Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Getting Pretty Good at Painting

The Ridge

On Monday, Oct. 4th I heard Bill get up at 6 because I was awake at 5:30 for some reason. Slept out, apparently. Bill left at 6:45 today because the crane was coming around 7:30 to the job site. It will lift the roof into place. We knew it had rained through the night but we couldn't tell how much. As long as it didn’t make it impossible to get the crane in. There was a slight wind too.

Good morning!

I didn’t have to go anywhere until 10 and that, too, depended on the weather. M called around 9 and plans might have changed. Because the Bronco was outside, I wouldn’t be sanding it today if it rains. The forecast was for a chance of rain off and on all day. I still went over, leaving Gibbs on his own, and painted a second coat on the chair before moving inside. There were lots of small improvement jobs to do on his place and he appreciated the help.

The chair got finished first,
now he just needs a cushion for it

There are 4 more inside doors in his maze of a house and both sides of each needed to be washed, sanded and painted. While M went about his own business, running errands and working on his mower etc. I managed to get one door ready for paint. At noon, I returned home for some Leek soup and to walk Gibbs and then went back to work for 12:30. The day zipped along pretty good and I had finished 2 of the doors by 3 pm when he paid me and I drove home.

These doors have been here since before he
moved in and they were old then
All doors are metal so I could only
paint over the sanded dents 😀    
I'll show the painted doors next time I go back

The first door was ready to be painted 
on both sides when i came back from lunch

It had rained enough that it was a good thing I didn’t try to do anything out-of-doors. Gibbs and I took a walk down the lane to get the mail since I’d noticed the flag was up and he needed to get some exercise. He was walking good so we went further down North Line to the east until he stopped and turned around. 

Don't kid yourself, he has a mind of his own. He had 2 stints of 2 – 2 ½ hours with nary an issue so deserved some freedom. He goes up onto the bed now after eating his small treat and sleeps until we return. It is a place where he can look out the windows and see us come and go. 😊

Bill managed to get the shelf over the toilet off
and flush it from the inside

Bill got home at his usual time, shortly after 4, and we drove into Jamie’s to pick up the hasp and padlock from Cheryl. I knew Bill was tired, as was I, but he was able to get into the toilet tank to flush it. Disgusting! He’s a brave soul. Then he installed the hasp and lock before taping my sign to the door. I’m sure it won’t last long but the padlock is a good solid one at least, difficult to break off. (We hope). I was beginning to feel relief already that at least no one could get in to do damage any more. Yay!

All closed up and only Jamie
and I will have keys

This machine has lost all power
which is weird

I noticed one washer not working, another one leaking and 2 dryers with signs on them. Bill and I drove home and when I’m in to clean in the morning, I’ll leave a key for Jamie for the new lock and give the bathroom/toilet a good cleaning. I forgot my lock up keys when we went. Duh! For supper I’d planned sausage but really don’t feel like preparing it so Bill was happy with grilled cheese sandwiches tonight. I'm forever grateful that he is so easy going when it comes to 'slack off' meals.😊 

It's a good padlock and no one can get to the
screws on the hasp without unlocking it 😄

He had a couple and I had one with onions and one of Gayle’s small garden tomatoes on the side. We both had some dill pickles. Bill had a cupcake and I had an ice cream cone for dessert. That all hit the spot. It was the night for our tv programs and yet we were both so tired that it was a fight to keep our eyes open. We watched 9-1-1, recorded the Voice, NCIS, recording Ordinary Joe and then when NCIS – Hawaii came on, we watched about 20 minutes and both went to bed. I’m not that into it and obviously Bill isn’t either.

another simple but very tasty meal

It was a busy day and although not a hard day for me, the challenges that come with washing, sanding and painting installed doors (bending and squatting) are tough enough on this old body. 😊 I enjoyed it though and $$ in the pocket is always a great way to finish a job.

Here is someone else who always loved sleeping on the bed
during the day
Preferably with one of our clothing items 💗💗
sweet Clemson
Good night!

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  1. Cooper and Jessie always liked the back of the couch so they could look out. Smart puppies!! He’s a big boy now!! Painting is not my favorite pastime. You are very good at it!

    1. I love seeing Gibbs get near the window. The back view is so cute.
      I'm not great at painting so old doors are perfect for me!

  2. Looks as if you have managed to keep vandals out of the bathroom for awhile.

    You did a good job on the doors.

    God bless.

    1. The vandals can always damage the door but that's when the videos come in play. They've lost their bathroom which regulars don't mind.
      Thank you!

  3. You had a busy day between the Mat and M's. Dean is like Bill. He never complains about "slack off" meals either. 🙂

    1. Yes, it was a busy one. I'm supposed to be retired! haha
      We are fortunate with our hubbies. ♥

  4. Glad 'it' is no longer bothering you so much. It's like magic when a crane comes and lifts the roof on. One moment you've just got a box and twenty moments later you have a building!