Saturday, October 16, 2021

A Wet Fall Day

The Ridge

On Saturday, Oct. 16th we’d hoped to sleep in but Gibbs had the wiggles at 6 am. Bill got up and took him out and then we did our best to fall back to sleep. I had been in bed and sleeping probably since 9:30 so was pretty much fully awake. While they slept on, I reached for my phone and read more of my book. 😊 I should finish it today.

Our brunch was ooey and gooey

I got up with Gibbs and let Bill sleep a bit longer by shutting the upstairs door. Gibbs slept on the step, waiting for him.  He has his own mind on what he wants to do. We had our tea and coffee together and then when Bill went out to dump our black tank, I followed to watch and learn the process. About time, eh? I’ve got the general idea so I’ll go out with him a couple more times and should have it registered in my brain. 😊

My boys had a snooze after lunch
Can you see Gibbs in his bed?

There he is! 💘

Bill then went over to the Acreage, in the rain, to get a bladder full of fresh water. It was a miserable cool wet day. We were lucky if it reached 10C/50F all day. Bill woke up a bit sniffly so I hope it doesn’t amount to anything. He seemed better for the rest of the day so that’s good. After checking the propane tank, he determined that it was still close to half full so we’re good for another while.

We got a lot of rain today and it wasn't even steady

We’ve been using the Blue Flame heater rather than the furnace at times so that uses propane sparingly. My creative guy has a project to work on which will help enable his transport of some rc planes this winter so once he worked out what he needed, he drove to Owen Sound. The day was too chilly to be outside plus the wetness kept me inside anyway. I don’t have much left to do since my dahlias are still blooming so won't be digging them up until next week, I assume.

Today, I really noticed how the view
down our laneway has changed
almost overnight

Remember how full it was just a week ago?

Lists are being made for those things that we need to do to be ready to head out of here on Nov. 7th.  We both slept pretty good last night with a lot of stress and worry removed from our shoulders. I’m pinching myself a bit (gently, of course) that this is really happening and it feels good to be looking ahead to the upcoming 5/6 months. 😊 While Bill was gone, I took the opportunity to get out my wedding attire and try things on for a final fitting. All is well now in that department.

This tree is completely bare

My hair is a different story and I haven’t quite decided what I’m doing with it. I had a couple of ideas but in my attempts to test them out here at home, I’m just frustrated with everything about my appearance. So, I’ll probably go visit with the hairdresser down the street and see what she suggests for the look I’m going for. It's not blonde anymore and it's not yet fully gray, just some of each. 😔 I’ve never met Bonnie so there is the intimidation factor in there, knowing only that I don’t want it coloured or cut.

On our way back up the lane, Gibbs
helps out again

He looks so cute with these branches in
his mouth

Bill returned around 2 and the dull day continued outside. He swapped out the soft cushion toilet seat we’d picked up by mistake a month ago for the original one we had. Neither one of us liked it at all so will pick up the one we really want before heading out. We rested for the afternoon mostly, feeling lazy. Bill and Gibbs dozed upstairs with the tv on and I got into my next book. It’s called A Map of the World by Jane Hamilton. I downloaded my copy from Libby too so I have it in both places again. 😊

But I had to draw the line when he wanted to bring
it inside 

I love how this picture turned out
Look at that unpredictable sky!

For supper, I made Italian sausages, potatoes and mixed veggies in Madame IP and on the stove, I fried some cauliflower rice for me. It was good although my appetite was waning and I couldn't eat my whole sausage. Bill was happy to oblige. I can’t get over the change in temperature outside!  Overnight it turned into late fall so I had to switch jackets from the hall closet to our entrance closet. I need something warmer when I go out with Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

I prefer the rice fried to steamed
No dessert tonight

There wasn’t anything new on tv tonight that I wanted to watch and Bill’s movies were all reruns, so, I was glad when Bill put on an old favourite movie. Pretty Woman was halfway through but we enjoy watching it together. This was a lazy day for me but I’m not complaining, I feel on top of the moon! I hope you’ve enjoyed your Saturday too and have your umbrellas sitting at the door!

Behind this, came a huge black cloud
depositing even more precipitation
Good night!

Thank you for stopping in. Your comments are always welcome and the support you’ve shown for our winter plans is much appreciated.


  1. Dogs and their sticks! Freddy likes to gather up 2 or 3 at a time. It takes some thought getting them all in. Then he looks at me for my "good job" smile. Gibbs has quite a mouthful and is pretty much the cutest little guy.

    1. It is so funny watching him search for the perfect one. Freddy must make you laugh too. Sometimes it is annoying though, when we're just trying to get him in the house! haha

  2. Looks to me like you have a very big dog in a tiny body!! Sure wish we would get some rain here. Everything is dry as a Gibbs stick!!

  3. I bet Gibbs is thinking, "But mom, I'm having so much fun with these sticks, please, please, please can I bring them inside." I wondered if he ever used his bed.

    I bet these next three weeks will fly by as you're preparing for your travel.

    1. I'm positive that is what he's thinking when his little bum wiggles back and forth.
      Gibbs doesn't use his bed much but sometimes he surprises us. :)
      I think I am hoping time will fly now that we've got a plan!

  4. Gibbs is so proud of his sticks...too cute. Elva

  5. I think you might be getting our weather now. Don't worry after about 3 days of cold and rain, it should warm up again for a couple.

    The time left before you leave will just fly by.

    God bless.

    1. Thanks for the weather, Jackie. Ha ha. We have a break for 3 days, then a full rain day on Thursday to clear up for the weekend. :)

  6. Gibbs is just too cute! :) Everything is so nice and green at your place! Beautiful. So glad you're excited about crossing the border! You can hear it in your words!

    1. Thank you, I do agree about Gibbs. :) I'm sure things would look green in comparison to your desert. The rains have really helped keep it green all summer, no dryness this year.

  7. I can tell you're looking forward to your trip south!