Thursday, June 13, 2024

Summer! A Week Early – That’s a Switch!

The Ridge

On Thursday, June 13th we were all up and moving by 7. I slept well, in fact, even this morning I didn’t hear Bill and Gibbs go out at 6. I was surprised to see it was 6:40 when I opened my eyes. My little window was open and I guess the fresh air just had me so comfy. 😊

Good morning!
Last night's sunset

Bill and I left the Suite at the same time and he made mention of the geese families were in the lane ahead of him. I’ve still not got a good picture so haven’t mentioned them. There are 3 families, each with 3 or 4 babies, well, more like teenagers now. They still aren’t flying yet so occasionally we’ll see them in the laneway or the fields. They don’t hang around long. ‘Safety, run for safety!’

Sorry for the zoomed in blur
but this is the best I could get of the geese family.
Don't you love the look of this front field cut?

I had the Mat to myself again and therefore, made quick work of cleaning it up. It gave me the opportunity to give the floors a really good wash before I closed up and left. I stopped at Foodland and stocked up on their specials, butter, bacon, chicken broth, cheese and also some ‘Pat’-type vegetables, cream along with bread and milk for Bill. Last stop was at Battery Pro/Water Store to get a bottle filled and then I scooted home.

The sky was entertaining on the way into town

The day was going to be a warm one, feeling like a summer morning already at 8 am. No way are we complaining, we have been waiting and whining and waiting some more for this weather so we’re going to enjoy it. πŸ˜‰ Doggonit! The winds picked up quite a bit throughout the day but although they were stronger than they needed to be, it made the heat easier to bear. We did get rain overnight, enough to fill the top half of our collector pails.

Yay! The evening primrose are
ready! The gardens will be awash in yellow soon.

The rain also watered my vegetables for me, which is always good. I spent some quiet time, until lunch, inside on my laptop. The online auction we like to keep an eye on during the 6 months were home started Monday and ends tomorrow, so I scrolled through to see what is being offered. 98% is for men, tools, machinery, equipment etc. but I did find a few things in the ‘other’ categories just to ‘watch’ for curiosity.

We walked down to get the mail.
Another feather, surprise!

After a salad plate, Gibbs and I went outside. Rather than start on the puzzle right away, we walked to get the mail. Yes, he found another feather, a small one today, and proudly carried it all the way down and back. Yesterday, I put a revolving stool down at the road with a life jacket and dog cone. With just a FREE sign on the box, my expectations weren’t high out here in the country.

By the end of my puzzle time,
I was impressed.

When we walked down, the stool was gone so I’m pleased that someone could use it. We just didn’t need it in either of our sheds. Then, I puzzled while Gibbs found shade just outside the Bunky. Chippy is making himself scarce so maybe Gibbs did get just a little too close the other day. Hmmm. When I took my kitchen compost up the berm to the big composter, I frightened a mourning dove from the spruce tree. When I peeked in, she has 2 eggs in the nest. Aaaah. I hurried away.

When it felt too warm for Gibbs, he eagerly came indoors so I went back to the puzzle. It’s such a fun one to work on so I moved myself around to the top section for today. I came in around 4 and had my shower. Gibbs has a spot on the top of his paw (#3 in his count) that seems to be bothering him. He has been licking it for a few days so I called the vet for some suggestions. He won’t let us near it and she walked me through something to try at home – I may have to take him in.

The after work, after shower snooze. πŸ’–

Sour dough grilled cheese

Bill was home just before 5 and had his shower right away. He’s quite the dirty, dusty mess when he walks in. I’m sure a shower feels great after that plus after such a hot day. No a/c in the house they’re working in. For supper, we had grilled cheese sandwiches. Mine is so good with sliced onion on sour dough bread!

The calm before the storm

It looked like it was going to miss us

But then we got it

The rainbow was the perk though

So, we walked down the lane to
find Mrs. Yertle digging
and a broken branch.

We are supposed to get storms at some point this evening so that is what all the wind is about. At 5:30, it is 28C/82F, dropping 30 degrees overnight. Looking at the radar at 6, it looks like we might be in a sweet spot and the storms will miss us. They seem to be going north and south of us. So much for that! Does this look like it missed us? 😊

I had a great day, a bit of work, a bit more of play and a lot of great summer weather. Bill went to the Hangar after making his lunch and I watched some tv.

The aftermath left puddles
and another entertaining sky. 
Good night.

Thank you for the visit.


  1. Did you have any issues from your storm I loved the rainbow. Great pictures of storm and the sky. Tell Mr Bill high and pet Mr Gibbs. Hugs to you

    1. No problems with the storm but it is scary with winds. My boys return the greetings!

  2. I could eat sourdough bread every single day!! You're going great guns on that puzzle!!

  3. I wonder if Gibb picked up a tick? Whatever it is, I hope it can be relieved quickly and easily.
    The storms certainly seem to be brewing this spring/early summer. I drove home yesterday in a rainstorm, at times quite heavy, but thankfully brief.

    1. Not sure, wouldn't it bother him more? I'll keep an eye on it.
      Storms can be scary.

  4. I think the warnings were more severe than the storm!