Sunday, October 3, 2021

Typical Sunday

The Ridge

On Sunday, Oct. 3rd as if on a well-oiled schedule, we all woke around 7, automatically. We sorted the two loads of laundry and the day was underway. I made my tea and Bill carried the basket to the car for me. I was at the Mat before 8. Only one customer when I arrived, and I walked around and checked things out. I knew that the Appliance Dr. was in yesterday working on the broken machines and it was great to see they were fixed. 😉

A foggy morning

As I was ready to dry mop the floors, the place filled up. There were 9 customers in using the machines at the same time. I wanted to pour some water into the non-flushable toilet because as I suspected, ‘someone’ in their infinite wisdom contributed to it. I texted Jamie so we could come up with a plan as we move forward. I carried on, finished drying our clothes and by then decided not to bother trying to flush the toilet and not to wash the floors. Too many feet in the way.

There isn't much cuter than a live teddy bear watching
for his Daddy out the window
Look at those little legs

I filled our 5-gallon water jug before heading home. The forecast was very unpredictable so I didn’t take a chance by hanging the clothes on the line. It was nice to just put them away. There wasn’t much going on today other than I wanted to get a blog post done for Saturday. It was pretty much a blur, the whole day, so lots of pictures helped me write it. It took a long time to get it finished with a multiple of distractions.

When Gibbs runs - he really runs at full speed
such a joy to watch unless he's running away from us

We went out for an hour or two, Gibbs and I.  Bill was out for longer, tidying up the shed and putting hoses and the pump away. Some things have to wait longer but at least we planned where things were going to go when the serious push is on. I realized that I could’ve hung the clothes out after all, no rain until probably 3 or so. Isn’t that always the way? Back indoors, Gibbs slept a lot. The fresh air had him running like a little Tasmanian devil.

I have another dahlia ready to bloom

and the bucket dahlias are still the
show stopper with 15 more buds to pop

We spent some time Googling online searching for ‘snowbird transport’ companies, after reading about a couple of fellow full-timers moving forward with their plans to go south. We didn’t have a lot of luck with Ontario businesses but the weekend isn’t the time to do it either. We’ll keep searching, in the hopes of finding someone who will actually ‘drive’ our units over and keep you informed. Thank you for those of you who are concerned and hopeful for us. 😊

Bill hooked the work trailer up today
so Gibbs sat with me to watch

For supper, we had fish and chips with M’s banana cream pie for dessert. Yummy! He needs me to do some sanding tomorrow but it needs to be a dry day since the truck is outside. 

we sat up on the berm in our orange and blue chairs
Look at all the apples that need to be tossed
over the fence
I've already tossed about 50 over there

And it's not a very big tree at all
I found one with no blemishes so had it for a snack
I don't need any more in the freezer but
maybe next year, I will!

Prime Ridge view, right here 😀

Jamie called and confirmed that he had picked up a hasp for the restroom door. He wondered if Bill had time tomorrow night to install it for him since he won’t be home from work until late. We’ll go over, get it on and lock it up, as well as try and ‘de-clog’ the toilet. Fingers crossed because it will now only be a ‘staff’ washroom. (That’s me!) I have the sign to prove that!

A messy delicious piece of pie

The rain was on and off throughout the evening so it will be iffy whether I work tomorrow. This was a nice day and we have clean clothes again! 😊

Gibbs totally loves his sock ball toy

The sky has done this about 4 times today
and will likely continue overnight
Good night y'all!

Thank you for stopping around.


  1. I was wondering if everyone one was aware of the transport company's . Hope it works out for you and all the rest of the snowbirds that want to come south .

  2. Interesting concept. So is the transport company from the US or Canada? It just amazes me that the southern border is wide open, yet Canadians can't come in?? Seems like anyone here could fly to Canada and drive your rig across the border, right? I sure hope it works. If I wasn't working in October, I'd sure do it for you!!

  3. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!! People are sick! Hoping everything gets unclogged and you can have a nice staff restroom! Too bad it has to be that way! Your flowers are the pic of Gibbs looking out the window :)

  4. I had wondered if you might look at a transport company to move the vehicles for you. I was reading an article this morning on a travel website - it indicated that the United States are opening up to some banned countries in November. I assume that would be for flights, but if they're opening up to countries that had high numbers of COVID, I would think the land border with Canada would be opened up too. Fingers crossed! I'm sure you'd rather drive down than spend the extra dollars to have someone else move them for you.

  5. Glad to hear you're going ahead with plans to go south. Hope it all works out.

  6. Keeping my fingers crossed that you find someone/some company that can do this for you. There was an article about it on my newsfeed online, but no companies were mentioned.

    God bless.