Thursday, October 14, 2021

Happy Hours? Dull Warm Day

The Ridge

The week has whipped on by, it’s Thursday, Oct. 14th already. When we used to report to our fulltime jobs every day during our career, the short weeks always seemed to drag on and on, as if they were a full 5 days. 😊 Bill was up and off to work at 7:30 and after Gibbs had his breakfast, we walked down to Turbine Lane. It wasn’t cold really, but breezy with possible rain in the air making it feel coolish. There was another pretty sky to the east making for a lovely sunrise.

the small Baptist church is special against the sky this morning

We waved and said hello to Ivy at the corner and it was just then that her school bus arrived. Gibbs was performing (aka misbehaving) so the walk took a bit longer than usual. 

The walk was refreshing
and lovely 

Pond view

Plus, I thought it was an opportune time to gather some of the dropped fall leaves before they are blown away or covered. A lot of them are pretty marked up but I found a few in varying stages. They are all beautiful, as we are in our own way, marked up or not. This took me way (wa-a-y-y-y) back in time to my love of searching for leaves for Gr. 4 science projects. 😊

I'm not the only scrounger in the family
Gibbs carried this beer can back for me
to add to my Beer Store bag
He was reluctant to part with it though πŸ˜‚

Back home, I had my tea and at 9:45 I drove to M’s mechanic’s shop to meet him. The truck we picked up yesterday for body work has running boards that are a bit of a challenge to get off. M’s back is bothering him so that challenge became even more difficult. He took it back to Tony and I brought him home. When it’s ready, we’ll drive his Acadia to pick it up. It just means waiting for the phone call this afternoon sometime.

My leaf collection
Waxed and ironed

And hung

We were expecting company today but at 12:30 I had a text that plans had changed due to some mechanical issues. We were looking forward to having what would probably be our last rv’ing visitors this season so it is disappointing. We always have things to do in October no matter what our winter plans are but were looking forward to the break that comes with having friends over. Hoping we can see them before we head out for the winter.

Gibbs easily jumps up on our chairs
but this is the first time he's slept on one
Now doesn't this look like a disgruntled
computer technician at the end of a week? πŸ˜†

It was time to strip the bed sheets and replace them with warmer ones. Not cold enough for the flannel/fleece ones so the jersey ones will be perfect. I had to hang our bedspread back on the line this morning since it was still quite damp and we were unable to use it last night. I did hear the furnace come on (set at 19C/66F) so the temperatures are gradually dipping through the night. It dropped to 12C/53F overnight.

Coming back from M's
it seems like I have to explain myself to these bovine
Isn't this little guy cute?

I also removed our dining chair and recliner covers for washing. The chairs still look new under them, so even though I am constantly straightening the recliner covers, they are doing their job. And the pockets on the arm sides are valuable real estate. My books, Gibbs’ brush and toothbrush, all the remote controls/converters and Bill’s beloved Princess Auto catalogue are kept there for easy reach. πŸ˜‰ Our previous theatre seating took care of all that stuff but….

We have two sets of these chair covers
from Keady's farmers market
It's nice to switch them out for a change in decor

My soup got transferred into 2 containers so I could wash Madame IP and my tarts also went into a container to save space. Sitting here reminds me to ask our Canadian friends whether they are being overrun with ladybugs this year? 

Gibbs watches the flies and bugs on the
outside of the window screens

We often see them but this year in particular seems much worse to me. They don’t get in the Suite but every day we see at least 3 or 4 on our window screens. I used to be very gentle with them outside (you know the rhyme) but those little suckers bite! On the screen, I tap them to fly away but outside they get swatted! 

Nature in action

We also have the stink bugs this season again, not too many but a couple have somehow managed to get inside. I wonder if they attach themselves to our clothes because the window screens seem too tight for them to squeeze through. Seems, I said. Ha ha.

I didn't know whether to cut the Cornflower/Echinacea
back so I Googled it (should I or shouldn't I?)
Suggestion: if you want it to spread, don't cut it back
if not, cut them back to aid in the growth of a single plant
next spring
I think this is like a gorgeous Thanksgiving bouquet

At 3, M called and asked if I could drive over and we’d take his car to get the pickup, again. I suggested he pick me up instead and he pointed out the obvious. I would be bringing his car home and then would require walking to my place. Of course, I hadn’t thought of that and although some days I wouldn’t mind the walk, I’d rather take Ptooties around the corner. It was pretty humid today, feeling close to 30C/86F!

Taking a breather from running over the hill and dale

When I headed home, Bill was coming down North Line from the opposite direction so I scooted in the lane before him to get out of the way of the truck and work trailer. I let Gibbs out to greet him, once he was parked, since the excitement is always too much for him and he usually leaves piddles on the Suite floor. Outside is much better for those dribbles. πŸ˜‰

Gibbs and I spent a fair bit of time outside today

He likes drinking out of the rain pails

This afternoon, I went online to our bank and transferred some cash to our US account since we heard the Canadian dollar is ↑. Yay! That felt good, Bill and I are not often in a position to do that ahead of time like many others do. Bill dozed after a full day and so did Gibbs. I guess all of our outings today, tired him out too. I read my book and it is going along swimmingly. I actually ‘borrowed’ a copy of the same story from my online 'Libby' app as well so I can read the hard copy at home and when I’m out, I can carry on with my phone copy.

A filling, colourful, tasty meal

For supper, I fried fish and cooked some veggies and Bill deep fried his chips. It was good and because of my low carb meal, I felt I deserved a piece of cherry pie. Even a small piece was too sweet for me so I’m glad that we finished it off. I’m sure Bill enjoyed it much more. I took Gibbs out for his after-dinner walk and it was really quite mild out there, still. 😊 Tonight will be a good sleep, with fresh sheets, it seems to make a huge difference.

There is a whole lot of sleeping going on tonight 😍🐾

This was a good day with some flitting around but I accepted M’s $20 today (he wouldn’t let me refuse) and added it to my wallet.

a different view of the east pond
Sometimes this area has completely dried up
but not this year!
Good night!

Thank you for stopping by. A busy morning tomorrow with ‘someone’ getting a haircut.


  1. As far as I know, echinacea re-seed readily, so you could let them be, and seeds will fall and winter will come and then you can see. Birds like them though!
    I love your leaf collection.
    Glad to hear you may be having the change of scene you want!!

    1. Thank you for the tidbit about the echinacea. ;)
      Also thank you for your support for our winter plans.

  2. That steeple is just shining in the morning light. Gorgeous.

    Love the leaf collection, it has been a long time since I have seen waxed and ironed leaves. I can remember doing that for school projects.

    God bless.

    1. It seems pictures of that little church always shine. :) gee, I wonder why? πŸ˜‡

  3. Love your leaf project!!! It's beautiful!! Seems Gibbs just wants to be up high where you are!!

  4. I like your leaf project...I vaguely recall doing something like that as a kid. We don't have the same variety of colors, mostly yellow and some orange with a limited number of red leaves. And no maples.

    I saw the breaking news this morning, the land border will be open on November 8! I would think there will be an announcement soon about the mixed dose issue too. I'm excited for you.

    1. Thank you Maebeme. it was fun doing something child-like. :)
      I didn't see it but was thrilled when our friend told me the date was announced.
      Tonight, I am happy about the new acceptance of mixed doses. Yay!!!

  5. You made me chuckle. Bill piddles when he sees you?

    1. Ha ha, obviously my grammar wasn't worded properly but I love the scenario!! Ha ha If Bill only got that excited, eh? 😍