Friday, September 29, 2023

A Self-Induced Friday

The Ridge

On Friday, Sept. 29th we can feel the end of the month chomping at the bit. It’s crazy how fast the days are whizzing by when you look at them as a whole. Yet, each individual day doesn’t seem to be going fast while I’m in the moment. They seem quite perfect, actually. 😊 So, today, I had no outside work, no reason to drive into town and that was kind of nice.

What a great morning for a walk.

Gibbs and I got up to say goodbye to Bill at 6:30 and crawled right back into bed. It wasn’t a late night for me, but it was sure a dream-filled morning. Between 4:30 and 6:30, they just seemed to bump into each other. Stupid ones, with odd choices of participants. People I hardly know. Weird, weird, weird. I dropped off again after he left and my last hour was pretty peaceful.

I love our fields when they have been freshly cut.
Bill cuts between the fence and the road too,
making it look even nicer.

I had my tea and we went for our walk, past the corner this time staying on North Line. It was a lovely morning, only 10C/51F, but that is pretty pleasant for a walk. 😊 Back home, I cleaned up the flies at the door and window ledges with my little handheld vacuum ($3 at a garage sale!) and then dusted downstairs. There wasn’t much to do, which was nice.

The walk up the lane makes e
appreciate the shade

Next on my agenda was a fun project. I printed off a couple of family photos for framing. We’ve been trying to get 5 x 7’s from each of our kids, and it has been a challenge. It’s hard when they don’t live in the same house plus when there is so much going on. I understand but I did get 2 more in frames today with just 2 left to go. I can always swap them out down the road but we finally want to have them hanging in the Suite.

Hibiscus #20

Gibbs and I sat outside and he and I were entertained with a baby red squirrel under the trailer. LOL I felt so bad for him as he certainly seemed lost. Where is his Momma? Gibbs was very good and stayed away (after the initial toss & play) and the little baby was just fine. Eventually, after I got a 5-minute video, his Momma came and they both disappeared. Good, I hope it wasn’t up into the belly of our home though! Only time will tell.

This is hard to see but it is a piece of red
tape that has come loose under the trailer belly.
The little squirrel was either playing with it or
trying to climb it. See him in front?
My video showed him running to catch it,
around it and jumping at it as it blew in the wind. ♥

I thought it was a baby Chippy until he came and rested on the mat.
He looked exhausted and slept there for a while.
Now I know it is a baby red squirrel.

Later, we heard his Momma come looking for him.
She searched under the stoop and even up to our door.
I hope they have run off somewhere together. 

Bill was home around 3 and after sitting for a while, we all went over to the Acreage for a bladder of water. 

Gibbs and I sat out and enjoyed the
lovely day and entertainment until Daddy came home.

Fish and chips for supper wouldn’t take long. I let Bill have the chips and I reheated the last of the spaghetti from the other night. It isn’t a ‘blendable’ meal but I’m the one eating it so as long as I’m happy! Plus, it cleans it up from the fridge when there isn’t enough for 2 meals. πŸ˜‰

A mishmash meal but a filling one none-the-less.

It all tasted just fine but we had no room for dessert. This has been a nice day for me although Bill had a rather nasty job today with Billy. Cutting a hole in a cistern, 41"w x 55" h x 8.5" thick, is tough and he came home looking quite the worse for wear – enough that he removed his clothing out on the stoop! A good reason to live in the sticks! Monday's job will be breaking that chunk of cement up into pieces. 😟 I hope your day was much better than that!

I didn't want to miss the sky tonight
so left is facing east.
the right photo is facing across the pond to the north.

This one is across the berm to the farmer's field
and turbines to our south

And my favourite is from up on the berm
facing across our lot to the west.
Good night sunshine!

Thank you for stopping around today.


  1. Ha. Yes. That is an advantage to living in the country....when a wasp got inside my shirt, off it came. I was so desperate I probably would have done that in town too. But no one saw the event. What a job Bill had, sounds very hard.

    1. ha ha, I agree about the shirt coming off no matter where you were! You'd be the talk of the town! :)

  2. Poor baby squirrel. Someone must have fallen out of the next. Glad Mom came back and got him.

  3. Cute squirrel. The trees are srarting to turn up your way. Won't be long till I'm raking leaves since I'm not leaving till after Xmas. Love the last picture. So peaceful. Living in the boonies does have its advantages. Have a great weekend.

    1. I didn't know you were leaving after Christmas. Would Dolly come with you now? It would be great to see her again too. Thanks Doug.

  4. Lucky you, to be having nice weather. It's cool, a cold (1C) this morning, and we've got rain in the forecast for today and into next week.
    Lucky baby squirrel that Gibbs didn't decide to play with him for long, and lucky too that mom showed up to take him home.

    1. Well, it won't last, byThursday we'll be getting what you have. Oh well, October and its follies!

  5. As Maebeme says it is a cool cold morning here on the prairies (I only live about 120 Km from her). At least no fog today.

    That baby squirrel is so cute. Glad it got a sleep in on your mat.

    God bless.

    1. Brr, such confused weather! We'll get it soon enough.
      I'm glad baby squirrel had a Momma to find him too.