Monday, October 11, 2021

It's Been a Great Five Days

The Ridge

Monday, Oct. 11th, we were up around 7:30 and had the laundry sorted for me to take into the Mat. The day was going to be gorgeous so I had no debate. The washed loads came home to be hung. When in town, I stopped at the DIY car wash and gave Ptooties a quick ‘spit’ wash. 😊 From driving the country roads yesterday after an overnight rain, she was pretty dirty from ‘the waist’ down. Bill had cut the front field when I returned and we had a couple of phone calls to make. One to Marilynne and one to Jess.

The morning clouds were soft and pretty

and the sun was in the mix too

After the calls, we went outside again. I hung the clothes and with the sun and winds, they won’t take long to dry at all. Bill finished cutting the back field, berm, the corral and our patio area before running out of gas. I worked outside with Gibbs close by on his tether, he was too keen on chasing after Bill on the mower. 

Cutting the corral and picking up rocks 😀

The steep hill is a challenge for him

The car came pretty clean at the car wash, but I didn’t use the brush, just the pressure of the wash, rinse and wax wand. I took my Norwex wash mitt and went over it once more and then moved on to Black Beauty so she wouldn’t feel left out. LOL 

a $3 wash made a huge difference

I tdecided to move the stones around the fire pit. It is one of those things that bothers me. I tried a couple of years ago (?) to clean it up, putting weed screen down, then bricks, then the pit but with stones on the outside edge, dropped seeds produce more weeds all the time and the stones never stay in place. Grrr! So frustrating. I’ve made a decision for a change next spring and so in the meantime, I moved the stones up closer to the pit. That allows a closer cut with the mower or weed eater until then.

We've watched these geese come here now
for 5 years and they never ceases to amaze me

We had omelette sandwiches, mine on a tortilla, for lunch and they were very good. After dishes, I sat to write this. Bill went to get water from the Acreage and Gibbs slept. He was tuckered out from all the running around earlier. 


The Suite is in need of a good dusting and vacuuming AGAIN so I decided to do that while I was in the mood. I dusted from top to bottom of the Suite and then got my small Dirt Devil vacuum out and cleaned the floors. So many teeny tiny pebbles of sand, dirt etc. and that drives me nuts if I’m in bare feet. All taken care of today. 😉 

Some things just make your ♥ swell

I have a similar picture of Bill and Clemson,
I'll have to look for it.

Then I went outside with Gibbs and we walked down the lane to bring the recycle bin back from the road. When we came back up, I went up to the berm and started tossing the fallen apples over the fence. I should’ve taken a picture because there had to be at least 40 on the ground. I found an unscarred one so had to eat it. They’re quite tasty!

The front field looks good cut, as always

Mom, I brought you back a stick
but I need to rest in the shade first

Gibbs heard Bill before I did and was off, barking and running as fast as little legs could take him to meet the truck. I always panic when I see a dog, any dog, running near a vehicle. Bill saw Gibbs and came up very slow until I could encourage him back up the hill with me.

We sat for a while as he emptied the water bladder and then I brought the clothes in. Bill checked the rod in our hot water tank and was surprised that it was in pretty good condition still, after two years. 

It's a good view from up here

It was quite windy but fighting against it, I managed to get the clothes folded and into the basket. Gibbs supervised as he sat at my feet, tethered to the stool. 😊 I’m tricky and we each needed to get a job done without keeping a third eye on him.

My helper

We came inside around 4 and I mixed us each a Daquiri. We need to start cleaning up the alcohol in our home so why not? It was quite tasty. We started grilling burgers around 6 :30 for supper. With cherry pie for dessert, it was a filling meal. Our burgers are always loaded. After dishes, Bill had to make a lunch. That’s a wake up call! He will be working back at the big shed down the highway tomorrow.

He sure knows how to relax

Watching Bill bbq

Monday night is our busy tv night so we set two shows to record and began watching things at 8. This was a good day with a high temperature reaching a summery 24C/75F. Lovely!

A loaded burger again

Dessert, yum
good night!

Thank you for popping around.


  1. Those 2 pixs of Bill and Gibbs peering through the window together are invaluable. Reminds me of competitions where there is a pix and we have to caption it, best caption wins. I ll caption it as Bill saying, " Shh Gibbs, Jolly good we are inside looking out, better stay in until your mummy finishes ALL the outside chores!" That seated lawn mower is something I can do with. Ours here are all hand pushed manual types and it is such a long heavy job mowing the lawn. Car looks spiffy clean and shinny, mine has not looked like that since it came out of the show room 3 years ago.

    1. I do love those pictures too and I love your caption! haha Check out today's post (Tuesday) and you'll see the similar memory with Clemson.
      Funny about the lawn mower, the things we just don't know about other cultures. 💗
      Ptooties was pretty dirty so I admit that she looks spiffy!

  2. Those were some beautiful morning shots and it was a busy day. Active is good though, right. The burgers look "to die" for - gorgeous looking tomato slices, and I don't want to talk about the pie and ice cream. Glad you've got your little guy, he seems to make y'all happy, and it's easy to see that everyone loves him a lot!

    1. Thank you WTTLTL. :) Yes, definitely being active is key to waking up every day, isn't it? The tomatoes were from my sister's garden, mine weren't that nice.
      Gibbs does make us happy and I think the feeling is mutual. 💖

  3. Did you hear that Gibbs is leaving NCIS? The next episode will be his last. I am so disappointed, it's one of my most favourite shows. It's survived several of it's key actors leaving in the past. I wonder if it will survive this one????

    1. We watched last night's episode and yes, I cried at the end. Bill was reading about him being done but we're hopeful for some guest appearances. It is too sad to see him leave, will it survive? I have a new fondness for McGee though too.

  4. I think Clemson would be proud of Gibbs!! I do love hearing the geese fly south!! Great pictures!

  5. How time flies doesn't it? Gibbs was certainly a great addition to your little family! Love the pic of the two of them on the couch looking out the window :) Once again those burgers look so so awesome!

    1. Time is slipping by, almost mid-October.
      I love that picture too, check Tuesday's post ending. :)

  6. Happy belated Thanksgiving! It sounds like you had a nice afternoon with family.

    Cute picture of your boys looking out the window.

  7. Happy Thanksgiving a little late. I think your day sounded wonderful. That picture of Gibbs and your hubby staring out the window is priceless.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you, same to you, Jackie.
      That picture is special for sure. ;)