Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Summer Returns, Black Beauty Update


The Ridge

On Wednesday, Sept. 20th the day started as usual on a work day for both of us. Bill was up and after a goodbye kiss, left at 6:30 with Ptooties. I was up and left after making a to-go mug of tea to clean the Mat. No one appeared for the whole hour so that made it pretty quick.

My morning drive to Durham and back
This is the prettiest tree, every fall.

Turning onto Baptist Church Road,
I will miss this view once we leave.
It is so different when we return in the spring. 

Yesterday, I had a chat with Sandy about our departure date and my last working day. He made it clear that they wanted me back in the spring which is always encouraging, since I enjoy it. I will set up a time with his office clerk, Allison, to take her through the process again as well as show her how to clean the big dryer lint trays. She filled in for me a couple of times but would like a run-through. I don’t mind at all! 😊

The other day, I said how this
drive hadn't started to change its leaves yet.

Today, I noticed a huge change.
I don't have many pictures today so share the
drive with me. 

Gibbs and I went out for a brief run around before I had to make my thermos of coffee. I drove BB over to M’s and first thing we did was hop in his old Ford to go down the country road to get wood pallets from Alex. M cuts them up and burns them over the winter in his wood stoves. 

It is not a worthless trip and 4 hands are
better than 2. We worked on the car a bit
and then went out to offload. He usually does it
himself but today I offered to help.
That is the old trailer I've been cleaning out. 

Next was a run into town with only 2 stops and then back to the shop to work on the Datsun. I discovered that it looks like it is an ’82, which makes more sense.

M's is up on the left at that big tree.

The leaf colours are very sporadic,
just to extend the process, I guess. 😀

Each day we work on it, we’re that much closer to completion. While I sand, he works on the holes and rusty spots that need that kind of attention. I was home by 1:10 and have a day off tomorrow from both jobs. 

Bill does a great job trimming in the corral.
It makes my garden with the primroses pop!

I got washed up, changed and made my lunch. Simple today with toasted marble rye bread and honey. Then we went for our walk to get the mail. No special collar and that little guy walked either behind me or beside me.

Wildflowers along our laneway

As I reached the gate, he stopped while I kept walking to the mailbox at the road. He sat and waited without me saying a word so he, of course, received a great deal of praise. If only we could teach him to avoid a couple of other annoying habits. 😊 LOL We sat outside on my new chair and I dozed and read on this lovely day! We reached a nice temperature of 21C/71F today at the peak, now this feels like summer again! Yay!

Look at this little sweetheart!
He stopped on his own and waited until I walked
to the mailbox and returned. 💕💕💕

There was frost on our windshields this morning, heavy enough to make us wait our departures, but that should be it for a little while. My vegetables can stay out tonight. When Bill got home around 3:30, he’d had a call from CarStar saying we could bring the truck in to have the alignment done and oil pan replaced. That meant an oil change too. They didn’t have all of her parts yet but this was, at least, a start. 😊

Stretching out on the cool shaded grass,
one of his favourite things to do.

We sat together for a while before I started supper. I should have started it earlier as the chicken thighs took ‘forever!’, you’d think I’d learn. The bonus was, even though we weren’t eating until just after 7, that the skin was so crispy and delicious! We had mac & cheese with our vegetable and the meal was very good. Bill made his lunch after clean up and I worked on this.

Stretching out on my chair with a book,
one of my favourite things to do. 😃

We’ve had a good day. We are feeling positive about things but only time will tell how it plays out. I hope you’ve enjoyed the same warm day we have.

Although later than I'd hoped,
a lovely supper.
Good night!

Thank you for stopping by.



  1. I love the colour changes that autumn brings. That tree is gorgeous.

    I am glad that your truck is getting ready for the trip, even if they can't get it all done at once, it is a start.

    God bless.

  2. I know you're limited to kitchen gadgets because of space, but an air fryer will do chicken thighs pretty fast. Cooking for one person, I use it a lot more than I thought I would. And it puts out little heat into the kitchen. I've always been reluctant to buy the various cookers that come out, but this one is a winner. You turn out gorgeous food no matter what you're using though!

    1. Thanks Judith K. I do have a smallish air fryer and have used it often for the thighs but it takes a while too and they have to go back in and again. They are temperamental no matter what i do!

  3. P.S. As a life long addict to fried potatoes, I thought I wouldn't be pleased with the gadget, but I am. Not as good really as skillfully done fried potatoes (a la french fries, and which I rarely accomplish) but close enough. Close enough......Won't be dealing with pans of leftover grease again.

    1. We have a Fry daddy for the fries and love them that way. Grease doesn't bother us - yet!!

  4. Years ago, the Year of a vehicle was made in the Plastic of the taillights and side-markers. Don't know if they still do that, but it might make it easier to find the age of the car.
    Your day makes me Envious.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the changing colours.

    It's about time.

    1. Thanks Rick. I didn't know that and Bill said he forgot that. I'll check tomorrow but the silver id plate inside the driver's door has an '82' on it.

  5. Aww just look at that face. Gibbs could NEVER have any annoying habits!

  6. Gibbs is so good to wait for you! Love seeing the Fall colors start to pop!

  7. What a sweet photo of Gibbs by the gate! Glad to hear some of the issues with Black Beauty will be resolved soon.