Monday, September 25, 2023

Continuing with the Summer-Like Days

The Ridge

On Monday, Sept. 25th Bill was up getting ready for work at 5:30.  I slipped down to say goodbye at 6:30 and went straight back to bed. I didn’t have to get up yet. It was an hour later when Gibbs and I decided it was time. 😊 I had my tea and then we went for our walk to the corner, well almost to the corner. 

Good morning!
We get two suns today!

Before I forgot, I took the time to wash the inside of Ptooties, she got her bath yesterday but the windows were terrible for our drive to Drayton. LOL With that done, I played my morning online Wordle games and just before 10 made my thermos of coffee and left the little guy in charge with his milk bone treat.

No peeking, we're taking
care of business here!

A quick run into town for M and then I worked on the Datsun 250Z for 2 hours. It’s an ’81 by the way, but no, it isn’t on any of the taillights nor the identification plate. Bill says maybe because it is a Japanese model. I finished the sanding under the hood and for the last half hour, we emptied his small shed of tires and Rubbermaid buckets. It has a corner with some rotting wood so will leak over the winter. We’ll tarp that on my next work day.

Sauntering back home

All things, including winter tires for his vehicles are now stored in that trailer I cleaned out. Gee, I did a great job! 😊 I was home by 1:05 and made my quesadilla for lunch. Always such a nice reward to come home to! 

This one has avocado and lettuce
with salsa.

Of course, is always there for me as well. We wiled the afternoon away puttering and I even got some reading done. I found being on my feet all morning tired out these old legs today.

Where did my puppy dog go?

Something intriguing down in there,
I guess.

On my way back home from M’s earlier, I stopped to pick up the 2 recycle bins after the pick up and so around 2:30 or 3, Gibbs and I started walking down for the mail. I saw earlier that the flag was up. That was when we saw the red truck at the end of the lane so Gibbs ran down to meet his Daddy. Bill was picking up the brush pile that I left the other day. Nice to have it cleaned up and tossed in the big brush pile up here.

Of course, Gibbs had to run to meet him.

The boys dozed and I read my book while having a cup of tea. The book is called A Long Time Gone by Karen White. Looked like a good story and so far, I’m not disappointed. We started supper at 5:30, pork kebabs with fries to share and broccoli for me. I overcooked my broccoli but I still enjoy the flavour regardless. 😊 We cleaned up and Bill went to the Hangar.

Supper was good, mushy broccoli
and all!

I watched a movie last night that I’d give a 5/10, maybe a 6. It’s called Darling Companion with Diane Keaton but her characters are always the same so I think another actor would have done the role more justice. Just my opinion as I do like her – usually. I’ll probably watch a couple more episodes of The Handmaids Tale tonight, I’m almost caught up so don’t want to rush them. You know the ‘hurry up and wait’ routine?

A nice night, calm with some
pretty cloud activity as the sun sets.
Good night!

This has been a good day and the weather has still been good to us here as we approach the end of September. We reached a pleasant 20C/69F and going down to a comfortable 13C/55F overnight. Good for sleeping for sure.

Thank you for stopping in!


  1. Have you seen Women Talking? A very powerful film!

  2. When fall shows up, Gibbs blends right in!!! He sure keeps a close eye on you two.

  3. You had a very busy morning, glad you were able to relax some in the afternoon. That Gibbs is sure an entertaining little fellow.

  4. No Datsun 250Z. Either 240 or very rare 260
    Thanks for the interesting blog

  5. Wow, you are still having lovely weather. While the temperature here isn't bad the wind is very cool.

    God bless.