Wednesday, September 27, 2023

A Full Day and Full Cupboards

The Ridge

On Wednesday, Sept. 27th Bill had the day off. The work is slowing down a bit so they had a break today. I didn’t have to clean the Mat but I did have to work for M at 9:30 for my 3 hour shift. Bill and Gibbs were able to sleep in a bit more and at 7 or so, I got up and had my shower.

Bill was out trimming before I even left
this morning at 9:30.
This is behind the Suite where i didn't pick up the apples.

As Bill prepared to go and begin doing some weed trimming up on the berm (no apples to deal with now!) and down to the front field, I said my goodbyes and drove around the corner. I had my secretary hat on for the first half hour and then we tarped his small back storage shed. It has a particle board type of roof and it has begun rotting in some areas. He keeps his riding mower in there so it needed to be sealed better.

After my morning work, we left for Guelph
around 1:45.

With that taken care of, as much of my help that he needed was done, I went back to the old trailer. Not inside, it’s done and we’re filling it up slowly, but outside. The ‘person’ who lived there was not a good tenant – well, she paid the itty bitty rent M asked her for to stay there, but she left things in such a mess. I can’t begin to describe it but things were left everywhere around the outside of the unit. LOL

Pictures were scarce today so they are not 
in any order
Our A & W lunch.
We got gas at Costco and paid $1.52/litre
much better than at home here where it is $1.59.

Anyway, there are things we can try and sell next spring to get him some case from all this, and I did what I could in the time I had left. I’ll finish up tomorrow morning, hopefully. I don’t touch anything without gloves and am very careful walking around the area. I left for home at 12:30 and Bill and Gibbs were waiting for me. 😊

Some more fall pictures
on our drive home.

Bill was all cleaned up and had eaten so once I had some toast and honey, we left Gibbs in charge and drove to Guelph. He was tired from all the trimming, nice job too, so I drove most of the way to Costco. It is time to start stocking up on the things we need for our winter down south. The prices for the bulk packages seem high but when it lasts us through 2+ winters and summers, we know it pays off for us. And we have lots of storage in the Suite.

Soon the leaves will be gone.

When we got home almost 4 hours later, Gibbs was happy to check things out for us before we even got it unloaded. 😊 On the way home, even though it was early, we stopped at A & W for supper. The Uncle Burger combo with fries and root beer is still my favourite and very filling. I brought the last of my fries home, they are too good to throw out.

This large colourful tree is in front
of Robin's school house. 

With a spot for everything, Bill went up to watch some tv and I worked on my post before I watched some as well. I’ve started the series called Justified and before I finish The Handmaids Tale (only 2 episodes to go!), I’ve found I’m caught up in this new one to me. It looks like it is also into its 5th season so that will keep me busy. I’m not in a rush to finish Handmaids as then I’ll have to wait for the new season to come out like my sisters. Ha ha.

I love how this one turned out.
On Baptist Church Road,
a true country scene out here in West Grey.

This has been a good day. More stuff done and another step closer. Bill will be returning to work tomorrow and so will I. Both the Mat and M are on the agenda. We had a bit of a chilly wind today but still reached 19C/67F under mostly sunny skies. With a drop off to 10C/50F tonight, my plants can stay outside again. 

Happy Birthday to my brother-in-law, Bill. I hope it has been a great day for you! I saw that cheesecake! 💖

Anything for me, Mom?
good night!

Thank you for stopping in.


  1. The preparations begin! The fall colors are gorgeous. We don't see a lot of red here.

  2. A stock up is always good when you are heading south for 6 months away from Costco. It sure was a perfect year for apples!

    1. They do have Sams Club but not always can we found our favorite things. Their coffee pods are just not the same. 😩

  3. Guelph? That's a town? You have some interesting names up North!!

  4. Well Nancy's comment peaked my curiosity. Guelph rhymes with self. Good to know! Is Gibbs able to jump into the back of the car?

    1. Funny, you are right about the pronounciation!
      Yes Gibbs can. Imp.

  5. Was wondering about that name also! We have Costco here in Arizona-was there 2 days ago!
    Heads up: Winter prices have arrived at Denny's. Just had 2 french toast slices,4 bacon and coffee.......$19.75. Used my AARP card and got it down to $17.32. Used to be around $14.00 with my card. This happens every Fall.......darn it. Oh, I love the red trees also!!

    1. Really!? What part of Az?
      Ooh, they get us all no matter which way we turn and add the exchange to that. Yikes!

  6. Sound like a good day. Glad you got your shopping done. I have a long gravel driveway and for years I pulled the weeds by hand. This year I bought a weed flame thrower and now I just drive the mower along and burn the weeds. Much easier and actually fun.😊