Sunday, October 24, 2021

Closing Up One Trailer, Not Ours, Bill Finishes a Project

The Ridge

On Sunday, Oct. 24th we were up early, just because we were awake. It was another chilly morning but no frost in sight so that was pleasant. There is no breeze either so that always makes for a nicer day. It was great to see the sunshine as well. 

Saying good morning and goodbye to the moon

Clouds didn’t start hovering until noon hour. Bill had a couple of items from the 6 & 6 auction so he left just after 7:30.

Us, lazing

A walk to the north again today

When Gibbs saw this scary monster,
he decided it was time to turn around

Time for a selfie with my cuddle bum

What a handsome dude he is
Look at that sweet tail!

Gibbs and I lazed until I finished my tea and as we were getting ready to go for a walk, Bill returned already. He was the first one to arrive at the auction site which makes for a really fast pick up. 😊 

The sun getting ready to come up in the east

One of the items in particular that he won the bid on is a new set of two-way radios. Ours are second hand and they are not working the greatest, hard to hear each other. Since these are new and have their own charging cradle, they should be a huge improvement.

I'm happy to have new walkie talkies
We use them when setting up the satellite dish

The other item he got was a tool so only he is happy about that one! There isn’t a lot left to do around the property but we puttered around outside anyway. All 3 of us, Gibbs getting plenty of exercise. We laugh at the vet’s advice, don’t let him jump or get too excited for the next couple of weeks. Short of tying hm to a table leg or putting him in a cage, um, that is an empty promise, so I didn’t make it. I said “I’ll try”.

The shelter cover is off and Bill put the tires away
after I took this picture

Last night, Gibbs and I went up to bed at 8 when Bill turned one of his movies on and I watched a few different wildlife programs. Gibbs slept and before 10, I was also falling asleep. Bill took him out and it was lights out by 10:15. Since he was on the bed with me for 2 hours and never once tried to lick ‘the’ area, we decided to try him without the cone. It was fine, he settled easily, almost grateful, and other than waking me up before 5 for a kiss, we slept until 7.

I like when he has his coat on, it makes it easier
to see him as he runs around the property

I started a fire, Bill had small pieces of wood to burn so I just kept it going slowly by adding old logs. I’d decided on cooking (well, heating) the 3 lb. boneless pre-cooked ham that was in the freezer for supper so had it out to thaw. Along with that, what better than scalloped potatoes? We had potatoes and carrots to eat up since they can’t be taken across the border. At 12:00 Bill went over to help Gerry and Donna winterize their Landmark so I texted him to invite them for supper.

Carrots cooked in Madame IP

Ham & pineapple heated in Madame IP

There would be plenty of ham and enough vegetables to feed us all without a lot of leftovers. They accepted the invite and would be over before 5. I had enough apple crisp to also share so mixed up some more whipped cream. It went better this time since I limited the amount of whipping cream in the container and made two batches. 😊

Scalloped potatoes started in Madame IP
and finished in the convection oven

Things were ready, as much as they could be, so I had my shower while Bill went through his clothes closet. There are things that I’ve never seen him wear so I didn’t step in to object other than a couple of times for the favoured items (from my point of view especially).

Supper was pretty tasty

Gibbs had a rawhide bone while we ate our meal

The clouds had pretty much taken over the sky by 2:30 so the temperature would be dropping off. It got to 11C/52F which was pretty nice on a calm day. The clouds moving in did not look pleasant either. More rain in the forecast for tomorrow. When Bill snoozed upstairs, Gibbs snoozed on the floor beside my chair. Okay, Momma’s boy.

Of course, a picture

Donna and Gerry arrived just after 4:30 so we were able to visit a bit before supper. Gibbs didn’t want to settle down for a long time but our company were pretty patient with him. He was so excited, we don’t often have visitors inside. The ham, carrots and potatoes were all done to perfection, even if I seemed a bit disorganized. We reheated the apple crisp in the microwave and had either whipped cream or ice cream on top. Yum!

darkness arrives

Instead of washing dishes by hand, I loaded the dishwasher. It was time to put it to use again and there were enough dishes to fill it. Our company left around 6:30 and Gibbs and I walked the walk. He’ll be worn out now, after all that tearing around. Donna and Gerry were very happy not to have to go home and cook supper. It is tiring packing things up after a season of camping so I’m glad we were able to share our meal. 😊

Good night!

This was a great day, from beginning to end.  Thank you for sharing it with us!


  1. I can feel your anticipation! There is nothing worse than waiting when you are ready to go. Keeping busy will speed up the waiting.

    1. Bill is busier than I am so the time will seem longer for me. :) It feels great (as you well know!)

  2. Glad you are having plenty of time getting ready to head south and still able to help others.
    It will be a new experience for Gibbs.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. It will be a new experience for Gibbs, Bill has explained it all to him! haha

  3. Oh, the excitement of heading out on an adventure.... so happy for you two!! It will be here before you know it!!

  4. Gosh ... amazing looking dinner!! Sounds like you are almost ready to head out. Can't wait for Gibbs to meet Cooper!! They are so funny ... Cooper got scared by the wind blowing leaves around the back yard!!

  5. You'll be happy to get away from this cooling weather. (I know I would too.) Gibbs is such a cutie in his coat. I figure if it hurt he wouldn't jump or at least not more than once.

    Take care, stay well.

    1. Yes, it is sure cooling down quickly now.
      You're right, he will only do what he can easily. He does make it look easy too.