Sunday, October 10, 2021

Better Than Expected, A Few More Things Put Away

The Ridge

On Saturday, Oct. 9th we were getting pretty used to all sleeping in until 7 and beyond. It felt good and reminds me of how life in the southwest is for us. 😊 You could say that even a second retirement for us will feel good. I’m not sure I’m ready to give up working yet, since it is only part time for me, but I do enjoy our winters of no work.

On my way to Durham
Turbine lane on the left which reminds me that I haven't
walked in a looonnngg time!

So, today, after Bill took Gibbs out, we all dozed until 7:30 when I slipped out and got ready for work. It could get busy so getting in there early today would be the best scenario for me. Gibbs stayed with Bill and I’ve no idea how long they stayed in bed. I was all alone for the whole hour at the Mat, yay!, and it was just regular cleaning with no ‘oh my God!’ moments. It sure is nice not to have to unlock the restroom door. Jamie had been in and fixed a couple of jammed machines as notes were removed.

I walked around marveling at the blooms
on new plants and old ones
A second dahlia from Gayle that has started with small blossoms

I left there and got a water bottle filled at the Water Store before I drove home. Bill and Gibbs were inside waiting for me so I made my tea and sat with them. We chatted on Messenger with our friends from “”. They have successfully made the jaunt from Canada to the US and report it as being a piece of cake with naturally some previous prep work. They are being very helpful as are other blogger and full-timers. 😊 Every tidbit is appreciated.

The Bacopa that had totally died off in August
has revived

I was going to hop in the shower because the weather was looking ‘dampish’ and I didn't figure I'd be in the garden at all. It had rained at some point over night but by the time I returned from town, it seemed to be drying up. Huh! I thought it was to be a rainy couple of days. With that knowledge, Bill and I left Gibbs inside and went out to do some more cleanup. He put the garden solar lights away plus the motion lights over the Bunky and did some rearranging in his Hangar. Plotting. 😃

I can't get over this Petunia, my favourite (I think)
I had to deadhead it  so maybe it will continue to bloom

I took my wagon with shovel, black earth and the bulbs in to the corral. I filled the 7 holes with either iris bulbs or black-eyed Susan’s and then carried on and dug 5 more holes in the same area. I had to mark each one with a large stone as my whipper-snipper guy gets carried away if he doesn’t know what is a weed and what is a plant. That is all done for now unless I decide to separate more plants from the big garden. I still have to get down to the lane’s end to cut back my tiger lilies but that will be another day.

And the Dianthus at the corral entrance
is still alive

There is always discussion on where to put things. “Where did we put the chairs last year, and the wagon?” Each year things seem to get moved around as space permits but as long as it is safe, easy to get to and locked up for the winter months, it doesn’t really matter. I have yet to move craft things from the Bunky into the Suite (talking positively here) and move some things from under the bed and closets TO the Bunky. We only need so many blankets and coats for our journey.

I think they are marked clearly enough for Bill to
recognize 😂

One Spirea is blooming

Then I had my shower. Lunch was our last cinnamon bun with an egg and it was tasty and filling. Supper crossed my mind, with a groan, but Bill came to the rescue again. You’ll have to wait and see. 😊 Most of the afternoon was quiet and lazy but we did take a drive into town to see if the Men’s clothing store (aka Service Ontario office) was open. They weren’t, they were closed for the long weekend we assume, but it gave me the opportunity to run across the street into the I.D.A. Pharmacy.

The second one has survived after all
It's hard to pick it out from all the weeds
in that hill garden

I knew there was an open prescription on file from checking online but it was only a number. A chat with the Pharmacist confirmed that it was my shingles medication (famciclovir) but that it had expired (I've been buying in Mexico since 2018) and I would need a new one from my doctor. I have run out of them even though I was very stingy with them over the summer, only taking one or two for each breakout, but there just wasn’t enough.

Driving to Durham, we weren't surprised that we got rained on

It was still dry on the Ridge when we returned home

They will not be covered under any plan, if I remember correctly, but have to decide whether it is imperative enough to get a bottle here of 30 to start the winter. Our plans for going south are very positive, one way or the other, but for getting into Los Algodones, Mexico, not so much. That would be disappointing regarding eye glasses, dental work and prescriptions but something we’ll live with. 😊

Depending which way you looked
your sky view would be different

Coming home from getting the pies, I caught a bit of
a rainbow
Can you see it?

