Friday, October 29, 2021

Down to the Working Wire, Miserable Day

The Ridge

On Friday, Oct. 29th Bill was up and on his way to his LAST work day by 7:30. It was a windy dry morning but that soon changed and by noon hour we were seeing scattered showers off and on. I left within minutes after him to clean the Mat. The floor was normal messy and with only one customer, it was a quick and easy clean otherwise. It’s my second last day to clean.

By the time I got to Durham, the 
pink clouds floated across the east sky

I nipped down to the Water Store and filled Gibbs’ small 1 gallon water bottle. We decided it would be good to take along for when we have day trips plus the travel time going down. Back home, I had my tea and a nibble to eat. Gibbs and I found ourselves sitting again, LOL, what else to do. Mrs. Sew & Sew called that she had finished my duvet cover (so quickly!) and I planned to go back in after lunch hour.

I crossed the street to get a better shot
before I went into the Mat

The plans are up in the air regarding what day we are actually pulling out of the Ridge. If we can park at the venue for the wedding reception for the day and overnight, we’ll leave here Saturday morning. I had hoped to get my hair done to some extent down the road that morning but it wouldn’t work out if the plan to leave early worked out. If we can’t park there overnight, I’ll make an appointment with Bonnie after all.

Nothing stands in his way when he wants to see out
a window

Bottom line, I want to be prepared so, I attempted, feebly, to come up with some kind of hair ‘do’ on my own as a back up. Fine, thin hair is not easy to work with especially with only two hands. Anyway, I tried a couple of things and left it in an updo waiting for the “Wow, you look nice!” when Bill walked in the door after work. If there was the perfect emoticon to put in here, I would. 😂

It was another dull, damp day
You'd think we'd had enough of those
It wasn't freezing though

Bill came up the lane and dropped the work trailer for the guys to use next week. He was done, done and done for this year. Yay! I didn't get any positive words from my hairdo but I didn't get anything negative either. It didn't look much different from my everyday 'flip up' I guess. 🙎 That's okay I wasn't sold on it myself. While he settled in his chair with Gibbs, I drove back into town to deposit some rolled coin and pick up the cover. It was a quick trip in and out, made easier by the construction crew on main street having finished their work on Wednesday, ahead of schedule. No more detour.

Our new duvet cover is pretty sweet
It was hilarious watching me trying to get the duvet in
I just can't get the hang of it!
I had to lock Gibbs downstairs, his help 
was NO help. 😍

Bill went out to clean out the truck of work items and clothing and I started my blog post for the day. I’d read an rv’ing friend’s comments on FB about the possibility of land border crossers needing to have that negative Covid-19 test after all. So, I’ve done some research and we are preparing in advance just in case.

Milk pods in the lane way
Another childhood flashback

The afternoon went quietly and we started supper around 6. Salmon and fries for Bill and I had squash with my fish. 😊 Delicious! I love that squash and the salmon was done perfectly in Rosy, the air fryer. It took longer than the recipe said but that worked out okay. After dishes, I finished my blog and went upstairs to watch my kind of tv. We’re just not on the same page in the evenings except for Monday nights.

A chilly walk down the lane with Gibbs

Our pond

This was a good day. We got the news this afternoon that we are allowed to park at the Community Centre so from here on, we know how next weekend will play out. Yay! Happy weekend and happy retirement (again) to my sweetie!

Salmon and squash - yum
Good night!

Thank you for popping in!


  1. I read late this afternoon that we will NOT need COVID tests to cross the land border, just both vaccines. I'm glad your plans worked out for next weekend :-)

    1. Hi MT. Thank you. I wish they'd stop the foolerin' around! I found two news sites yesterday. One said we don't need it and one said 'the land borders rules will likely hew closely to the same CDC guidance that produced the requirements for air travellers.'
      I hope you're right but we may book an appointment for Sunday (they may be that late in announcing it) and then cancel it if we don't need it. Frustrating.
      Thank you, the plans for our weekend are a sigh of relief too! :)

  2. Hair is always such a problem :) I go back and forth all the time w mine! You'll look lovely no matter what you decide! Wow it's so close to you leaving! Amazing isn't it?! Congrats Bill on your retirement for the next 6 months or so...LOL. Looking forward to see you soon..

    1. Yes, hair. I'd i had my daughters hair I'd be thrilled. We don't know where she got it, her father and i have such fine hair. Haha
      Bill says thank you, he will enjoy the time off. ☺

  3. Things are really falling in place for you, that's so wonderful!

    Is Bill's retirement permanent or will he return to the job next spring? I know you both like to be busy.

    1. Thank you. Bill needs to keep busier than me but will only work for a couple of days a week if that works for Mike. The work is to hard on him at his age. Otherwise he'll hope to find some thing else.

  4. The Homeland Security website has the latest info on travel restrictions. In addition to the usual travel docs, proof of vaccination is only covid requirement. And if you open the CDC link within the article, it defines the vaccine requirements. (mixed doses are ok).

  5. Thank you for that info. We've gone to that site and in one paragraph find exactly what you say. After clicking on CDC it still says that land crossing restrictions can'mirror' the air travel restrictions. Hence our confusion. 🙄ðŸĪŠ

  6. I feel your stress. I would be stressed too. It will all work out. I too am a victim of fine thin hair. I gave up trying to deal with it. I think you look awesome. I'm sorry we will probably miss you this winter. I'm so excited for you! Elva Shannon