Wednesday, September 6, 2023

A Bit of Work, Weather Change


The Ridge

On Wednesday, Sept. 6th, hump day, Bill was up and off to work at 6:30, with Black Beauty. I was up and off to work at 6:45, arriving at the Mat a couple of minutes before 7. It was quiet in there until one regular arrived when I was half way through. A nice gentleman but I’ve only seen him a handful of times. I had stripped the bed sheets and duvet cover so put them into two machines. When they were done and when I was done, I loaded them into the basket damp to hang at home.

My first drive into Durham at 7
Coming home Baptist Church Road
is even prettier with some leaves changing colour

A stop at Foodland, before it got busy and too hot, to get Bill his bread and a bottle of ketchup. The Compliments brand was $3 cheaper but I can’t bring myself to buy it – Bill would shoot me! Ha ha, not really, but Heinz is the only ketchup for us. 😊 Some things, we can live with the ‘other’ brands but others just have to be the ‘best’. It’s true and we’ve earned the right to choose, haven’t we?! Yes!

My work shorts are cut offs but the constant
rolling and fraying was making me nuts.
So I hemmed them with my Supervisor staying close.
My sewing jobs are usually slap happy but they work. 

I pulled Ptooties up into the shade nice and snug to the Montana as that sun was barreling down like gangbusters already at 8:30. Bill had bumped the a/c down to a temperature where it would kick in first thing, it was already warm in here. It remained on for the better part of the day. I made my coffee and left the Suite for M’s at a few minutes before 10.

Second trip to town with M
His Lincoln is almost ready to go
but we both liked this classic Mercedes. Purty!

It was a different run today, with some
familiar stops but a stop at Mrs. Sew & Sew's
to drop off some of M's pants for hemming. (No, I won't do them)
These Begolias are hers, beautiful!
Our road was being graded when I returned.
Just in time too, the pot holes were getting bad.

We did a town run and then some of his personal business stuff back at the shop that he needed help with and called it a ‘shift’ after 2 hours. Too hot to work on a vehicle. Tommy, the 1929 that I’ve (we’ve) been working on is gone. Wes’s family had a meeting and decided they could not afford to have us finish it. I’m very sad because I so wanted to see it painted BUT at the same time, this is their call, I’m sure it wasn’t easy.

Gibbs and I walked down and the gate had
blown shut again. The winds were quite strong
this afternoon.

 I’m glad it will now be stored indoors. Hopefully Wes will bounce back and be able to make his own decisions again soon. For the rest of the afternoon, until Bill returned home at an earlier 4:30, I read my book with Gibbs. We did go for a walk to check mail around 3:30 but both of us were almost running up the steps to get back to where it was cool. Aaaah!

this pot of petunias are in the best spot
They have been in bloom all summer.
Hibiscus #4, 5 & 6. 💖

The sky darkened, winds picked up and the rains came before Bill got home. I brought his flag down because of the wind and Gibbs and I stayed inside listening to the thunder and watching the lightning flashes. Safe. 😊 We had chicken nuggets fried potatoes and corn on the cob for supper, no dessert required. Bill went to the Hangar and after posting this, I’ll finish my book. We are both off work tomorrow, yay! so I’ll finish with the last bag of apples.

I went up to lower Bill's flag when the winds picked
up and the sky started changing.

The rains came and then moved off to the east.

A nice easy supper to prepare tonight

This has been a good day, no complaints. After the rain, we opened windows, it dropped from a stifling, humid 31C/88F to a comfortable, refreshing 20C/68F. Nice sleeping tonight.

Watching Daddy go to the Hangar
but enjoying the fresh breeze too!
What a tired puppy! 💓🐶
Good night!

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  1. Sure hope it blows through here soon!

  2. Like you I would never ever buy any Ketchup except Heinz. Then when they closed their Canadian plant in Lemington and moved it Stateside I decided to try a Canadian ketchup. I bought French's and love it so much more than Heinz. I will never go back to Heinz, not so much because it isn't made in Canada anymore but I much prefer French's.

  3. Hmmmmm ... now you are making me wonder. I thought ketchup was ketchup. LOL

  4. When Warren Buffet bought the Heinz company here in our town of Leamington and moved production to the USA, we boycotted Heinz Ketchup and bought locally made French. It has less sugar, hence the difference in the taste, otherwise the same, as they are the same tomatoes grown here just like before. Btw, Highbury Canco, who took over the Heinz plant is producing 180 million pounds of Ontario tomatoes per year and Kraft Heinz Canada is its largest customer, but they also co-packing for several large food processors and beverage companies.

  5. Glad you got some rain, I'm sure it was very welcome.
    I'm pulling my petunias today as they are starting to go to seed and are awfully leggy. I'm not nearly as good at deadheading as I ought to be. I think I'll stay away from the wave petunias next year.

  6. Sad news about Tommy but those decisions have to be made. Heinz is all I've ever bought but I might check out French's.