We have a new London doctor who does not yet have our records (for some reason), which means I may just have to bide my time and suffer a bit of discomfort for the time being. So, after we all had snoozes, Bill in his chair in front of a movie and Gibbs and I upstairs with my Willie Nelson book, I started prepping supper.

Time with my little cuddle bum

I think it's safe to say he was totally relaxed
and engrossed in the book!💗

FYI; I finished Nomadlands and as much as I’m glad I read it for the entertainment factor (reminding me of places we've been), Quartzsite especially, it provided way too much research detail. Things I’m not interested in, stats are not my thing. Anyway, I’m glad I read it and even though I originally thought I’d like my own copy, I have since changed my mind and rated it only 2.5 stars. At 4, I drove half way to town to the Shell station and picked up 2 homemade pies. One for us and one for M. Her pies are delicious!

When we finished eating......

Before we got too far making our grilled cheese and clam chowder, our friends, Ron and Loree, called. 😊 Their concern for us and our winter plans is heart-warming and we relished in their familiar voices. 💖 We miss seeing them as well as all our other rv friends. One day that will all change, we hope. Supper was quite good, the soup so creamy and thick and I enjoyed my sandwich on dark rye. It has been a long time since we’ve had it. After dishes, or during, the rain started again. We’ve had spurts of it all day.

Gibbs jumped up on Daddy's lap when he wasn't
paying attention

A bit of a storm was passing through with thunder and rain making the sky very dark as early as 7 pm. At least it is evening and the day wasn’t spoiled by any means. We watched Red 2 and other movies while snacking on some chips and cheese later in the evening. That’s what Saturday nights are for, right? The pie will wait until tomorrow night. This was a nice day. If you are having your Thanksgiving gathering today, I hope you have a wonderful visit and a delicious meal.

We were expecting more rain over night
Don't let the clear skies fool you.
Good night!

Thank you for stopping in.



  1. I have heard of no problems getting into Algodones or back to the U.S. If there is, I'm sure we can work it out (hint hint). I'm rooting for your arrival!!!

    1. We're hopeful that is the case. Your hint hint is worrisome!! 😄

  2. I heard something on the news about the US opening to fully v;d people. I kind of caught that on the fly, and couldn't discover if that is everywhere? You would think Canada would sure be on that open list! We're doing far better than them aren't we?

    1. We heard a rumor about the border to US opening Nov. 21 but not from anything we could count on.

  3. For the cost of the prescription pills here, you might want to wait it out to see if you get across this fall. Any walk-in clinic here will write a prescription and you can purchase those right away if it comes to that. Hopefully you won't need any!!!
    Your garden still looks nice and will probably still thrive this month unless we get frost.

    1. Thanks I'm thinking of waiting to see if we can get into Mexico for the cheap stuff. 🙂

  4. Good luck on your journey. Hope you are able to get everything across the border. Don’t understand why everything has to be so complicated.

  5. Based on my recent experience crossing the border, I don't think you'll have any problems at Los Algodones. I live near Tucson and in June I went to Nogales MX for teeth cleaning/ xrays. I parked in Nogales AZ, walked across the border, then a block to the dentist office. On the return trip, I was asked how long I stayed in MX and the reason for my visit, then I showed my passport and Resident Alien card. I had my CDC card for proof of vaccination but no one asked. By the time you visit the border, lots of people will have crossed the border for their dentist visits, so you'll have updated experiences to rely on.

  6. Wishing you both a Happy Thanksgiving.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  7. Hope you can get things going as you wish. Meanwhile, I too have had shingles break out for quite a few years in spite of having the old vaccine, and have found lysine to have reduced them a lot. My old nurse friend suggested it, and I was skeptical. But, now I'm a believer. 1,000 mg a day, and as for my my doc, she said why not, won't hurt you and it's good for eyes too. Ha. Anyway, I'm a lot older than you are, but if it works on an older body, it might help yours.

    1. Your comment is very interesting to me. Thank you for the info.
      Lysine sounds like something we should have in the house. Me with my shingles and Bill with cold sores. I'm going to look for it! So had it prevented you from getting shingles or just lessened?

  8. Happy Thanksgiving Patsy, Bill and Gibbs. Oh that Gibbs, he is so cute, comfy and full of love.💙

  9. Happy Thanksgiving! I hope your plans come to fruition.