Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Testing the A/C 😊

The Ridge

On Tuesday, June 18th it is hard to believe we’re in the last half of this month already! With the last day of spring just around the bend, the heat wave is giving us a taste of what our summer may be like. Before Bill left at 7:30, we closed all windows (I slept wonderfully last night though!) and turned the a/c on in the Suite. I pulled blinds on the southeast corner and later in the afternoon, on the northwest side.

Last night, it was a normal but still pretty sunset

I don’t know whether to count on it but hopping on the scales before my shower this morning presented me with a nice surprise. I won’t jinx it by saying any more than that but it is the encouragement I need. I’m not trying to lose a lot, just a belly’s worth. 😊 Gibbs and I stayed indoors until I had to go at 10 to take M into town for errands. It was only an hour and I was happy to get home and back inside.

Gibbs wasn't used to the sound of the a/c so when it came on
he thought it was a vehicle outside. About 3 times and he soon realized
he was 'hearing' things. 😁

By then, the 31C/88F was like a heavy wet blanket outside. The humidity around 78%, very high. I’m glad Bill isn’t working outside, although being inside a small house with no a/c is not fun either. I mostly read my book, it is hard to put it down, swept floors and sat with my little furball. He gets too warm sitting beside me in the recliner (we squeeze in there tightly) so moves to the floor or up on the headrest.

We snuggled for a while too, he's so soft,
I love his cuddles. πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

I don't know if you can see that little
speck in the lane back there, but that's as far as he got
before finding his treasure. See ya, Mom!

We started for the mail after lunch but he found a large goose feather and that was his cue to turn around and come up for shade. There was no mail anyway but I was sure warm when I got back. 

He was enjoying the spine of the feather

The a/c had a hard time keeping up and we don’t like to hear it run and run and run so I’d bump it up every so often so it would shut off. When it was 89 outside and 86 inside, funny the relief we’d still feel. We only keep it a few degrees lower than the outside temperature. I don't want to have to put a sweater on!

This garden is so lush with greenery.
I don't know if you can spot two of my garden frogs.
One is almost completely hidden on the left.

Bill was home at his usual time of 4:45 and after his shower, I sent him upstairs to have his snooze. Better to stretch out up there than in his recliner. 

It looks pretty bland but tasted good.
Yum, cauliflower.

We had cold shrimp for supper tonight, (the freezer is looking bleak), with rice, mixed veggies and a serving of cauliflower for me. It was good but my plate wouldn’t win any magazine awards for attraction! 😊 We cleaned up the few dishes, and stayed put inside. It was quite comfortable in here by then.

When Donna from Hanover asked if we got the storm,
I watched it move off to the north.
Just wind and a couple of thunder dunders here.

Bye bye storm, be kind!

This was a good day with threats of a ‘storm’ coming from Hanover but it veered off to the north and we heard some thunder and saw a bit of wind for 10 minutes. Maybe we’ll get some rain later tonight. I did water my plants this morning so they are good for today. Thank you all for the concern for Gibbs' foot. I didn't bathe it today as he hardly licked it and it looked better. I will tomorrow, just to keep it cleaned up. πŸ’—

There was some sky grumbling after supper
so we'll see if anything comes from it tonight.
Good night y'all!

Thank you for popping by. Your comments are welcome and fun to read.


  1. It's so nice that your air conditioner is working!I need to have a male neighbor/friend turn mine on soon,! Gee, I wish Bill had one where he works.
    Your dinner looks delicious -Mary

    1. Thank you Mary, yes indeed! We don't use it often but are happy we have it.

  2. Please send some heat this way. Our high today is 13 C which really is not that warm. We need some heat and sunshine here.

    God bless.

    1. I'd be happy to share some heat. I hope today (Wednesday) brought you some.

  3. Love all the greenery ~ Cauliflower too! Your driveway is longer than I thought....seemed shorter in other pictures. Like your temps but don't miss the humidity....yuk.
    A/C is the answer!

    1. Thank you. Funny, perspective of the laneway. It is a long one. We don't like the humidity either but are stuck with it. Yay for a/c on these high temp days especially.

  4. As Jackie said, we'd appreciate the heat here. It was very cool yesterday, won't be much warmer today and more rain. The house temp this morning is a chilly 59F. I had to turn the furnace on for a cycle!
    Glad to hear Gibbs' injury is healing.

    1. Strange how our weather is so different. Don't you be sending what you have over here though! haha
      Gibbs thanks you. ♥

  5. My first time commenting but I’ve been reading your blog for a few years. I live in Washington state and love reading about your adventures, life in Canada and trips south to the sun. I’ve spent a bit of time in both california and arizona with friends. And Gibbs is adorable! Keep on writing.

    1. Hello! How nice of you to comment! I'm thrilled that you follow along even on my boring days - I'm positive there are many! πŸ˜‚
      our friend's daughter lives in Seattle so you are in some beautiful country up there. ♥

    2. Hello! How nice of you to comment! I'm thrilled that you follow along even on my boring days - I'm positive there are many! πŸ˜‚
      our friend's daughter lives in Seattle so you are in some beautiful country up there. ♥

    3. Ps, I hit return before I meant to! Thank you for the comment and encouragement.

  6. The weather looks like a repeat for the next week. Try to stay cool and hydrated.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  7. I enjoy the heat, but that was ridiculous!