Monday, October 25, 2021

Great Weather For The Webbed Footed

The Ridge

Not surprisingly, we woke up on Monday, Oct. 25th to rain. I didn’t hear it through the night but it was indeed a wet morning. The forecast was 96% chance of precipitation so Bill knew that he wouldn’t be working outside at the red shed down the road. As it turned out, Billy texted that they were working at the duplex in Durham instead. He didn’t have to leave until about 8:30 so I was happy to leave Gibbs at home with Daddy while I drove in to clean.

Last night, minutes after our company left

After cleaning and getting a bottle of water, I swung down the street to see if Bill had arrived in town yet. It was almost 9 and yes, he had just unhooked the cargo trailer and was parking on the street waiting for his co-worker. At home, I made my tea and sat with Gibbs in my recliner chair. I felt relaxed and that feeling stayed with me for a long time. I was reading my book on my phone and just enjoying time with the cuddle bum. 😊

It was a cuddly kind of day
You can see why I love this little guy so much

At noon, I had some cheddar broccoli soup with a coffee and then we relaxed some more. I hate feeling that I’m doing nothing but there really isn’t anything that I can do inside (or outside for that matter) until we are closer to actual pack-up time. That sounds good, really, but sitting around is not my thing either. Today it worked out to be the best thing as my book was quite intriguing by now.

This was the view all day
from morning until night

Bill arrived home around 2:30 or 3 and it was still raining. The winds had picked up and all afternoon the trailer was getting sideswiped. We went from 6C/43F this morning at 10 down to 4C/39F by 6:30. With the winds and rain it felt a whole lot colder than that. Thank heavens, the precipitation is still clear! For supper, I reheated the same thing we had last night. We cleaned up the carrots, the scalloped potatoes and had some of the ham.

a good day for ducks

The sheds were all drenched

After dishes, Bill made a ham sandwich for his lunch and we probably have enough for one more meal. 😊 When I took Gibbs out tonight, the wind sounded and felt so harsh that I thought it was a downpour. What usually is a walk around the corral was just a quick walk across to the outhouse with me encouragingly chanting “go piddle, go poop” to which he obliged fairly quickly. We ran back across the gravel to our haven.

There are more movies to watch tonight until 8 when The Voice is on. Both NCIS & NCIS:Hawaii are reruns so we recorded Ordinary Joe and The Good Doctor as they were late programs. Late for us old folk. 😉 This was a good day although I didn’t get anything done other than my cleaning job.

Too much rain!
Good night!

Thank you for your visit.


  1. Your Gibbs almost makes me want to get a dog again -Mary

    1. Ah, this unconditional love is wonderful. He's such a cuddler.

  2. Today has just been dark, dreary and very windy. The wind really brought the temperature down here.

    Every once in awhile a person needs a restful day.

    God bless.

    1. I think that weather is what we received on our Tuesday here. Yeucky!

  3. Sweet picture of you and Gibbs.♥️
    Yes, so much rain.

  4. It's wet and rainy here too. As long as it isn't that white stuff I'm okay with it. I like your chant to Gibbs - I bet he doesn't care for the rain either. ;)

    1. Yeucky weather but you're right, it is clear and that is better than white. :)

  5. Yes, good weather for ducks! I guess your countdown is on!

  6. It's rained most of the day here as well, and is supposed to continue on through tomorrow. Weather report says nice Friday-Sunday. Don't mind a little cooler weather but that rain sure makes is seem colder. Won't complain though as we've had a very dry summer/fall, so we need it.