Saturday, September 16, 2023

A Busy Enough Saturday, Weather Co-operated


The Ridge

On Saturday, Sept. 16th Bill was up early. I don’t know what time, around 6, I think. I felt very tired after watching tv until 11. I was dreaming in the early morning hours which always makes me wake up feeling worn out. 😊 I got up at 7:30ish and sorted the laundry. Another week has gone by already. It was just before 8 when I followed Bill with his cargo trailer down the lane to Durham, parting ways in the centre of town. It was a nice morning for flying.

pretty sky this morning but I still
want those clouds to vamoose!
On the way to Durham.

The Mat was empty of customers when I arrived, giving me enough time to clean the floors before anyone arrived. Of course, that was out of my usual order but they were littered with ‘stuff’ that people just can’t seem to bend over and pick up themselves. LOL Two ladies arrived to do their laundry, one friendly, one – well, very distant. Oh well, we can’t all be me! Haha.

Not much happening yet, as far as colour
change here on Baptist Church Road.

I loaded our two machines when I got there and waited until everything was cleaned and the doors to the office and storage room were locked up before folding our clothes into our basket. I like to have things in the order I need for hanging, so the heavy jeans and hoodies are on the outer edge to catch the most sun. At least we had sun today although clouds did move in late morning, the weather would be co-operating today with drying them.

You'll find Gibbs where there is shade. πŸ’“

I filled our 5-gallon water jug before heading home to Gibbs. He helped me hang things and then I brought my plants out from the Bunky to take in the sunshine. It won’t be cold enough tonight to warrant sheltering them so I tucked them up beside my garden, out of Bill’s way when he returned home with the cargo trailer. He comes up here to make his turn around before backing it up at the Hangar.

Totally new for us,
Gibbs loves sticking his head out the window
Clemson never ever liked to do that.

We had lunch and then drove over to the Acreage for a bladder of water. We were very low! I visited with Donna by the pond while Bill and Gerry caught up at the back. Gibbs stayed with the ladies, of course. Bill hopped on the mower and cut the front field, finishing up that chore on the property. When the water bladder was emptying, I brought our clothes in off the line and then trimmed some low branches on the trees up here and threw them in the brush pile.

It's nice to see this busy bee
working away at the cornflowers.

He flitted from blossom to blossom.

Then we walked down to join Bill. While waiting for Donna to come for more apples, I used my bare hands to pull that stupid vine that takes over everything. I should’ve brought my gloves and clippers down as I don’t have the strength to pull them out of the ground. They are killing the small trees and bushes in the ‘boulevard’ near the road and our fence line.

I wondered if Gibbs had forgotten about
his bone buried here, next to the Montana's tire
but no, he sniffed it and walked away.
A rainy day is what he's waiting for, I guess.

Donna and I had a good chit chat about many things before she headed home and then I sat in the new chair with my book. It is sure keeping me enthralled; although it is a bit of a comical story, I am getting a kick out of it. This 100-year-old man is like no other I’ve ever known! 😊 For supper, we were going to The Country Corner Diner to use up the last of our gift certificate so got cleaned up and headed there for 6.

The last of the grass being cut.

They look like grapes but they aren't.
They're tiny and this vine is a royal nuisance around here!

They do cluster like little grapes.

We were invited for a campfire tonight but after eating out, we declined, just liking the idea of going home and enjoying a quiet, warm evening inside. Another time, they are thinning out, the opportunities. This has been a great day. We watched some tv before calling it a night around 10:30. Rain is expected tomorrow so we may be holed up inside for the day. Darn!

Before Hibiscus #12 & 13 disappear,
#14 makes an appearance. 

I had the hot roast beef sandwich with
Jewels and corn. Too much corn but
it was a good meal and I didn't have to
cook! Yay! 
Good night everyone!

Thank you for the visit!


  1. They look like wild grapes. Smaller fruit due to lack of pruning, but they spread like crazy and will choke out other life. Some grow near my brothers place and constant trimming, but are tasty when ripe.
    Happy everyone is good after the rodeo riding episode. BB will be good as new and probably grateful to have missed the deer, much bigger ouchies would have been the result no doubt. Fingers crossed the repairs are timely and you can keep your departure date in place. We are seeing the fiery reds and rusts in our foliage already.


  2. Jewels? Canadian Tater Tots? LOL

  3. Those wild grapes make the best ever wreaths. Cut really long strands of them, trim off the leaves and small branches, and twist them into a circle, weaving the ends in like a western rope. I used to make them by the dozen both for inside and outside the house. They last forever!!

  4. It's always nice not to have to cook.
    We're heading up to 29C today - I suspect you'll get this weather soon.

  5. Soon you'll be counting the days before you hit the road.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  6. I love you call tater tots Jewels! LOL. Love how Gibbs likes hanging out the window! Too cute!