Sunday, June 23, 2024

A Drop(or more) in the Bucket (a Full Bucket)

The Ridge

On Sunday, June 23rd, we slept in. It was 11 when we pulled out of Robin’s driveway to return to the Ridge. I won’t say that I don’t like the warnings that come over our phones, because although tonight turned out to be a ‘no reason to panic’ warning, we may sometime need to be forewarned. At 10:50, the tornado warning was lifted and The Ridge showed no signs of the storm other than lots of leaves and rain. 😊

Good morning!
Well, in reality, it isn't, but you get the picture.

Funny, because nowhere around us seemed to have gotten anything either. That’s a blessing. This morning, it was 8 o'clock when we got up. Bill had stayed up very late last night (early morning) watching tv but as soon as we got home, I was in bed and asleep. The weather change is unbelievable! We had a cooler morning of 16C/61F and it was still raining. Our buckets of water under the Suite’s eaves and the bird bath was overflowing. At least there is no need to water my plants!

It rained all morning, into mid-afternoon.
Good thing the wipers work!

I fueled up when I was in town as well as 
Ptooties was reading less than 1/4 of a tank
after yesterday.

I sorted laundry while Bill stayed in bed, his last day off, and drove in to clean the Mat. With him home most of the week and the hot weather, it’s obvious with the 2 small loads that we didn’t dirty many clothes! 😊 The Mat was busy enough, with 3 regular customers and with the rain, I didn’t even bother washing the floors. They weren’t too bad but each time someone was in and out, there were track marks, of course. I finished drying and folding and drove home by 10:30.

The small bedroom upstairs
at the Air bnb

I’d had cereal this morning for a change, feeling hungry after not really having supper last evening. Lunchtime meant I wasn’t hungry because of that but I took some cashews and almonds to snack on along with my coffee when I left at noon for Williamsford. Perhaps some of you think it’s not appropriate to work on a Sunday, but for me, it’s no different than any other day with the two cleaning jobs I do. It’s cash in the bank for me and nothing else is going on. 😊

And opposite it, at the top of the stairs
this lovely little room.
Inviting, huh?

Still crappy at 3 pm.

I was leaving the bnb at 2 and stopped in Durham to cash in on some meat specials at Foodland. We don’t usually shop there but if I spend $50 before July 3rd, I get a bonus 500 Scene points. You know the point collecting thing? I’ll just keep adding them up until it works out we get a free shopping trip. I was home by 3 and sat to relax for the remainder of the afternoon. With meat in the freezer now, I feel our meals HAVE to improve!

When I saw this guy hopping around
the yard....

I zoomed in and followed him with
my camera.....

I didn't know what kind of bird it was....

Then I realized it is a young robin.

Tonight, we had the last of our pork kabobs, (yay!) a potato and green beans. Green beans are not Bill’s favourite but he tolerates them when I cook them. These were not frozen, they were canned, which is even worse. The meal was good and after clean up, Bill went up to watch a movie and ice his leg and I finished my blog and watched a movie of my own. 😊 

It was a decent Sunday night meal.

I think (ssh) tomorrow may be my day to rest, it has been a busy, but good weekend! As the evening progressed, Bill also got the word that tomorrow is a non-working day. They are done with the job at the 'house' and nothing seems to be lined up for the next one. I think it is a sign that he needs another day of rest. πŸ’“ Bill's leg looked a bit better today so that is great! Either way, it is going to be a dry day so he/we can get outside and do something in the yard. πŸ˜ƒ

The sky is showing promise. Yay!
Good night!
That's a wrap for the weekend!

Thank you for checking us out today!


  1. Wow I am glad you didn't get a tornado.It's nice that you and Bill have tomorrow off together.Gibbs will enjoy that too Mary

  2. Better safe than sorry .. I'm glad the tornado didn't materialize. Love the "attic" room! You SHOULD take a day off ... you've been a busy bee cleaning!

  3. Hopefully neither of us will ever experience a tornado. Good that you had somewhere to go when you got the warning. Also good that Bill's leg looks better. Have a nice and enjoyable day together.

  4. I agree with Bill, the regular cut green beans like you had, aren't very good. But, if you can find them, the Del Monte french style cut green beans are so much better. Add a little bacon and a few spices to taste, and even Bill might like them. A world of difference. I bought a bunch of the regular cut beans on sale once and although we ate all of them (don't like to waste food) I was sure glad to see the end of them and bet back to the french cut ones. I am trying to eat as few potatoes as possible (too many carbs) and the beans are my substitute.

    1. Thank you KennyD. I've tried those Del Monte beans and yes, much better. I don't like the 'no salt' ones, I need salt in my diet, most of us do. Ha ha, laughed at your story of eating them to get rid of them! That's what we did with those kabobs. Not great, but can't waste food! I thought beans were more carbs than what they are so I'm happy about that. I'll buy the frozen ones though, taste fresher. :)

  5. We got quite the storm last night, haven't had one like that with hail the size of toonies (some got baseball sized and others golf ball sized). Lots of damage to homes, we just had a bit of damage to our fabric shelter, and garden. Oh and Harvey had some chips on his truck windshield. Glad you did not have to contend with a tornado, and that Bill gets an extra day off work.

    God bless.

    1. Oh dear, I knew the storm was bypassing us but didn't want anyone else to get it either! The hail sounds ridiculous!! Bill would cry if Black Beauty got chips from weather!
      Thank you Jackie, nice to be off on a weekday together, especially a sunny one!

  6. Not sure how I missed your post this morning, some how it was down towards the bottom of my reading list. Oh, Blogger!
    Anyway, I'm glad the storm missed you. Green beans are among the least favorite veg here too. I wonder if you could drain them really well, and saute them in butter, sprinkle with salt and pepper and garlic powder? Or maybe parmesan cheese? Anything to make them taste a little less green bean"y". :)