Wednesday, October 6, 2021

A Little of This, A Little of That

The Ridge

Wednesday, Oct. 6th we didn’t have to get up. I was dreaming about Gibbs jumping up and pulling my earring off. I was trying to find the back piece in the grass before he swallowed it. Next thing I knew, Gibbs was licking my ear for real. Ha ha, 😊 That was just too funny. So, he was the first to wake indicating he wanted to go out. Bill is off work until Tuesday so after taking the little guy out, we all lazed in bed until 7:30ish.

My first picture shows the last four
Hibiscus blooms in various stages

It looked like it could be a clear day but who knows? We sat together with our morning drinks and made a phone call to a shipping company in the area. Unfortunately, we had to leave a message and wait for a call back. At 9:15, M. called to see if I would be open to sanding on the Ford Explorer (I think I’ve been calling it a Bronco) since the sun was shining and no rain expected. I really wanted to be here when the call came but we agreed that I should go for a few hours.

When the sun came out, I snapped this picture
then it took me a while to realize that the white in the centre
was just a window reflection
Had me stumped for a while 😂

I went around the corner for 10:30 and started right away with the air sander. It felt great to be outside, the sun was quite warm. M had errands so after giving me some direction, he left me on my own to keep an eye on the shop while working. No one comes, well, seldom anyway. 

It was a good day to work on this outside

After taping to protect the windows, then sanding, I sprayed the areas that were right down to the metal with primer. Since the truck sits outside, this will prevent it from rusting.

The rest of the truck is in rough shape, around the rocker panels
and bumpers so the roof may be the easiest part

I was working on the roof and there weren’t too many spots that needed special attention. The whole thing has to be roughed up though so I decided to just take sections at a time. At 1:15, I did the last priming and left with more cash. 😉 The time seemed to zip by pretty good. There were some clouds filling the sky but even though we reached only 22C/71F, the humidity made it feel more like 27C/80F. It was sure feeling like summer again!

Here is one of the doors I finished on Monday

I’d only had some yogourt, a tea before I left and a coffee on the job, so I felt hungry for something else. Cheese and summer sausage did the trick for me since it was mid-afternoon. Our friends, Rob and Pat, had texted me earlier wondering if we would be free this afternoon to stop in for a visit. Bill had cleaned Black Beauty out while I was gone so after a snack, a rest and a cleanup, we drove to town. All of us.

Gibbs and Rob were having a conversation here

It was nice to see them again, it has been a long time since we’ve sat together for a Happy Hour. They haven’t been home a lot this summer. Gibbs ran around their house, indoors, dragging his leash behind him. We feel the need to keep an eye on him at other people’s homes and this was no exception. Their former cockapoo has left them with a huge whole in their ♥♥ so seeing our pooches brings them joy. They loved Clemson and Gibbs is worming his way in there too.

Gibbs had Pat giggling when
he got up on her shoulder to look out the window

Ah heck, he got right comfortable up there
Every time she spoke to him his tail swatted her in the face

We had a nice visit over the couple of hours we were there. Gibbs had us laughing at how he crawled up Pat so he could keep an eye out the window. We said that if we lived in town, he’d be up there all the time. 😊 Cute. We left after 5 and at home, Bill lit the Weber for supper. Just loaded burgers but they were tasty and after the Happy Hour drinks, we found we were too full for dessert.

He did settle down pretty good
indicating how comfortable he was 💖

Our loaded burgers were good

After dishes, we enjoyed some tv together and Gibbs slept on the floor. That visit today tired him out, apparently. This was a good day, topped off by seeing our friends again. We’ve missed them.

Gibbs enjoys watching tv too but tonight
he wasn't interested in The Voice
Good night!

Thank you for stopping in. PS - no return phone call today so the waiting game is on.


  1. Aww love the pics of Rob and Pat ..they look good. Gibbs is so cute on the chair..just makes himself at home no matter who is in the way LOL..Paint looks good on the door! The chair yesterday was gorgeous! Dinner looks yummy!

    1. Gibbs looks a lot like their last dog so they do enjoy doggie visits. ;)

  2. Gibbs certainly makes himself at home. He's such a cutie!

    Fingers crossed you get a call back soon.

    1. Oh, he sure does!!
      Thank you, Bill will follow up if we don't hear today.