stay together.
      You're right, just another week and a bit and we're on our way! Yay!