Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Take Your 'Kid' to Work Day

The Ridge

On Tuesday, Oct. 19th we were all up at 6. Our little guy slept really well between us last night despite the large plastic dome around his little head. He actually settled down quicker than any other night. We were awoken this morning when he started squirming trying to get the cone off. He got his paw stuck up in there and kind of freaked out. Bill took it off and he piddled outside, first time since I brought him home. 😊 Bill fed him and without any hesitation he gobbled that up!

It's blurry but there was a strange fog this morning
and the closer I got to town, the ground was white with frost

It was way too early for Bill or I to leave for work so we all sat and dozed in our chairs until 7:30. I didn’t feel comfortable leaving Gibbs on his own with the cone on or off so he got to go with me to clean. When I got there, another customer was inside so I left Gibbs in the warm car, cone on. Checking on him periodically, he was quiet and seemed to have settled down.

I'm going to work with Mom!! 😁

Look what I discovered when I did my walk through. Grrr!


It's a hollow style door so it probably wasn't
too difficult to pry the hinge loose😡

I texted Jamie and he was able to see the culprit although no face was visible on camera because he wore a hoody. We’ve decided since that was a cheap door, that Jamie would hire someone to install a solid door with a handle lock PLUS our hinge and padlock. That would be the cheapest way and the bathroom would still be usable by ‘staff’. That settled, Gibbs and I came home. As soon as we got inside, I took the cone off.

Gibbs is showing no signs of pain  so we walked down
the lane for some light exercise

The first thing we did was go upstairs and watched some tv. It wasn’t long and he was asleep and I also dozed. I made myself an egg with some bacon for lunch. That hit the spot with some 11% fat yogourt. Yum. We sat together in my chair, went for a few walks and I straightened a few things in the Bunky. 

The geese were gathered in our neighbours front field
which isn't supposed to be a pond

Gibbs was watching them when the mail lady drove by

Gibbs heard Daddy come home (before I did!) I put him on his leash and we met Bill outside. Well, the little guy (Gibbs not Bill) hasn’t calmed down any – yet.

Just junk mail today so Gibbs carried it back for me

He has a hard time giving it up, like the beer can,
but eventually surrendered it (although a bit chewed)

Inside, we watched some tv together, a movie we both like, and then at 6, I began making spaghetti. I decided not to make it in Madame IP tonight, so used our stove instead and the spaghetti cooker. 

No doubt this would feel good in his current

We were eating by 6:30 and as I was sitting in my chair, I could see the moon out our east window. When I took Gibbs out, we went up on the hill so I could take outside pictures of it. There is a saying about ‘howling at the moon’, well, he didn’t do that but he did bark at the turbine. Goofy.

We spent a fair bit of time cuddling

I needed his help to finish my blog,

Spaghetti for supper with salad

The sun began setting so early

And I caught sight of the gorgeous
Hunter's Moon in the east sky

A silhouette in the southwest sky

After dishes, we watched our recorded episode of The Voice from last night while recording tonight’s. Sound confusing but we have things under control Ha ha! Well, Bill does at least! He had his shower before bed since Gibbs wanted his attention for a while. That gave me time to work on my blog. I’m trying to get it finished. This has been a good day and the warm temperature (19C/66F) and sunshine helped that a lot.

Gibbs and I walked around the corral (at 7!!)
and you can see the moon and the Suite on the hill
through the corral gate
Good night!

Thank you for your visit!


  1. Gibbs is so cute in the backseat! Spaghetti looks so awesome! YUM. What a shame about the mat! Makes me so mad that people do that! Poor Jamie, more $$ going out!

    1. He was really a very good little guy in the back seat.
      We were due for a batch of spaghetti but i didn't have any of the squash so at some noodles.
      The Mat is costing Jamie for sure. 😪

  2. Aww poor little Gibbs. I think you both will be fine ;-) Actually, Gibbs probably doesn't even know what happened, and some extra cuddle times are so welcome. With frost already in your area you must be looking forward to Nov. 8th! Those vandalisms in the laundromat are really terrible. Who does such things? It would be better to lock the doors at night and reopen in the morning. Hope they get that under control. The last photo of the moon is almost spooky!

    1. I'm sure we'll be fine!!
      We are indeed looking forward to heading out.
      People who don't need the laundromat are the ones who vandalize it, sadly everyone else suffers.
      The doors do lock but if someone comes in just before 10, it doesn't lock up when they leave.

  3. I should have thought of this earlier. A pool noodle (cut to size of course) works great instead of the cone of shame. Poke a hole, run a string through it and tie. Probably too late now.

  4. Sounds like a great idea but I'm not sure how you mean. 🤔

  5. You have to wonder at someone who would damage someone else's property so readily. I'm sure Jamie is beyond annoyed at having to replace and repair things so often.

    Sounds like Gibbs in enjoying the extra snuggling time. Take care, stay well.

    1. It is so infuriating and i don't even own the place!
      Gibbs loves the cuddles as much as i do.

  6. It's nice to see the count down clock on your side bar!!
    We all pay for vandals and their damage, unfortunately they are a sad fact of life.
    Gibbs is a tough little guy but I'm sure he's enjoying the extra cuddles and attention.
    Take care.

  7. Why do people have to do things like that. They ruin things for those of us that follow rules, directions and just plain use common sense.

    Love the moon pictures. It was really cloudy here last night so we didn't get to see it. Perhaps tonight.

    God bless.