Thursday, October 28, 2021

Today was Another Gift,

The Ridge

On Thursday, Oct. 28th, Gibbs once again woke me around 6 with a kiss. Good thing I love the little bum. Bill rose to get ready for work around 6:30 and took him out for his business. I listen to them from upstairs when they come in. “You need to get your feet wiped. One paw, two paws, Give Daddy Three, Where’s Four?” It is the sweetest thing to hear. Sometimes, Gibbs is perfectly responsive, other times it is not so smooth. 😉 I take no credit for this teaching, it’s all Bill so I remember to do the same routine each time he comes in with wet feet.

It wasn't a wet morning but as you can see,
we've had lots of rain
The pond is higher than it has been for a few years

It was after 7 when we made the bed and joined together downstairs to say goodbye to Bill/Daddy. Gibbs runs up on the bed to look out the little window and watch him go to the truck. Up and down, in all his excitement. That is what he does on the mornings that I’m not dressed enough to go out with him for that regular ritual. I made my tea and fed him before we sat together. Often, I’m taking him right away after he eats, as if it runs right through him. LOL

Today was to be the mildest day yet, 14C/57F but the winds would be gusty to about 17 km/h from the east. It was only about 5C/41F when I got up so I wasn’t about to go for our walk – yet. Maybe later. Later did come but not until 10 and it wasn’t long. We just walked down the lane, down North Line to our front field gate and cut across there. Gibbs seemed quite happy to head back up the laneway and I was good with that.

Inside, we sat. The little bum was really in a cuddling mood this morning and I didn’t object as I sat and finished my Map of the World book. Another good one, different again from anything I’ve read. I have the hard copy but finished it on my downloaded version from Libby and then returned it early. Libby is an interesting app, it tells me how many times I opened it to read PLUS how many hours in total it took me to finish it! That’s cool. In this case, 13 hours. 😊

My next book

I dusted the counter tops and then found a recipe to use up some canned pumpkin puree that I have had in the cupboard. Oooh, Keto Pumpkin Mousse sounds delightful! One of my favourite foods of all time is cream cheese so many of my keto recipes feature this delicious delight. Licking the beaters had me smiling, this is going to be so good! I popped it in the fridge for the 4 hours of chill time and then Gibbs and I hopped in the car.

I’d called Mrs. Sew & Sew (Lorna) in town about replacing a broken zipper in the duvet cover I bought Tuesday at Value Village. No wonder it was so cheap ($3.49 with my discount), I noticed the zipper but didn’t look closely enough. No worries, she said she could fix it for me before the end of next week. 😊 She’s a sweetheart and while dropping it off, we had a great chit-chat about our plans. She is excited for us and once again very curious about the lifestyle.

I stopped to check the price to mail these 
light weight advent calendars and was shocked
They came back home with me

I had advent calendars that I’d picked up for the oldest grandchildren, not for the two wee ones. Chocolate is no mother’s friend at that age. It’s perhaps a silly gift but that goes right along with my personality, right? I can hand deliver 6 of them to their parents at the wedding but sadly, I won’t be seeing my 3 grandsons before we leave. So! That meant mailing them to their individual homes. Easy peasey. So, I thought.

I stopped at the post office and was floored! She priced one mailing at $17.34!! That is highway robbery! I paid under $1.50 for each one and was not about to pay that for each parcel no matter how much I love those boys! It is looking like perhaps Bill, Gibbs and I will have one to open come December 1st. Back home, it had warmed up to 11C and the outing seems to have worn our little guy right out. He hopped up on the bed and I haven’t seen him since.

At 3, Gibbs went up to wait for Daddy

I dry mopped the floors down here and then moved upstairs to do the hall and bathroom. They’ll probably get washed once more before we head out. Gotta have a clean Suite! 😊 My next book is by Helen Forrester called ‘A cuppa tea and an aspirin’. I’m already enjoying the beginnings of what they call a ‘powerful’ story. I’ll keep you informed as I go along, just how powerful it is.

Just before 4, Gibbs and I were outside picking up sticks (dawdling) when I heard Bill coming down the road. So, we dawdled a bit more until he came up the lane. It is always quite the greeting when Gibbs rushes to Daddy. Even though we try hard to keep him down, he still jumps. We don’t bend down to pet him until he sits his butt down, as recommended, but it doesn’t last long.

My Mint bin up on the berm

Gibbs greets Daddy

Bill changed and sat in his chair with one of his movies on so Gibbs and I went upstairs to the bedroom with my book. We had an hour and a half before I needed to start supper. Gibbs pretty much follows me anywhere, I guess that is what comes from being home with him all day and maybe it will change down the road. 😊 Supper was simple, weiners, beans on toast for Bill, pepper squash for me. It was good and we cleaned up something else from the freezer.

Supper with cheesecake for dessert
All good things!
Good night!

This was a good day. Thank you for stopping around!


  1. What a lovely day you had.

    God bless.

  2. The price of mailing small packages has become quite steep, I found, and often exceeds the price of the goods. Maybe the postal service shoots itself in the foot? Cute photo of Gibbs on the bed waiting for daddy!

    1. It's ridiculous! I would have paid $17 for all 3. It's possible with our scooting around next week that I might be able to drop them off. Maybe it will be Do Not Open Until January 1st!

  3. That's too bad about the advent calendars. I remember when our kids were young and they so looked forward to opening them every day :) good memories! I've heard our prices have skyrocketed too..I'll have to check. Dinner looks simple but yummy!

    1. My two oldest grandsons got treated a little special because I lived in the same city. I gave them each tissue paper wrapped gifts, silly things, instead of the advent calendar. They each opened one a day. I truly enjoyed doing all that fussiness (and I was working!) and each day they called to tell me what they got. :)

  4. If the advent calendars were all going to the same address, and they all fit in the same box, Canada Post sells flat rate boxes that would cost about the same as you were quoted for one. I put together a box of stuff for my daughter today, the flat rate small box was just over $19. I'm guessing the calendars might fit in a medium. It's ridiculous the price of postage these days!

    Take care, stay well.

    1. Thank you Maebeme but the calendars were going to 3 different addresses. :(

  5. I'm counting down for myself. 9 days, right?

    1. 9 days to cross the border, now just 7 days to leave the Ridge. :)