Saturday, September 23, 2023

One More Step, Did You Say Ram? Supper with Family

The Ridge

On Friday, Sept. 22nd we didn’t have an alarm to wake us. Yay! Bill gets to sleep in which means I kind of do too. I was the ‘judge and jury’ on when to rise today. So, it was 7 when I did my few stretches and got up for work. Gibbs went back to bed with Bill until they got up at 7:30.

Some pink clouds in the morning
but it didn't bring unfortunate weather.

I love this array of colour here
just as we approach Durham.
This is a newly built home, gorgeous!

The Mat was empty and although messy (!!) I was finished with the routine with minutes to spare. That means that instead of a quick floor wash, it got a thorough one. Sometimes it is just a spot wash but this was much better. ðŸ˜Š I left there after writing my hour on the calendar in the office AND writing a note that I need to check the Lost and Found box on Sunday. It is filling up again.

I drove to the Water Store and had a little chit chat with Mark, the owner. He is a super nice man and when I told him about the ‘deer miss’ (heh heh) he said he would take our Suite to London on the 18th of Oct. if we needed him to. Can you believe that? 😊 Thankfully the way things are going, we should be on track with having Black Beauty back home on time.

I was hoping to capture some pretty
fall colours on our drive today but
they disappointed me.

Bill and Gibbs were inside waiting for me when I returned and he made contact with Enterprise Car Rentals to see if they had the vehicle we wanted. A stunned look passed between us when she said ‘No, none’. There was a wait list of 15 ahead of us. LOL We never even considered that, foolish, I guess. She phoned the Listowel location, which is about 50 minutes from here (Owen Sound is the same) and we were successful. Yay!

At 10 I popped over to take M into town for a couple of stops before the weekend. We were done and back home before 11. We drove there right away and were able to pick up this Dodge Ram. The joke is that we always say ‘no way!’ to a Dodge but she is pretty and I followed Bill out of the venue down the street to Billy’s house for a quick howdoyado?

I followed this red truck through
Listowel to Billy's.

It was still a pretty day

We parted ways at Mount Forest and I stopped in Foodland for a couple of items we needed and was home about 10 minutes before Bill. He’d made a stop as well. We were both hungry but since we’re going out for supper, we just had a nibble to tie us over. Soon enough, it was time to get cleaned up and hop in the truck for the drive to Walkerton.

Boy do they have a lot of pumpkins!

Hibiscus #17
saved from Tuesday night's frost.

You might need to squint to see him
There he is! 💖

The noise was the sprayer doing the
fields in the area

We stopped in Hanover to pick Donna and Gerry up, Gayle and John followed us and Cathy and Bill had already arrived at Old Joe’s Cabin restaurant. Cards were passed around as we were celebrating 4 birthdays. Gayle’s had passed but we hadn’t gathered for hers yet, mine, my Bill’s at the end of the month and Cathy’s Bills mid-week. Lots to celebrate and quite a stretch in age difference. I can still claim to be the youngest! 😊

Bill's ride for a week or so

It's a Dodge but it's pretty! 😂

Bill and I had the fish and chips and I loved my meal along with a dill Caesar. Yum, lip smacking go-o-o-d! We sat and chatted until almost 8:30 when we parted ways after hugs all around. 

We like Old Joe's Cabin
but we always seem to have to wait 
for our meals.
Good thing they are worth it!

My fish and chip were perfect!
You can see that my Caesar is half gone by
the time my meal arrived. It was so good!

What a great evening, I really enjoyed it. I was really tired when I got home, could have been partly the drink, but instead of finishing my blog, I went to bed with Gibbs and watched one episode of The Handmaid’s Tale. Couldn’t stay awake any longer than that! We’ve had a great day and are one step closer to getting things ready.

It has arrived!
Good night!

Thank you for stopping by.


  1. My older brother, a Ford vehicle salesman, would agree with your assessment of the Dodge. I've never driven either, my truck (wayyyyy back when) was a GMC Sierra, and I loved it.
    The colors are coming and it won't be long before the trees will be bare. Enjoy it while it lasts.
    Glad to hear that B.B. should be ready in time for the trip south. Have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you Maebeme. It's funny how we all have our favourite vehicles. My Dad never had other than GM products so laughed at my Ford Mustang the first time I drove it in their laneway. Bless his heart, if he only knew. ♥

  2. Hopefully BB makes a full and speedy recovery so all plans can go ahead as hoped. I love enjoy the flower pics you have posted lately! We are immersed in more colours here with firey reds, and blazing oranges. The yellows have yet to make an appearance.
    Happy Birthday to ALL.


  3. Love the colour of your Hibiscus. Mine are an orangy colour.

    Very pretty red truck, I do know a few people that swear by their Dodge Rams. I know that all makes have their rotten apple vehicles. Hubby had a really bad Ford at one time, and I had a really bad Chev back in the day.

    God bless.

    1. I've never seen a different colour hibiscus, interesting!
      Yes, there are jokes about all vehicle makes but bottom line is if it gets us where we're going, that's all that really matters! :)

  4. Growing up in IL mom had three hibiscus. One your color, one white with burgandy center and one light pink. The blooms were the size of dinner plates. They got about 4 feet high and died down each year. One spring as they were emerging, dad mowed them. They never came back. Mom & I were so sad/mad. When I moved to FL I looked all over for them only to find smaller blooms in a variety of colors I had never seen. Salmon, pinks, reds on dark foliage (think tea) and yellow. I've heard the yellow suck all the nutrients in their area so don't play nice with other plants, but sure are beautiful. I've enjoyed your blooms! Thanks.