Friday, October 8, 2021

A Conundrum of Possibles and Impossibles

The Ridge

Friday, Oct. 8th was a day of research, phone calls and not much else. When your brain is so fogged and full of information, it’s hard to accomplish much else. We slept in until Gibbs woke us around 7 and then lazed in bed for almost another hour. *sigh* no work for either of us today. Bill had his shower and we hit the ‘tablets’ and the ‘phones’.

The sky was pretty but questionable

For lunch, I treated Bill by making a batch of Pillsbury cinnamon buns, saving some for another day. What a terrible diet! 

While sitting at the table, I watched quite a spectacle of birds fly over. The sky was dotted black while they flew in and then landed in our trees out front and down the lane. The front pond is full of geese too, they are waiting for the border to open too, I guess. The sound was incredibly loud.😊  

Every time they come in like this, you know
what movie I think of

We all know the frustration of ‘waiting’ for things. Waiting for phone calls, emails, doors to open and so on. Today was one of those days. It turns out that I’m not as patient as Bill is with the waiting. I worry that the long weekend will be here and we won’t be any further ahead. That means, more waiting until things open up for more calls. It was a lazy non-physical day but those are okay too. I should have gone out to plant some bulbs ……. But didn’t.

Gibbs relaxes well with us too and we try not to laugh but he gets really comfy now up on our shoulders and the backs of the chairs. With the windows open, on a day like today, he watches outside, keeps an eye on us and enjoys the fresh air that blows in. We have a high temp today of 19C/66F and that’s with no sunshine so a very comfortable day inside or out. At 4, I made a cup of tea and we had a chocolate macaroon to fill that tiny hole.

He can't get up there himself so he takes turns
who's shoulder he crawls up on

We’ve been getting low in the meat department of our freezer and instead of buying much in bulk lots, I’ve been trying to eat things up at the same time as providing a variety of meals. I know I’m not alone in ‘hating’ (a strong word) this meal planning thing. LOL I found a lone pork chop and some liver that have been nesting in there for a while. That’s going to be supper. I love liver, Bill does not, so an easy choice, right? 😊

The geese gathered in the front pond for their daily meeting

A start at the new planting sites

Wow! I have to admit that I couldn’t have fried the liver any better. It was done perfectly with the onions and boy, was it delicious! I fried a pork chop and cooked a potato with vegetable for Bill. All I needed with mine was some of the Italian veggies. Needless to say, I really enjoyed supper so I made a good choice. 

Two great meals in a row
I'm on a roll

For dessert, we agreed on an ice cream cone. That was tasty too and then Gibbs had to eat. There were quite a few dishes, 3 pots being the most unusual part but they didn't take long to clean up.

for all you ice cream lovers
are you drooling yet? πŸ˜‚

We watched some tv and spent a quiet evening together. Hopefully we can let our minds rest tonight, enough to allow for a good sleep. LOL I must admit that it was nice to have a video call with Lori (& Roland), chat with Gayle & John and then swap emails with Dave & Cheryl. All rv’ers who love the south as much as we do.

Good night!

Thank you for your visit today.


  1. Why don't you hire the guy we used and just come west over to Manitoba and head south from there? He handles everything!!! Check my blog for his information. Good luck.

    1. Hi Lorne. We looked into and contacted eck Keith after reading your blog. By the time we stove out to Winnipeg, which is 2100 km, and taking the weather into consideration for mid.November, it was going to eat up any saving from the cheaper flight. It would take us at least 3 days so hotels and food (we would likely have to winterize) would be additional.
      Bill said it is 1800 km more than if we went from London. We appreciate your info though, it spurred us on.

  2. Patsy could you give me the name & phone number of the dentist you use in Algadones Mexico? My husband & I are going to be in Yuma in a couple of weeks. Hope you are able to get into to US this winter. Still enjoy your blog everyday. Thanks for any info you can give me. Rita from Texas. Currently in West Yellowstone Montana.

  3. Dr. Eva Urena, 4th St. & B Ave,
    Us #619-866-6992

  4. Oh yeah ... ice cream!! Funny how the puppies want to be up high ... so they can see better I suppose. Those birds .... wow!!!!!

  5. Keep looking! Hopefully these places you've called will get back to you. I can't believe how many RVs going south looking out my kitchen window to the highway already! Lots of plates from Washington, Oregon and Idaho..not that i can see the plates from my window but when we are on the road!

  6. Thank you, we will and are feeling more and more positive each day.

  7. Many of our friends are travelling somewhere out of the Toronto area. You might want to look into that. We are in BC and the cost for our 40' motorhome and the Jeep plus the air charter is $4200.00CAD. We can't afford that.

    1. Wow! I'm very surprised because Maxx Trails (on my side bar) have dealt with a company that is a whole lot cheaper than that. Ontario is more expensive.
      thank you, we think we've found one suitable, just waiting for details.

    2. Max Trails started with this same company but they ar enow booed well into November. They lucked out with another company for the end of October. Plus the only have one motorized vehicle and I believe they are sharing a charter with someone.. I could be wrong on the latter. Good luck with your search.