Monday, June 10, 2024

A Cool Start to the Week

The Ridge

On Monday, June 10th, first off, no birthdays today. 😉 We woke up to a chilly morning, not to improve much throughout the day. It was 6C/44F when I came downstairs. Bill had turned the furnace on at 18C/66F to warm the floors and our bodies as he got ready for work. He left at 7:30 and Gibbs and I sat for a couple of hours, cuddling and gaming and reading in my recliner.

Good morning!
Last night's beautiful sunset sky

At 10:30, I got washed and dressed for work. Williamsford’s guests were leaving at 11 and although there weren’t others checking in (so far), Robin and I wanted it clean, just in case. She flew out this morning for Newfoundland, a few more things on the air bnb out there that she could do with a friend while Andrew was away. She will be home on Sunday, I think.

I sat here, at the end of the lane, to get a good
picture of our little flag.
This was the best I managed, the wind was too strong.

I left at 11:15 and arrived to probably the dirtiest house yet. Her guests have been quite good, with the odd ‘flaw’ here and there, but these were just not the best example of bnb guests. Oh well, I managed to get it all taken care of, it just took 2 ½ hours instead of my usual 1 ½ to clean. They often do dishes, as this group did, but this family of 5, need to learn HOW to wash spaghetti sauce out of saucepans.

Coming home, I took the back way.
Black Beauty knows these roads.

It was 2:15 when I closed the door and drove home. Gibbs was happy to see me when I walked in and immediately ran to get his yak cheese bone to show Mom. He has to grab something when we return, he’s so proud. I sat at my laptop and did some more research on M’s Elvis cards, and found a few examples on Etsy of what others are selling some of the same sets for. I don’t know what will come of it.

A sharp left turn here if you don't
want to take this 2 lane track road
into who knows where. 
Actually, it is a through road.

Bill drove up the lane just before 4, they’d finished at 3 today, so that was nice. He didn’t take his boots off, deciding to go to the Acreage for water right away. Gibbs saw the keys in his hand and ran to go with him. Of course, he was a little whiner all the way but got exercise running around in the field and such. 😊 He was quiet on the way home until they got to our corner, Bill said. That’s expected.

Robin's bnb has huge window ledges,
like about 24" deep, where she keeps 
succulents mostly.
Today, they were pushed aside and a stem had broke off 
this one. I soon saw why. Darn kitty cat!! Hair all over the ledge.

For supper, we split a large chicken breast, Bill had potatoes and corn and I had Brussel Sprout. He finished the last of his rice pudding and we each had a home-baked goodie that I’d picked up in town on Saturday. We cleaned up dishes and we’ll enjoy the evening. 

It was soon time for Daddy, how do they know?

It’s early so I’m not sure yet what we’ll get up to.  I will likely finish my book, since I’m on the Epilogue. I’ll be sad to get to the end, it has been a nice read. This has been a cool day, reaching a whole 13C/56F! Wow! However, once more, we warm up tomorrow for the foreseeable week. 

Supper was good.
Good night.

Thank you for the visit. I enjoy reading your comments and glad you’re joining me.


  1. Your sunset and flag pic are wonderful! Loved the ride down the back road ~ BIG leafy trees!
    Maybe dogs can tell time! :)

  2. It was rainy here most of the day, the sun just started shining through the clouds now. It was not very warm either. We love Brussels sprouts in this house.

    God bless.

    1. Sounds like the same as here. Blue sky was just below the clouds on time for it to set last night. :)

  3. It's so cute that Gibbs gets something to show you when you get home!!!
    I hope your weather warms up for you soon

    1. Every time, he has to run and find something. ♥
      Thank you Mary, it's-a-coming!

  4. Brrrr, it barely got into the single digits here too

  5. I'm trying to decide if I wish I was you in the cool air or if I'm happy to be where it's warm!!

  6. The temperature dropped to -1C at the airport, but was above freezing here in the city. It's crazy how the weather keeps bouncing up and down. Rain all day yesterday, but today is supposed to be mostly sunny with a high of 25C.
    One wonders what the guests' home looks like if they leave such a mess at the rental. I tend to think I'd be more careful in someone elses property.

    1. Brrr, the temperatures are nuts.
      I bet their house is messy too. Splatters of tomato sauce on the stove - I can't get it out.

  7. When it is colder, you can always get warm, you can always get warmer by putting more clothes on. When it is hot, you can take off clothes to a point, but you can't always get cool that way.