Thursday, September 28, 2023

A Bit of This and That, Call Re: Black Beauty

The Ridge

On Thursday, Sept. 28th there are no known birthdays to report. That’s a switch! 😊 Bill was up and on his way to work by 6:30, his normal departure time. I wasn’t too far behind and left with a to-go mug of tea at 5 to 7. No one appeared at the Mat this morning so I did an extra job on the dryers. Below the lint trays, fluff gathers and it’s messy so I’m glad I was able to get it done with no one needed to use them.

Last night's sky was very interesting.

This did take me an extra 20 minutes so put down for the hour and a half. I cleared out the Lost & Found today, there were about 6 items of clothing to go in the bag and I brought it back. Next time I’m in town, I will drop it at the second-hand store. Before leaving Durham, I stopped at Foodland for a few things we don’t buy at Costco and then headed back to the Ridge.

And the sun came up behind me on the drive into town.
this is the sky that I looked back at once I arrived
at the Mat.
Interesting too!

My mind, Bill’s mind and I’m sure everyone else’s mind who have plans to make for something or other, is going in circles. Thinking of things I can do to help us in the long run to ready for departure. Bill informed me last night that we are down to 3 weeks today and we’ll be pulling out. It seems every year that our time at home goes by faster than the previous one. I guess it all depends on what’s going on.

My dinosaur tree with its red coat seems to be
spewing out the clouds

So, back home a little later than normal, I had only 45 minutes before I had to leave for M’s. First, we did some more banking (he truly is not good at the online stuff and with my help, he doesn’t have to call and bug the bank) on his phone and then took a run into town. I had forgotten bread this morning, duh, so had to go into Foodland again, which is one of his stops. 😊 I’m on his dime so I try not to make stops for me.

We took pictures of his 2000 Lincoln and
posted it on Kijiji
It is his 'Elvis' car so he's sad but knows he
can't keep it sitting there.

Back home, we worked together to finish the clean up around the old trailer and  that part is done. Separating things into recycle piles and burning what he can, it is disappearing – slowly. Now, he can at least get the weed eater out to get rid of the weeds and that will neaten up the area, plus his property at the same time. It looks junky enough, this will help a lot!

It's a pretty car for sure.

I only worked a 2-hour shift and was home for lunch, on time for once. I refried the leftover French fries from A & W the way George taught me and they were yummy! We sure learned a lot of tips from him. 😊 Gibbs and I went out for a walk to the mailbox at 1 and as we returned up the hill, Bill turned in the lane.

Gibbs and I walked to check the mail.
Good little man, minding his own business
as he walks beside me.

Another early day which gave him an opportunity to get the grass cut before the weekend. The grass has slowed down with its growing as we aren’t getting as much rain. That’s good, maybe one more cut up here in my area and we’ll be done with that too. We’ll see. A took the rake down with Gibbs and while Bill cut the front field, I raked a pile of gravel leftover from the gate building. There are holes to fill.

Bill get the front field done first.
He got the trimming done the other day
so it will be good for the rest of the year, you
can see it is quite low at the fence line.

Then we just sat in the grass and watched as Daddy finished the field. I made contact with a few businesses in the area trying to find the best price for top soil while I waited. We have a few areas that need it badly and a garden that needs a fair bit. We still haven’t decided but to get a load in from Alex (Sandy’s dad’s business) it is higher than what we expected. We’re still debating on that. Speaking of Sandy, he called me today to tell me he was putting my pay in the office (I hadn't even asked yet!) and if he's figured it wrong, we'll add it to next month's. 😁

Gibbs and I wait and watch.

It isn’t an overly warm day but that’s only because the sun and clouds can’t decide who’s the boss today. I unplugged from power after lunch when the sky seemed more blue than white but at 4 pm, it has switched around. We still reached a high of 18C/65F but I’m not sure how. We do have a heat wave a-coming, a stretch of about 7 days above average temps. Get out the shorts again! 😊

I sorted through puzzles and books in the Bunky
while Gibbs was on security detail.

For supper, Bill grilled sausages and because I picked up buns and potatoes today, we had a choice. In a bun or not? I knew what Bill’s answer would be. They were good although a bit spicy. We had a piece of warmed apple pie with cheese and that was great! With the dishwasher loaded Bill made his lunch and fixed the end of an extension cord.

We have a mystery. Can you see those dead flies?
Every day, at least twice a day, they land here at the door.
We're not sure why. It has been a long time since I've sprayed
the screen with's crazy, but we're happy too.
This was just this afternoon's collection.

He hooked the tv up to his laptop so we could watch a couple of episodes of the Voice on CTV. Because we don’t have a service provider, we can’t get it on our Firestick even though it is free. One of the sacrifices of giving up our satellite dish. This was a good day with a few more jobs done. We’re hoping it will be the last grass cutting but never say never.

We did get a call from Dave at CarStar this afternoon. Black Beauty is done as far as they can go for now, with the hood and front bumper replaced. We could pick her up if we chose to. However, the grill, that is on order, could be in within a couple of days, or early next week so we decided just to leave her until mid-next week. That will be a quick install once it arrives.

A good simple supper
Good night y'all!

Thank you for the visit.


  1. I hope Black Beauty gets fixed quickly. Not that long at all before you leave once again.

    God bless.

  2. Love the red sky pictures! Get them here also. Great pic of you and Gibbs also!
    Thought Costco was in Yuma....guess not. I live up near Phoenix. The temps. are dropping Mon. and Tues. YEA!!

    1. Are you still getting hot weather? Wow.
      Sams Club is in Yuma which is good but different stuff.

  3. So you will be leaving there to head south about
    October 18th? Gee, that's soon good for you! May all your plans for smoothly,stay blessed,Mary

    1. That's right, Mary. It is soon!
      Thank you, we'll take all the blessings we can get.

  4. We are thinking of getting Starlink. Gave up the tv provider. Just wondering what plan you went with? Leaving BC to Arizona. Thanks.

    1. If you want to use Star Link away from your home, get the roaming plan as it is what works. The residential plan will stop working when you leave your home.
      We use Amazon Prime " Fire Stick" to stream TV.

    2. Thanks Bill. One more question. We have an HDMI box with 4 ports. Can that be used or does it have to go directly into the TV? Right now we are using the box with an HDMI cable connect to the phone or iPad to get service ie. Netflix, prime and streaming news.

    3. The Fire Stick does plug into a HDMI Port, but I don't want to say for sure that you can plug into the box. I think it would as long as one of the other things plugged into the box are not being used.
      Hope that helps.

    4. Thanks so much. Guess we will get the dish first and go from there, lol. We are friends with Deb and Tom. Take care and safe travels south.

    5. I'm glad Bill answered those for you! I'd be lost. We wondered who you were so nice to hear the connection. Deb and Tom are wonderful friends!

  5. I'm sure the next three weeks will speed on by. Glad to hear that BB will be ready for the drive south soon.

  6. M is a very lucky guy to have you helping him. Nice car! I have to agree ... this summer went by FAST!!!

  7. That car is a beauty. Three weeks? That actually took my breath away. I don't know I agree that M is lucky to have such a multi talented neighbor!

    1. Yes, it is a nice car for sure and he's looked after it.
      3 weeks takes my breath away too! :)

  8. Your departure date is flying up close!