Friday, October 8, 2021

More Accomplishments, The Search Goes On

The Ridge

On Thursday, Oct. 7th, another day begins. I had to clean so I left Gibbs and Bill at home and drove to Durham around 7:30. Gibbs let us sleep in until 7 so we are pleased with that. We’d gone to bed around 10 last night. This morning, the Mat was pretty good. I was mostly alone with our regular ‘Newfie’ (he calls himself that too) pulling his clothes out of the dryer, so right away I attacked the Lost & Found box plus the garbage bag of clothes that I’d stored in the Lock Up.

The detour of the main street starts in front of the Mat
but they are only working on the culvert here

Things had just sat around too long and no one was claiming them. I threw out anything that was damaged and folded the rest with just a few pieces that needed to be washed. As I worked, I washed those things and they were dry by the time I left. I put the bag in the back of the car and then continued on to Hanover. First, I stopped at Walmart and got the groceries on our list and a birthday card that needed to get into the mail.

Bill thought it was a good day to get
up and move the solar panel

I drove the short distance towards town to Independent so I could pick up my 11% Yogourt and Chapman’s ice cream which was on sale for $3.99. Lastly, I headed towards the Salvation Army Thrift Store to drop the bag of clothes. I wasn’t having any luck finding a drop off box so figured since I was this close, I’d take it right to the store. After dropping the bag, I aimed for home. Shopping is tiring, even though I really don’t mind doing it.

Gibbs stayed around where I was working
and had me cracking up when he rolled in some dirt
and slid half way down the hill on his back
Then he sits up and looks at me with a ?
"why are you laughing at me, Mom?"

Back home, Bill had gone to get a bladder of water and after we had some bacon and eggs, he went up on the roof with his extendable ladder. We have 6 solar panels on our roof and one of them, when installed, blocks our tv antenna. That has never really been a big deal since we always either watch tv on our PVR or videos. However, since 2020, our last trip to the southwest, we agreed that it would be nice to be able to access local news/weather especially while on the road.

He tires himself out there (so di I!)

He moved the panel just enough so the antenna would raise and that was another job done. When I returned from town, he was in the laneway with the truck and Gerry’s trailer, trimming more branches and the fence line. Then he took the utility trailer back to the Acreage. We’d decided after lunch to make use of the dishwasher and so the dishes went in there.

My first dahlia this year from Gayle's bunch

It is gorgeous!

This is why I try and write daily; I can’t remember what all we did in the day! At one point, Gibbs and I went outside and as he ran around, I dug about 6 holes in the short corral hill. Not an easy chore with all those rocks. The day was mostly busy and that explains why my post didn’t get done. 

Bill installs the toilet handle

After supper, I’m pretty useless for writing and/or reading so I’m not even caught up on our friends’ blogs. Today, we also did more follow-up and made phone calls regarding having our rig shipped/driven across the border in November. It is a frustrating process but each day we learn a bit more.

The antenna is up

It was quite a nice day although it wasn't full sun
the humidity was high once again

Bill and I drove into the hardware and after a couple of attempts, purchased and installed the toilet handle at the Mat. Done! At 5:30, I prepared salmon filets for supper with Kim’s help. I’d never done it before so just wanted some direction. 😉 Donna does them on the bbq and I think Suzie does them in her air fryer. Lots of ways to try.  I fried some cauliflower rice and cooked some Italian vegetable mix for me and warmed up the leftover mac & cheese and corn for Bill. It tasted great; I loved the salmon!

Every time we talk on the phone to someone, our little
bum gets jealous and won't leave us alone
so he goes outside on his leash
This is called 'pouting'

this was a great supper!

The dishwasher ran for the next hour or so while we watched PVR shows from earlier in the week. We love our dishwasher; it is so quiet that you can’t hear it running in the background. It was around 10 again when Gibbs and I went up to bed and once more, Bill wasn’t far behind. I think it is a good thing we go to bed when we do, Bill especially, because our minds are so full of ‘things’ right now, it is difficult to stay asleep for 8 hours.

The meal was finished with one of the best
apple crisp dishes I've made in a long time
I like cream of some kind with mine
Good night! (finally!)

This was a good day, getting more things done. Thank you for stopping in!


  1. Always enjoy your blog! You will need to get the Norwex pet mitt for Gibbs for when he rolls around in the dirt! Pet lovers swear by it! :)

    1. Thank you! Actually, I do have the pet mitt and do love it as well. We use it mostly for his paws each morning from the first trip out. :)
      Bill has taught him "let's wipe your feet." He stands while Bill says "one paw, two paws, three paws and four paws". Gibbs will lift one accordingly (on a good day). ;) Sometimes, he gets lazy and he sits down for #4. haha

  2. Your making arrangements to ship your home means you are going south for the winter, right? Yippee for you! I hope and pray it all goes well

  3. Hoping you get to go south this year. Sure is crazy that the Canadian border is closed and yet on our southern border you just stroll in.