Saturday, October 23, 2021

Frosty Morning, Nice Afternoon

The Ridge

On Saturday, Oct. 23rd we didn’t wake up until 7 am. I wanted to get into town asap so we sorted laundry right away, Bill made my tea-to-go and I left the boys home shortly after 7:30. The laundromat was empty, just the way I prefer it and I loaded 2 washers. I got a boost of confidence when a daughter, my age, and her Mom, came in. The first thing said was “oh! You’re the cleaning lady! I’m glad you’re back!”

Black Beauty and Ptooties
were covered in frost for the first time this season

Apparently, she must have been in on a day when I hadn’t cleaned, one of those dirty Mat days, but they were both sure complimentary on my efforts. By that time, I was folding our clothes out of the dryer so we had a nice chat about my plans to leave in a week. 

Last Tuesday, this had been left
at the Mat so I watered it and set it
up out of the way

Looking from the front door

Anyway, I left feeling the virtual pat on the back. 😊 I returned home by 9:30 and around 10, we all left for Walkerton. I’d advertised the doggie backpack that we bought for Gibbs to ride on the bike with us.

Jaime and Natalie have 3 Corgis and
2 new to the family cats
They will get use out of this, I'm sure

Since he’ has outgrown it, after only using it once, no point in keeping it. It sold very quickly on FB’s Marketplace. We met Jaime and her daughter at Tim Horton’s, Walkerton being a good half way point from our place to theirs in Kincardine. A sweet couple of gals and of course Natalie fell in love with Gibbs. We were in Hanover soon after where we stopped at Canadian Tire and Walmart briefly and then Home Hardware in Durham.

Our backseat driver

When we returned, it was noon hour so Bill did some outdoor painting, taking advantage of the periodic blue sky. I made us omelette sandwiches inside which tasted very good, filling our tummies and the boys had their little snooze in the chair. 

My lunch

I did dishes while Bill went out to do a few more odd jobs, towards packing things up. Our King chairs needed to be covered, as did our hibiscus plant for at least one more year.

Covering the hibiscus plant
with help

Bill burned some small pieces of wood 

I went out and dug up the glad bulbs and 2 of my 3 dahlia bulbs so Donna can store them over the winter for me. They would freeze if I left them in the Bunky, which I didn’t even realize so I’m glad she filled me in. I couldn’t get over how many dahlia bulbs I ended up with! I’ve never dug them up before, Gayle always had enough to supply us plenty each spring. I bagged them up to give to Donna.

this flower pot is jammed with bulbs
only 3 of which are gladiolas

Bill and I were able to get more things packed up and finally, his riding mower went into the shed. We folded the canopy for the shelter and got our king chairs, patio chairs and the picnic table covered at the back of the Bunky. We were surprised that everything fit under there, protected from the elements. 

Bill emptied and closed up the rain barrel
and hand pump

I came inside around 4:00 and made a cup of tea. I was feeling chilled when I brought in the 3 items I’d hung on the line. They didn’t get completely dry in the dryer.

This year, we were able to cover a lot more
without having to cram the sheds full

Gibbs had fun outside today

For supper, I baked salmon filets and Bill cooked the fries in the Fry Daddy. The salmon could have been cooked a wee bit more, but it was good all the same. For dessert, we had some of my warmed-up keto apple crisp. The bit of sauce created from the nuts and butter added to the taste of the softened apples. I had runny whipped cream on mine, obviously it wasn’t whipped quite enough after all. 😊

The dessert was pretty tasty after all!

After dishes, I took Gibbs out for a near-dark walk around the corral. I’m sure he’ll be out again, as he didn’t do everything on this walkabout. Bill has movies to watch so once I finish my blog post, it’s upstairs for me. I can read or watch something of my own. This was a really good day. We got a LOT done again.

I was sitting watching the fire and Bill work
but Gibbs was keeping an eye on and contemplating
jumping through the fence to the corral
Which he did soon enough
There's a lot of energy in that little body!
Good night!

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Only a week left, Woo hoo!I'm all smiles for you!

    1. Actually, 2 weeks but that's okay! It's going by quickly enough! :)
      Thank you.

  2. We are in Quartsite on BLM north of town. 90 degrees here today. Been here for 3 days. Heading to Yuma sometime next week. Travel safe.

    1. Oh! Yay!! I'm so excited! We will be there in January but near Yuma before that. :)

  3. Your preparations are coming along nicely. It won't be long!

  4. You need to get a seatbelt for Gibbs.

    1. Yes, we do have one for him and he will wear it for the long rides for sure.

  5. Wow, this last week will pass quickly. I am sure you have lots more to do to get ready to leave.

    God bless.

    1. We don't leave until Nov. 7th and cross the border on the 8th. It is going quickly with lots to do. The list is getting smaller though. ;)