Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Company Leaves, Slow, Hot Day

The Ridge

On Tuesday, May 31st Bill was up for work at 6:30 and I got up with Gibbs around 7:30. Duncan and Patty were already in motion, getting packed up with the last items and hooking up. I made my tea and went out to join them. Before Bill left, he was able to suggest that they dump tanks on their way out so they took care of that. Bill left at 7:55 and they were pulling out of the lane at 8:00.

A few pictures from my walk on Sunday morning

If you've never seen turtle egg shells
This is your lucky day - ha ha
They are actually kind of rubbery

Wouldn't it be great if we could all 
camouflage like this?
He thinks I can't see him, I'm sure

Gibbs and I were alone again. It was a great visit and we look forward to the next time they are in the area. It was late for us to walk, since it was hot already, but Gibbs and I went down the lane, North Line and went a way down Baptist Church Road to the north. 😊 We came back inside and I played my morning Wordle games, I think. LOL. I dusted the main furniture in the Suite and then we went out again.

Our company pulls out right on their scheduled time

I love how the lane has grown in and greened up
We do have to keep an eye on it so it doesn't
overgrow too much for the big rigs coming and going

You can't see the Suite up there with the lush

I put him on his leash and went up to the garden to check my seedlings. Well, they sure aren’t growing none too fast so I gave them some water and hoed the weeds. 

I'm not holding my breath on these producing much

Spraying the canola

The farmer was spraying the Winter Canola in the field behind us and I can’t get over how big those machines are! 

Since it was so hot and we had a working water pump now, I added some to Gibbs’ little pool and he played in that for a while. How easy that was with the hose!!

It was so easy to get water today
I turned the tap with the hose connected

This is fun, Mom!

For lunch, I had one of my loaded wraps and went out to the puzzle with Gibbs. It was the coolest place to be with both windows letting the breeze in. 


I got a lot done but it truly is the hardest one I’ve done in a long while. 😊 I’m enjoying the challenge though, don’t get me wrong! 

Gibbs gets silly after getting out of the pool

I can't ignore him even with this challenge in front of me!
He's so cute!

Bill drove in around 4 so that was nice. He’ll be further away tomorrow so his hours will be later considering travel time.

Gibbs often disappears over the edge and all you
hear is grass rustling
He comes back up within a minute

Supper was leftovers. Spaghetti for me and some corn and dressing for Bill with a couple of hotdogs. We do what we have to and I like spaghetti anytime. With a couple of texts today, we have the go ahead to plan our Canada Day dinner with Bill’s family. Yay! We really enjoy that ‘party day’ so just need to pray for decent weather. I chatted with Duncan about turtles and canola late afternoon and they were set up at their destination.

I'm tempted to pick up another one of 
these assorted planters, they are beautiful!

'I found where Gibbs' chewed piece went

Don't you chew that rope!

Who me?
He stops dead in his tracks and waits
until I look the other way

He is very intrigued by these little ladies

My supper and it was way too much
I ate a lot of it and the meatballs

After loading the dishwasher Bill made his lunch and then had his shower. We have a bladder almost full of water to put in our tank so I can drive the truck to work tomorrow. Let’s hope most of it will fit or it may go into the pool! 😊 It has been a very hot day, 28C/84F and yet will be cooling back to more normal temperatures. At least it shouldn’t get as chilly as it has been and that’s good.

Bill's supper

We went back outside after supper and Bill went to the Hangar and I went to the puzzle. 

This Mrs. was digging a hole to lay
just outside the Bunky

But then, after a 2" deep hole, she changed 
her mind for some reason

it had cooled down out there so I made great strides
tonight in the puzzle 

This has been a really nice peaceful day. Tomorrow will be somewhat different but that’s okay. I forgot some pictures were still on my camera from Sunday so have included some here.

Good night!

Thank you for stopping in.



  1. Gibbs seems to love that pool. He should keep nice and cool this summer.

    God bless.

  2. Love reading your blog posts. Keep on sharing!

  3. I asked you a few posts back, but I guess you missed it. Have you heard anything from Suzie Yates? She hasn't posted in months. Was just wondering if all is ok with her.

    1. Oh! I'm sorry, Ruth. I did miss that.
      I have not heard from Suzie lately. Your right, she hadn't posted since January. She does comment sometimes on my posts in FB.

  4. That Gibbs ... what a little imp!!! The pool will be perfect for him ... and apparently he loves water!! Sorry about your puzzle piece ... it does look rather sad!! The turtles are so interesting. We don't have any around here at all. They all got eaten when they brought in the Hmong people and didn't explain to them we have grocery stores. Maybe Mrs. Turtle thought the temperature wasn't perfect in that spot. Too fun to watch them!

    1. Gibbs and i both will enjoy the pool but i won't be rolling in the grass to dry off!!
      We hope it's not other critters digging the eggs up, it isn't the right time of year for hatchlings. 🤔

  5. Love the photo of the frog, very interesting colors. Wow, you're making great progress on the puzzle.
    We had a risk of frost last night in many parts of the province. Here we got down to 2C. I haven't planted anything yet, but it is all going in tomorrow come what may. What will produce will produce...

    1. Aren't the colors wonderful on that 🐸?
      Good luck with your planting.

  6. Nice that you could enjoy a comfortable day.
    Looks like Gibbs will enjoy his pool but will continue to test his boundries.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  7. So cute that Gibbs has a pool. I'm sure he will enjoy it a lot.