Saturday, October 30, 2021

Laundry but no Cleaning Day, Lazing with our Pooch

The Ridge

It felt weird on Saturday, Oct. 30th when I drove into town to do our two loads of laundry. I wasn’t there to clean, just laundry. I usually, as you know, do them on the same day. However, yesterday was too soon because Bill would be wearing some work clothes for the last day and tomorrow, Sunday, is going to be too busy. It worked out fine, I was first in and first out at the Mat. I couldn’t help myself from picking up the pieces of lint, paper towel and Kleenex though. 😊

I enjoyed my book, Gibbs enjoyed a nap

After the loads dried, I popped into Foodland for a loaf of bread for Bill and drove home. I wish it felt more like the Hallowe’ens did when my kids were small. I loved to dress up myself and so seeing a couple of the staff at the grocery store in costume, made me smile. I always wore a costume at my job, often the only one. I hope it is dry enough for the trick and treaters tomorrow night. We might even see some since we’ll be at Donna’s for supper.

In case you need a tip on how to just let it all
hang out and relax like the best of us...........
Gibbs shows you how turn the picture backwards)

Back home, I met Bill on his way over to the Acreage to finish up the winterizing and closing down the pump. Bill got a bladder and a half first, just enough to fill our tank and keep us topped up for the week. It was a cold day, not even getting to the forecasted high of 9C/48F but it was dry at least. Gibbs had gone with Daddy to get the first water fill up and Bill said he had fun but was soaking wet from running wild over there. 😊

It took longer over there than I (& they) expected so I was ready with bacon, eggs and ham for lunch. Once he arrived, I started cooking. I’d been puttering around inside after putting the clothes away. My bedroom cupboard beside the tv is now cleaned out and one jewellery box in the closet is covered for travel. I use hair nets since the boxes are open, they prevent things from falling out. I know I still have way too much costume jewellery and that’s from selling Avon but for now, I’m not concerned. It weighs nothing.

And I'm not the only one he cuddles with

Bill and Gibbs had a snooze while I did dishes. He went to the Hangar and his cargo trailer; he has plane batteries to charge for the journey and he wanted to straighten things up as well. I’ve decided what to do about my hair, since we won’t be around for Bonnie to do anything Saturday morning. You’ll just have to wait and see but I think a professional trim is in order for sure on Wednesday morning.

Supper was quite good
for a last minute decision
Here I am again, Saturday afternoon and I’m at a standstill. It is kind of nice, you might think, not to have things to do but too much idleness isn’t good either. I feel lazy. Oh well, I have a good book to read. 😊 Bill and I made one more reservation yesterday in a park in Arizona where friends have a park model. This is exciting for us because we never seem to spend much time with them anymore. We used to enjoy a week together each summer in Michigan so this will be a treat.

Cheesecake with sour cream topping and pecan crust

Thank you, MT, an rv’er, blogger and commenter, as well as Bonkers for the ‘news’ about the Covid-19 testing. We’ve read the references, one in our favour and others against it so we’re still confused. It would be very, very frustrating if we arrived at the border to the US w/o a test and it was necessary. We’ll be keeping our ears open and if we still don’t find anything out definite, we’ll get the Rapid test in London on Sunday. It’s just crazy, why decisions can’t be cut and dry.

Last year at this time, 
I was at Hometown Tire getting snow tires installed
Moka had to be admonished by Joe NOT to get in my car

Supper was hot beef sandwiches and we used up our last burgers. There will be some serious menu planning this weekend to plan for the coming weeks’ meals. 😊 Because Bill had the last of our hamburg buns with his egg and bacon, I decided on making gravy and switching up the meal. I had spinach and Bill had corn and it was awesome! I’ve only made homemade gravy from ‘nothing’ once or twice and this was the easiest best tasting yet. Yay!

Inside, while I waited, Joe's Mom's dog, Buddy
sits on her desk watching me
A friendly sweetheart too

After dishes, I fed Gibbs and then had to oblige him after his bell ringing. LOL It wasn’t dark yet at 6:45 so we sauntered along. As long as he does one job, I don’t regrudge the time. Surprisingly, without a wind, it doesn’t feel too cold out tonight. If you had a roaring fire plus a warm blanket, it would be quite comfy sitting around it, I think. Bill watched his new Hallmark movie tonight so I went upstairs after I finished my blog post.

I'm glad we don't have to do that this year
So, with that......
Good night!

This was another good day and the countdown is really moving along! 😊

Thank you for your visit!


  1. Yep, your countdown is really moving.

    It is cold here now, no snow like parts of Alberta received but the wind and chill makes me think any day now.

    Doubt we will get many trick or treaters here this year. It is supposed to be cold so that will cut down on the little ones.

    God bless.

  2. Seems to be so so much to do before setting out! Gibbs is so spoilt and looking all relaxed and comfy. I wouldn't show the pics of Gibbs to my dog Thory or he may insist on getting adopted into your household. Looking forward to reading about your journeys soon. Nine degrees is too cold compared with our 30 degrees here where I am in my shorts all day (and nights too!)

  3. I'm so glad everything seems to lining up for your guys. Hope your winter adventures are uneventful and that we get to cross paths somewhere sometime. Travel safe.

  4. Gotta love those fur kids. I'm ready for some couch time with Cooper!

  5. Gibbs looks so very comfortable snuggled in with or Bill.

    Hopefully our cold weather doesn't reach you before you get away. It was -11C here this morning, though no precipitation thankfully.

  6. Glad things are working out for you leading up to the wedding and your departure.
    Hoping this will be our last winter here in Ontario.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  7. That Gibbs is really photogenic!! So cute, can't wait to meet him! It's coming quickly for your leave date and the wedding next weekend! So exciting!