Thursday, June 20, 2024

Rain Helps Water At Least!

The Ridge

On Thursday, June 20th we wake up welcoming the Summer of ’24. Remembering childhood days, once summer arrived, it meant we were soon out of school and those dog days were for fun-filled days. I don’t ever remember thinking (not that I would remember necessarily) or shall I say that I can’t imagine thinking once ‘wow is the summer ever going fast!’ Things always seemed very slow paced for me.

Good morning!
this was the first morning in a while
that I sat out with my cuppa tea

Once I was of age to babysit, I had few paying jobs under that umbrella. I also had one collecting our elderly neighbours mail after school and then throughout July and August as well. She paid me kindly also including some freshly made date tarts (the best I’ve ever tasted!) and some dandelion wine for Daddy occasionally. 

Here I am, as an adult, and I think about it all the time – how time flies by. Once we hit July, we may as well be planning our trip south as it will be here before we know it! The heat has certainly arrived and although we’re indoors a fair bit right now, in the cool of the a/c, I don’t dare complain about any of it. The cool and wet spring days were getting monotonous!

After we dumped the black tank,
Bill puts the mower away.

There were no plans for the day so we lazed in bed until almost 8 again. We slept well with all windows open. We made our morning drinks and Bill fielded a couple of conversations with Billy, his work partner, inside while I took my tea out with Gibbs to the shaded patio. It wasn’t to be quite as warm/hot today but we closed windows and turned the a/c on for the day. It would still be hot and humid. 😊

So, we walked down to work at the front.

Bill mentioned dumping our black tank so I began that process while he finished up inside. He finished the job by pulling the blue boy over to the dump station near the outhouse. He wanted to do one more job so headed down the lane with the wagon and Gibbs (the supervisor) in tow. I joined him later and weeded the garden along the fence down there. Much better.

11:00, it said, is when the rain would start.
they weren't far off, it was about 11:20 when we got
rained on.

The dark sky moved over us and just when it seemed to have passed us by, we got dumped on. Bill was just finishing so we all ran up to shelter. Gibbs was looking like a drenched rat and I’m sure Bill and I looked no better. I don’t remember the last time I got caught in such a heavy rain storm with no where to go! We toweled dry and then relaxed until noon hour. Bill had his sandwich, made for work yesterday, and I had a few salad items with fried eggplant. Yum! 😊

We were pretty wet when we got to the Suite.
Bill was pulling the wagon with tools and ladder so
slipped into the Hangar.
Mom, you know I don't like the rain!!

Then I went out to the Bunky to work on the puzzle. I didn't make much progress, although a couple more border pieces were found. With the windows open, it wasn’t too hot in there this afternoon. I chatted with my dear friend, Sheila, and then fielded a call from Robin about working tomorrow. By then I was warm. It was 3 pm so I came inside to see my boys. Bill had turned the a/c back on and it was lovely in the Suite.

Bill barbecues our burgers.
Mine was really messy so I ate it with knife and fork
for the most part. 

I think the rain is done, we did have more sometime in the wee hours of the morning, and that means no hand watering again today. Yay! With our pump not working right now, I realize how spoiled I am. I use the rain water from the barrel and the pails under the Suite’s eaves. For supper, we had bbq’d bacon cheeseburgers tonight and soon, very soon, we’ll need to go for a meat stock up! Choices are limited.

My Evening Primrose and Dianthus.
Very different, like people, but beautiful together.

We cleaned up and relaxed for the evening. The air outside has cooled down since the rain, it’s a pleasant 25C/78F this evening. I hope you had a nice day as we did here up on The Ridge.

The finished product!
Just in time for summer and Canada Day.

The sunshine came out in time to set properly
but this is the last picture I took before settling in for the evening.
Good night!

Thank you for stopping by.


  1. Poor Gibbs looks like he's asking why you wet him.
    Hoping the temperatures even out.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. So good talking to you today what makes me miss you even more.. we need to talk more often.. your flowers are beautiful.. sure do miss you love you

  3. LOVE your flags!!!! And your flowers are gorgeous!! Better get Mr. Gibbs a raincoat before he MELTS!!! LOL

  4. Hopefully Bill's downtime is helping to heal his knee and leg. The good thing is you can spend more time together. Do you ever play puzzles on the computer? Once they are loaded they can be played offline.

    1. Thank you Marlene. We think the meds are helping but it isn't going down very quickly. It has only been 3 days, we need to be patient guess!

  5. The flowers are looking lovely, so bright and sunny.
    I'm sure the rain helps cool things off slightly too.

    1. Thank you, the rain is helping and mostly overnight so that's OK.

  6. If you ever need rain, send me a line and I will try and scoot some your way. We had a couple of downpours here today and there is more to come. Now I am wishing for sunshine!!!!

    I never noticed the wind charger/ windmill before in pictures of your gate. Love the flags by the way.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you Jackie, you are so kind! :) We've had plenty of rain so far since we returned home but I'll keep it in mind. PS, we've also been blessed with a fair bit of sunshine too - finally.